PolyCase Ammunition to Exhibit at the NRA Annual Meeting

NRA's 145th Annual Meetings & Exhibits 2016
NRA’s 145th Annual Meetings & Exhibits 2016
PolyCase Ammunition
PolyCase Ammunition

Savannah, GA -(AmmoLand.com)- PolyCase Ammunition will exhibit at the National Rifle Association (NRA) Annual Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, May 20-22, booth #4552.

PolyCase Ammunition manufactures and sells ammunition under the Ruger and Inceptor brands, featuring the company’s proprietary high-velocity, low-recoil, injection-molded bullets. This year at the NRA Annual Meeting, PolyCase will be launching a new as-yet-undisclosed Ruger Ammunition caliber, as well as a new variant of the 9mm ARX under the Inceptor brand.

“PolyCase Ammunition is proud to support the NRA,” says Paul Lemke, PolyCase Ammunition CEO. “The Annual Meeting and exhibition in Louisville is an excellent opportunity for us to exhibit new products and to interact with attendees.”

Ruger and Inceptor Ammunition feature the ARX projectile, developed by PolyCase Ammunition. The ARX design has quickly established itself as the most innovative defensive bullet technology on the market. The unique profile of the ARX bullet transfers maximum energy to its target through a fluid dynamic effect. By design, the non-expanding ARX bullet exploits the bullet’s forward velocity to redirect energy laterally via flutes in the bullet ogive. The result is a bullet with stopping power and terminal performance that rivals many expanding handgun bullets.

Ruger ARX Ammunition is designed and produced by PolyCase under license from Ruger. Both Ruger and Inceptor Ammunition are available at fine sporting goods retailers in the U.S. and throughout the world.

For more information about PolyCase Ammunition please visit www.PolyCase.com or Ruger.com/Ammo. Media inquiries please contact Drew Gorman, VP of Business Development at PolyCase Ammunition at 912-200-9784 or [email protected]

About PolyCase Ammunition:

PolyCase Ammunition develops, manufactures, markets, and sells world-class, patent pending, small arms ammunition and projectiles used by discerning professionals and sports shooters. Made in the USA, using over ninety years of advanced design, materials and manufacturing experience; our twenty-first century products are designed to provide the lethality and consistency expected by our customers. The PolyCase Ammunition team consists of experts in chemical, mechanical, advanced materials and industrial engineering, ammunition research, development, testing, and evaluation, precision manufacturing, marketing, and U.S. domestic and international sales. We have proudly partnered with other industry leaders to provide our deserving customers with ammunition manufactured using only the most efficient components.

For more information, visit: www.PolyCaseAmmo.com.