New Tungsten Carbide Knives Available Soon from Turmond and Cabot Gun Company

Tungsten Carbide Knife Partnership Established – Mythical Knife Hardness of 71 Rockwell

New Tungsten Carbide Knives Available Soon
Sandrin Knives
Cabot Guns
Cabot Guns

Sarver, PA -( Italian tungsten carbide experts Turmond s.p.a. (Turmond) and luxury American firearms company Cabot Gun Company, LLC (Cabot Guns) have committed to a long-term exclusivity agreement to bring knives crafted of tungsten carbide to the North American markets under the brand Sandrin Knives.

Established in 1969, Turmond is known for exceeding industry tungsten in precision components for companies such as Rolex. Cabot Guns is a Pennsylvania based producer of luxury firearms known for their bespoke mirror image pistol sets and use of exotic materials.

The tungsten knives will be branded under the trade name “Sandrin,” a beloved nickname of the recently retired founder of Turmond.

Cabot will debut the first-ever-seen tungsten carbide knives in the United States at the 2016 NRA Annual Meetings and Convention in Louisville, Kentucky which takes place from May 20 to May 22. Four initial models will be introduced: Intium, Explorer, Venor and Venom. The initial run will be limited to 30 units.

Cabot Guns is scheduled to debut the Big Bang Pistol set comprised of two fully-functional 1911 style pistols constructed from a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite later this month. The Big Bang Pistol Set will be accompanied by the Big Bang Knife, a tungsten carbide blade by Turmond with meteorite handles.

Tungsten carbide is one of the most successful composite engineering materials ever produced. It’s a unique combination of strength, hardness and toughness that satisfies the most demanding applications. Durable ir property, high precision blades have been used for industrial purposes for decades, but the application of the material towards a consumer knife was considered not possible. Turmond has developed proprietary intellectual property on a unique grade of tungsten carbide that reduces brittleness.

Neither steel nor ceramic, they’re the perfect combination of hardness and strength whose extraordinary precision can be measured to light band tolerances. And with an outstanding hardness of HRC 71, simply put, they’re nothing short of the hardest and most durable knife blades that have ever been made.

The two companies share a passion for innovation, excellence and for producing the finest products money can buy.

Sandrin Knives will be available for purchase at starting in June 2016.

About Cabot Guns:

Situated in western Pennsylvania, Cabot Guns produces aerospace quality 1911 style pistols that are 100 percent American-made by craftsmen and nano-technologists obsessed with feel, precision and purity. Cabot Guns is located at 300 N. Pike Road, Sarver, PA.

Learn more about Cabot Guns at

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William Newman

Be nice if Cabot would revive other turn-of-the-last-century pistols. I’m thinking of the Mauser C96, the 712 or the S&W 3rd Model Russian and Schofield revolvers. Or Thurmond could do a Bowie – style knife.