NRA News Commentators | The “Myth” Of The Armed Citizen

The “Myth” Of The Armed Citizen

FAIRFAX, Va. – ( – Dana Loesch says that no matter how often anti-gunners decry lawful, defensive gun use as a myth, the evidence is all around us for those who are paying attention. Watch this new installment of Commentators, sponsored by Kimber, below.

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Wild Bill

Yeah, me too, Tex! I am glad that you researched that. I just knew some chick that good looking could not be a Democrat, a liberal, or a hiLIARy supporter.


This woman is hot !

Wild Bill

So John Doe, says that Dana Loesch, also known as that hot woman, is a hiLIARy Rodham Clinton supporter! If that is true… then…Satan really does have the power to assume a pleasing shape.


@Bill,when JD post that BS I shouldn’t had bit and replied to the moron. I got to remember that gee dud fool before replying to idiots. She is a credit and major asset to the NRA and a solid advocate for the 2A !

John Doe

She supports HRC for president. That makes her anti 2A and she should not be allowed to be a member.


Who the hell ever HRC is ?

Clark Kent

That would be HiLIARy, Tex. THINK before you post.




Actually she supports JWH for president !