‘Meet Obama’ Contest Continues Pattern of Discrimination, Disenfranchisement

By David Codrea

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If “undocumented migrants” have “earned” the right to vote, why haven’t they earned the right to win OFA-sponsored “Meet Obama” contests? And if requiring government-issued IDs disenfranchises minorities from voting, why add to the discrimination by requiring them in order to collect the prize? (Organizing for Action/Twitter)

USA – -(Ammoland.com)-“This summer, OFA organizers around the country are looking ahead to this movement’s future,” a promotional email from Organizing for Action (formerly “Obama for America”) begins. “This is a crucial time to prepare for the fights to come, but also a time to take stock of all we’ve accomplished together.

“As part of that reflection, we’re giving one lucky supporter the opportunity to talk to the Organizer-in-Chief himself about how far we’ve come,” the email explains.” OFA is launching a new contest giving you the chance to tell President Obama which of this movement’s accomplishments mean the most to you.”

Cool. Plenty of “bitter clingers” would love the chance to tell this guy to his face just what they think of his stewardship of the Constitution.  Where do we sign up?

Here.  Just be aware it’s a bit more involved than wining a door prize.  There are some non-negotiable rules, and those don’t exactly comport with the administration’s position on admittedly less important matters, stuff like living and working in this country, and voting.

“Promotion open to all U.S. citizens, or lawful permanent U.S. residents who are legal residents of the 50 United States, District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico, and 18 or older (or of majority under applicable law),” the fine print advises. Why, if, as Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson maintains, the millions of people in this country illegally have “earned the right to be citizens”?

Who in good conscience would take away something that has been earned? Who would infringe on a right?

And that’s not the last hurdle those of us who wish the same opportunity to shake the Great Organizer’s hand as Ahmed the Clock Boy must clear. There’s also the little matter of – hold on a second, I just put in my email address and zip code to enter, and they’re requiring me to donate before letting me proceed on their website, something the fine print says isn’t necessary…

No worries – I got an instant email reply telling me I’m entered, and giving the opportunity to “double your chance to meet President Obama in Washington, D.C. Tell OFA what part of this movement’s accomplishments you’re most thankful for, and you’ll have another shot at winning OFA’s contest to meet the President…”

Feel free to bend some ears. What’s the worst thing they could do to you, put you on some kind of list your presence here hasn’t already more than doubled your chances for?

Back to that that last hurdle mentioned above: The grand prize includes “round trip tickets for winner and one guest [and] two night’s hotel accommodations for winner and one guest…” TSA has something to say about acceptable forms of government-issued identification.

The thing is, Obama’s Justice Department tells us requiring those “effectively disenfranchises” minorities. The former head of the Civil Rights Division even warned state attorneys general in Texas and South Carolina requiring such IDs for voting would be a great way to get stomped by the Feds. So what makes the OFA contest any less discriminatory?

One other obstacle, not apparent this time, but spelled out in previous promotions, such as OFA’s James Taylor concert contest held earlier this year, is the potential requirement for you and your guest to pass a “universal background check.” It’s no doubt spelled out somewhere, along with OFA’s “sole discretion” to disqualify a winner based on criteria that includes not just security risks, but a potential to be “disruptive.”

That’s a pretty wide net, and no doubt includes anyone whose online history suggests they might not be properly in reverent awe, or who may even bring up topics the Organizer-in-Chief  would rather they did not. That probably leaves most AmmoLand regulars out.

“No fair,” some may claim about discrimination, disenfranchisement and hypocrisy charges. OFA’s contests have to operate within the framework of existing laws.

Since when has Obama ever let that get in the way of a self-serving executive action? Especially to advance the cause of “progressive social justice”?

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Raymond Miller

Sgt. John Buonanno,
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. Thank you for you service Sgt. Remember Makhail Krushchev standing at the podium at the UN and banging his shoe on the dais and saying that they would defeat us from within. I laughed then but I guess the joke is on us. The Demon-Crat party has done a masterful job of setting this up and I would not be surprised to find out that Doggie-Doo was in training at that time.


I’ll be thankful when this incompetent disappears; the sooner the better.

Raymond Miller

Oh contraire, Doggie-Doo is doing exactly what that Scum Soros and he want to do. He has a free hand because we have no leadership or Representation in Washington. What he is doing may be stupid to America loving people but Doggie-Doo is clever and devious, and is doing things just the way he wants, with no push back what so ever.
The real culprits here are the Ryans, McCains, Grahams, McConnells and a whole bunch of worthless debris who have been missing in action because they are cowards.

John Buonanno

Years ago when I was young , I heard the older people say this country is falling apart from within,and after this , the longest eight years of my life I can see exactly what they meant , I wish I knew why that self serving pimp in the whitehouse is desperately sabotaging us and our constitutional liberties. I can say I wish Hillary would have hit her head a lot harder and not survived. the educational system corrupts our young to a point where they think socialism is a great idea or at least a lefty . I hope… Read more »


President Trump will re-build our military to the strongest in the world again. Our service members will be given the resources to destroy the enemy and not have their lives endangered because of a scumbag president. Moral will be high again and they will be shown the respect they deserve. Our military service members past,present,and future always have been, and always will be,my heroes !


TRUMP 2016 !

2nd Amender

January 20, 2017……….at around 1400 hrs !


@2ndAmender,I’m counting the days,hours,minutes ! Take care.

Clark Kent

Yup, that is when HiLIARy will become POTUS. Get ready and be prepared! The hurricane is coming.


Clark,after President Trump assumes office on 20 Jan.’17 are you going to treat him with the same respect and dignity that you think Hussein Obama deserves ? Not that it really makes any difference what you do or don’t do,just curious !


Think Obama is bad, Wait till Hillary’s shit hits the fan! I thank God I never voted for Odumdum in the first place !

peewee henson


2nd Amender

Obama has been a ‘power tripper’ since day one!

Thank God, the ‘Pied Piper of Progressive/Socialist/Communism’ is moving out of office. Now is the time he is most dangerous to Free men and women, since he has nothing to lose.

Mike McAllister

I’ll be thankful when the POS is out of office.

Raymond Miller

I am thankful that the morons, who voted this POS into office, will have to live in the same country the rest of us have live in. I can’t wait to see them suffer because of their stupidity and laziness.


Worst Pres, ever, he does;t deserve tall the letters

Craig Butleo

I am thankful that his term is over and, I voted for him . . .twice. Kill me now!

Wild Bill

*^%#$@ Craig, what the &*^%$# were you thinking? *&^^%$# twice?


Bill,I couldn’t had said it better !


@Craig,are you serious or was that a typo ?

Wild Bill

Craig, man, we are just messing with you.


I will be thankful when this scumbag is out!