The Pheasant Gourmet, Scott Leysath, Featured in Covey Rise magazine

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Ammoland.Com) – Scott Leysath, also known as The Sporting Chef, gives readers tips and tricks for making tasty upland bird dishes featured in the current issue of Covey Rise magazine. One of Leysath’s tricks is utilizing those pheasant legs most folks throw out as too ‘gamey’ or not enough meat. Visit for Leysath’s “Pheasant Leg Stew” recipe and learn how to create this hearty meal for the next sporting clay league night.

Scott Leysath Featured in May issue of Covey Rise Magazine
Scott Leysath Featured in May issue of Covey Rise Magazine

Luckily, Covey Rise magazine was able to track Leysath down at a pheasant hunt near Huron, So. Dakota last December. Since the lodge already had cooks to feed the hungry hunters, Leysath didn’t want to interfere with a good thing, but Covey Rise got him to share his skills with the parts of pheasant most people toss to the dogs – the legs.

“Once my freezer is full of sinewy upland bird legs and carcasses, I’ll load them into a roasting pan along with scraps of vegetable ends, peels, skins and a garlic bulb or two. After browning evenly in a 450-degree oven, I crank down the heat, add an inch or so of white wine and cover the pan while braising for several hours. Dump the whole mess into a stockpot, add cold water and simmer overnight. Oh sure, the windows get a little steamy and the shutters might be a tad greasy, but the aroma is intoxicating,” said Leysath in the article.

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