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Standing Up To Hillary

FAIRFAX, Va. – ( – Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton makes a lot of claims about “standing up to the gun lobby” and has gone so far as to endorse an all-out gun ban in the United States. But when it serves her purposes, Clinton makes big profits from arms deals. Dana Loesch calls the presidential hopeful out on her double talk and argues that gun owners should instead stand up to Hillary Clinton.

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Meanwhile David Limbaugh says “The jury is still out on Trump”
Odd thing here is I do not see the NRA slamming Trump with truth???

Jacob M. Opperman

When the hell is the Attorney General going to arrest her and put her in jail, put her on trail for murder and treason. If our President even thinks about pardoning her we need to tell strait out no and start empeachment proceedings on him. We need to stand up for our rights against these idiots. Term limits, automatic firings when they try to go against there oath of offices, and is they say any thing about getting rid of or going against the constitution out empeachment no questions asked and no commities to look into it just out of… Read more »