Who Promoted Private Ryan?

By Pat Buchanan

Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan
Pat Buchanan
Patrick J .Buchanan

USA -(Ammoland.com)- Forty-eight hours after Donald Trump wrapped up the Republican nomination with a smashing victory in the Indiana primary, House Speaker Paul Ryan announced that he could not yet support Trump.

In millennial teen-talk, Ryan told CNN's Jake Tapper, “I'm just not ready to do that at this point. I'm not there right now.”

“[T]he bulk of the burden of unifying the party” falls on Trump, added Ryan. Trump must unify “all wings of the Republican Party, and the conservative movement.” Trump must run a campaign that we can “be proud to support and proud to be a part of.”

Then, maybe, our Hamlet of the House can be persuaded to support the elected nominee of his own party.

Excuse me, but upon what meat has this our Caesar fed?

Ryan is a congressman from Wisconsin. He has never won a statewide election. As number two on Mitt Romney's ticket, he got waxed by Joe Biden. He was compromise choice as speaker, only after John Boehner went into in his Brer Rabbit “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah” routine.

Who made Ryan the conscience of conservatism?

Who made Ryan keeper of the keys of true Republicanism?

Trump “inherits something … that's very special to a lot of us,” said Ryan, “the party of Lincoln and Reagan and Jack Kemp.”

But Trump did not “inherit” anything. He won the nomination of the Republican Party in an epic battle in the most wide-open race ever, in which Trump generated the largest turnout and greatest vote totals in the history of Republican primaries.

What is Ryan up to?

He is pandering to the Trump-hating Beltway media and claiming the leadership of a Republican establishment routed and repudiated in the primaries, not only by that half of the party that voted for Trump, but also by that huge slice of the party that voted for Ted Cruz.

The hubris here astonishes. A Republican establishment that has been beaten as badly as Carthage in the Third Punic War is now making demands on Scipio Africanus and the victorious Romans.

This is difficult to absorb.

Someone should instruct Paul Ryan that losers do not make demands. They make requests. They make pleas.

What makes Ryan's demands more astonishing is that he is the designated chairman of the Republican National Convention, a majority of whose delegates and whose nomination Trump is about to win.

Ryan is saying he is ambivalent over whether he will accept the verdict of the Cleveland convention — of which he is the chairman.

If Ryan holds to his refusal to accept the decision of the Republican majority in the primaries, he should be removed from that role. And if Ryan does not come out of Thursday's meeting with the Donald, endorsing him, the presumptive nominee should turn to Paul Ryan, and, in two words, tell him, “You're fired!”

Trump cannot allow the establishment to claw back in the cloakrooms of Capitol Hill what he won on a political battlefield. He cannot allow a discredited establishment to dictate the issues he may run on.

That would be a betrayal of the troops who brought Trump victory after victory in the primaries.

To longtime students of politics, there is rarely anything new under the sun. And there is precedent for the shakedown Ryan and his Beltway collaborators are trying to do to Trump.

Paul Ryan is the Nelson Rockefeller of his generation.

In 1960, Gov. Rockefeller refused to challenge Vice President Nixon in the primaries. When Nixon went to Rockefeller's New York apartment to persuade him to join the ticket, Rocky refused, but demanded concessions in the platform, to which Nixon acceded.

The Chicago convention, a Nixon convention, believed itself betrayed by the “Pact of Fifth Avenue.”

Only the appearance of Sen. Barry Goldwater at the podium to tell conservatives to “grow up. We can take this party back,” halted a suicidal drive to take the nomination away from Nixon.

After Goldwater won the nomination in the 1964 California primary by defeating Rockefeller, Rocky arrived at the San Francisco convention to demand that a plank equating the John Birch Society with the Communist Party and Ku Klux Klan be written into Goldwater's platform. Hooted and rejected, Rocky went home and refused to endorse the nominee, who went down to a crushing defeat by LBJ.

Nixon, a party loyalist, campaigned across the country for Barry and his doomed party.

In 1968, Nixon got his reward, the nomination, with Goldwater's support. And Govs. Rockefeller and George Romney, who had done the Paul Ryan thing, never came close.

Rockefeller got what he deserved when the Reaganite heirs of Barry Goldwater, at Kansas City in 1976, demanded the dumping of Rocky from President Ford's ticket. And they got it.

Paul Ryan, in declaring that he cannot now support Trump, and imposing conditions to earn his support, has crawled out on a long limb.

Trump cannot capitulate. He has to saw it off.

This is one Private Ryan we cannot save.


Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

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    1. The truth of the matter is things did not necessarily go on his way. Ryan and the establishment thought that there will be a contested convention because trump is not going to make the magic 1,237 and he will get nominated as the candidate for president. That is what they are planning for the longest time, until Cruz and Kasich cancelled their candidacy because they learned that neither of them will get the nomination themselves. Palin is right, he just ended his political career right there and right now. A loser is trying to tell the winner what to do, that is Paul Ryan in the flesh and you can just imagine what kind of person and character he just revealed. Not because he is a true republican and cared for the country but as a person who lost his dream and ambition.

