Man Shot & Killed After Police Say He Broke Into Wrong Home

Bob Irwin dissects the latest self defense and other shootings of the week. What went wrong, what went right and what we can learn from defense with a gun.

Home Invasion
Man Shot & Killed After Police Say He Broke Into Wrong Home
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-( Odessa Online reports this week (5/15/2016) in Odessa, Texas police are investigating a 4:30 a.m. incident in the 4600 block of Valleybrook Lane East Odessa.

A 51 year old homeowner was awakened when his wife heard noises coming from the front door.

The husband secured a firearm and went to investigate. When near the door, he also heard banging on the door and saw the door frame beginning to crack. As the door gave way, an unknown male intruder charged in and rushed at the husband.

He fired several shots. City officers responded to a 911 burglary in progress with shots being fired. When they arrived, they found the intruder who had suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

The intruder, a 25 year old local, was taken to Medical Center Hospital and was later pronounced dead by medical personnel. An autopsy has been ordered. An OPD Spokesman said that no arrests have been made.

Local media, WISTV 10, reached out to the intruder’s former girlfriend. She told us it was a misunderstanding. She said he was under the influence and walked into the wrong house. He had no intentions of stealing anything. He was just out of it and went to the wrong house. That’s it. No stealing. No burglary she said. “He was a good dad. Now my son doesn’t have a father to come home to.”

When the investigation is complete, the findings will be forwarded to the Ector County District Attorney’s Office.


This is why you need a firearm in your home! Clearly a valid shooting.

One cannot reason with an intruder charging across your living room at 4:30 in the morning. All actions other than firing are useless in this case.

The autopsy may find the reason for the wacko actions or perhaps the ex-girlfriend can lend some additional excuses.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Do ya know where Tyrone Jones stays ? Wenz to da wrong dow.

Greg Tag

Friends Texas Penal Code Section 9.32 says in part that it is lawful to use deadly force against a person who:” unlawfully and with force entered or was attempting to enter unlawfully and with force the actors occupied habitation, vehicle or place of business or employment.” This covers home invasion and carjacking. Such use of force is ” presumed to be reasonable”. Other parts inform that if they are trying to “remove” the actor from habitation, vehicle or place of business or employment , you ( the actor) may use deadly force as well -its presumed to be reasonable. This… Read more »


The homeowner did what he had to do.


Girlfriend was not married to the dead father of her child. Interesting.

If true, she most likely is on public assistance and if married would no longer be eligible for benefits.

Justified shooting, home invader FORFEITED his life.




Actually what happened is he failed to kill himself or others while driving drunk so he broke into a strangers house to complete the job. Wait until mommy explains to junior how many brain cells he father lacked.

she said. “He was a good dad. Now my son doesn’t have a father to come home to.”

Hey lady, whose fault is that???????????


I find myself wondering how it is that “gurlfren'” was in a position to know the details of her “man”s situation. HOW does she know what he was “on”, and how is it she knows he was entering “the wrong house”, and how does she know he had not planned to steal anything? Curious mind(s) want to know… was she outside waiting in their car to see what he’d managed to score, then drive him somewhere else? Did he announce to her what his plan was for the evening? Come ON, silly gurl…. how you know so much? I have… Read more »


When someone abuses a substance to the point that they don’t know where they are they can (among other things) walk off a cliff, walk into traffic, or walk into the home of an armed resident. The results of these three are all likely to be the same!


Much like the idiots who are texting and walk into traffic, I love watching Youtube vids of these dumbassses accepting their darwin awards!

Junk Bin

Break into a house at zero dark thirty and rush at the owner. If you do it at my home, you will get the same result. The whole clip emptied into your dumb arsed body.
I will than call the police who will take 20 minutes to respond


Ditto here – but my 1911 is fed by a MAGAZINE. I tried several clips (chips, paper, alligator, etc.) but they didn’t fit into the magazine well.


do they even fit poorly?


Doing the Lord’s work!


She’s prepping for a civil lawsuit that her boy is now fatherless, probably on the advice of a lawyer or Al Sharpton on how to use the system. The problem is they get away with it and it spirals out of control just like getting on welfare even though your plenty healthy to work, they get away with it so as long you vote Democrat.


She’d be wasting her money in Odessa, Tx. That’s out in Roy Bean territory.


That’s Judge Roy Bean ! Real law west of the Pecos !


Dang! Now he won’t be able to vote in November for the wide-bottomed Hildebeeste!


Actually, he will get to vote. In fact, he’s more qualified to vote now than he was before.


Now that’s a real shame ! LOL

Matt in Oklahoma

He rushed into the house after breaking down the door out of a drunken rage to beat her a.. So mr “good dad” still had it coming.
Personal Responsibility doesn’t end at the mouth of a bottle.

Doc Pinner

Thumbs up to Mr. Irwin, I am a legal responsible gun owner as is my wife. She however has been dealt a raw hand and at 51 years old is disabled and has been for almost nine years now. While i have had to take in her role in shopping, housework and helping her with most tasks many of us take for granted I still must work a full time job as most of us middle class Americans do…and while I’m away from her she is armed and has been trained to not ask questions if faced with the same… Read more »


Open season on criminals would greatly decrease crime. In many places now you are to watch as they kick down your door and carry away your things. You are to let the police handle it, make a report and then the thieves can return for you new stuff once replaced. Switzerland has nearly zero burglary due to every male between 18 and 50 must maintain an “assault rifle” and maintain proficiency. How many buglers would continue knowing there was a gun in every house with some trained to use it?

bill knight

Yea Castle Doctrine! In my house uninvited means free fire target. Only the criminal has a duty to retreat, if the first shot misses.

Matt in Oklahoma

That drunk rushed into the house out of anger to beat her ass because the door was locked so that “good dad” still had it coming.
YOU are responsible for YOU and all your actions. Being drunk isn’t an excuse.


Also notice nothing is mentioned about race! That means it wasn’t a black or mexican’t victim killed by a white homeowner.


Typical Liberal excuse… “She said he was under the influence and walked into the wrong house.” First of all, he didn’t “WALK” into the wrong house, he busted down the door!!! It wasn’t his fault, it was the fault of whatever it was that he was under the influence of! This, in a nut shell, is what is wrong with society today. It is never the the person that is to blame… it is always someone or something else’s fault. The bartender is to blame for driving under the influence; the socioeconomic status caused the burglary or murder; blame the… Read more »


You sir have summed it up nicely. Thanks for saving me the time and energy of having to do it. Enjoy your Memorial Day and to all, thank the hundreds of thousands that gave their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy.