Mec-Gar USA Welcomes New National Sales Manager


Mec-GarMIDDLETOWN, CONN. (AmmoLand) – Mec-Gar USA has added a new national sales manager to its team. The company announced the addition of David Larson, who brings with him more than a decade of firearm instruction experience and NRA Endowment membership. Larson will report to Mec-Gar USA Vice President David Kochol.

Larson grew up in and around the firearms industry and is the third generation from his family to work within it. Prior to joining Mec-Gar USA, David was the marketing manager for Stag Arms, which manufactures popular, AR-15-style rifles. His knowledge and expertise lies in firearms industry sales and marketing strategies. In his free time, Larson enjoys the outdoors – hunting, fishing and shooting.

“As a shooter for nearly my entire life, I am very happy to join a company known for its high quality and dedication to it customers,” Larson said. “Like Mec-Gar USA, I believe in a customer-centric approach, where, if you make a great product and the customers want it, everything will fall in line in terms of sales.“

According to Kochol, Larson’s personal experience and industry history will allow him to create innovative solutions for the sales and market chain from the initial manufacturer to the end consumer.

“We are very fortunate to have David (Larson) on our team,” Kochol said. “In his role, David will assume responsibilities for growing the company’s market share, maintaining relationships with industry contacts, evaluating sales and marketing opportunities and growing brand awareness. I am confident he is a great fit and will lead the company to the next level.”

About Mec-Gar
Mec-Gar Srl is a privately held, family-run business located in Brescia, Italy. Since opening in 1965, the company has been proud of its fully in-house engineering, design and manufacturing process, positioning Mec-Gar Srl as an industry leader in quality and innovation. Mec-Gar USA is owned and operated by the same family and functions as the sole U.S. importer and distributor for Mec-Gar Srl products in North America. To learn more, visit

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Most of the Mags have been great but the 1911 Kimber 10 round 9mm has been a big disappointment. It does not feed properly. Mecgar has been aware of the situation for a year but has yet to provide me exchanges for what they term a revised design. ” Sent: Mon, Sep 26, 2016 11:16 am Subject: RE: MecGar 9mm 10 round mag performs poorly Carl,   We have a solution for the magazines. It is replacement of the follower. They are being manufactured right now. As soon as we get them in we will be sending out the replacements.… Read more »


Mec-Gar mags are very sweet from my experience so far…ProMag should learn a thing or two, my God ProMag is real trash and has failed on me numerous times!!


Agreed. I generally buy Mec Gar and have never been disappointed by either price or quality. Pro Mag is a crap shoot.