    2. I want Paul Ryan dumped from his government position and dumped from Wisconsin in his reelection bid
      come July, unless we can find a way sooner. I don’t know where he gets the idea that he can make up the
      rules as he goes along. Nor do I know where he got the idea that he can rule the party and go against everything
      the people want and voted for in Mr. Trump… Paul Ran has to be stopped before he literally hands the lying, back
      Stabbing, constitutional rights changing, criminal Hillary Clinton the presidency on a silver platter.
      If Ryan was so against Trump, then he should have manned up and started to campaigning a year ago.
      My final belief is that Ryan actually wants dirty scandalous Hillary to win the white house this year. Why??
      Because he wants to run for the white house in 2020.

    3. Ryan is a cry baby pussy every since he lost his run to be v.p. along with rinoromney. Here you see the establishment in action. Ryan IS establishment and he didn’t want the speaker’s job. He could go home to the cold wasteland he came from and no one would notice.

      John C. You are as full of shit as a Christmas turkey and you, most probably, are beaming that you are being mentioned. Keep in mind that I associated you with shit and turkey. Enough said to a troll.

    4. Paul Ryan is an American who loves his country, Trump is Trumpster that loves only Trump.
      Ryan has a tough choice, leading America in a dignified way or helping embarrass America with Trump.

      1. John C. you are as full of sh!t as a Christmas turkey. You are, probably, beaming that someone noticed you. Keep in mind I referenced you to sh!t and turkey. Slither back into your hole, troll.

        1. Tom,don’t take that crazy son of a bit*ches bait ! JohnC is just a pissant and loser. You have to remember JohnC said Hussein Obanana should be treated with respect and dignity ! Just ignore the mommas boy son of a bit*ch !

    5. Have the elites in the American political system rigged It to prevent ‘outsiders’ like Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders ascending to power? WTF is a “Super Delegate”? Why do politicians turn their backs on and/or demean members of their own party who have the backing of the people? I realize America is a Democratic Republic, but is Democracy broken?

    6. Support Paul Nelhen, dumb ass Ryan’s opponent. Beat Ryan. Let’s get rid of him for good.

    7. I understand his statement. Trump isn’t a conservative and he isn’t developing a lean towards a the Republican platform. Ryan is third on line for the oval office and he is trying to steer the house to be more fiscally conservative but it will take time. If Trump doesn’t go full democrat, Ryan may have someone to work with after all. The news is making a much bigger deal out of this statement than there is in reality. Electing one guy as President if he can show leadership will help but Trump needs Ryan as much as we need a leader.

      1. Trump doesn’t need these bought and paid politicians endorsements or support. The people that have their eyes open already know that those establishment cuckold republicans might as well be liberal progressives democrats in disguise and are not to be trusTED. Both parties are bought and paid for by the special interests groups and wall street/global elite.

        You don’t have both the liberal and so called conservative news media, the pope, foreign leaders and media trashing you, calling you racist for nothing. The powers that be tried all their dirty tricks in an attempt to derail Trump’s campaign run but it only made him more popular. They were freaking out because they don’t control him unlike those thugs Jeb! of the Bush Crime Family, and Goldman Sachs’ and the CFR’s little pet Ted “O’Canada I love TPP” Cruz.

        The demise of the Republican party as it was is no ones fault but their own. They have had both houses(the power) and could have stopped that long legged mack daddy poverty pimp Obama and his collectivist policies a long time ago. What have they been doing? They have been dropping to their knees and opening wide like the good little political whores they are.

        1. Trump has no coattails, has no power in Congress (unlike Ryan), and in fact most Republican candidates will beg him not to come campaign for them. Translation: he’ll get NOTHING done in Congress. Both parties have ZERO interest in cooperating with him for ANYTHING, much less his nuttier hairbrained schemes. (Just like Jesse Ventura as governor of Minnesota– NOTHING.)

          Look I hate Hillary too, but this nimrod is not even close to being qualified to be President.

          1. Jesse Ventura is the only governor in the history of the United States to take a budget surplus and return the money to the people. Jesse was thin skinned to the criticism of political hacks from both parties, and it is true that he did not get much done, but that was because he interrupted all the corrupt little deals that the Republicans and Democrats both had.

    8. Who cares weather Paul Ryan indorses Mr. Trump or not he is not the only one that has any thing to do with any thing. He is just crying cause he got no where in his run for office. I don’t like cry babies and he is one. Get over it Ryan and grow up you are not the only one in town.

      1. The fact that Ryan does not indorse Trump is just another proof that we should vote for Trump. There some Saudi prince that used to be the ambassador to the U.S. that came to Washington D. C. and gave a speech about why Americans should not vote for Trump. Ryan is no better than that Saudi prince.

    9. And Pat Buchanan knows a thing or two about losing! When you want to learn more, go to an expert.

        1. Ryan is useless as tits on a boar hog. He won’t be speaker long either ! President Trump will see to that !

      1. Ryan should never have gotten the speakership job. He’s no better than Boehner, except he doesn’t cry at the drop of a hat.

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