Raging Attacker Shot by Store Clerk

Bob Irwin dissects the latest self defense and other shootings of the week. What went wrong, what went right and what we can learn from defense with a gun.

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Raging Attacker Shot by Store Clerk
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-(Ammoland.com)- WNCT-TV 9 reports this week (5/13/2016) in Oriental, South Carolina, Deputies in Pamlico County say a shooting Thursday happened after a man entered Mack’s Mini Mart on Broad Street around 1:22 p.m. in an apparent rage and attempted to assault two store employees.

Communications during the 911 call, from one of the employees, said that someone was trying to kill him and that a shooting had taken place. Moments later, they got another call that the suspect had entered the store and attacked the clerk, had been shot, and then fled the scene on foot.

Witnesses told deputies the suspect, Desmond Syrill Bryant, came into the store after banging on the front door several times. He entered the store in an apparent rage and attempted to assault the two store employees. One of those employees retrieved a handgun from behind the counter and fired one shot, which hit the intruder.

After being shot, the enraged man fled the store, ran into a nearby house and those residents called 911 also. Deputies located him at the home with what appeared to be two gunshot wounds, one to the arm and one to the upper chest. He was taken by Pamlico County EMS to a hospital. He’s currently listed in serious condition.

According to online records, the suspect was just released from prison on May 6 2016 and was on parole for another case. He has convictions for drug possession, evading arrest, assault with a deadly weapon, drunk and disorderly conduct, as well as a hit and run.

No charges have been filed, the incident remains under investigation.


No known reason for this rampage reported. Often we find no rational reasoning. Apparently not a robbery attempt. Just an individual mad at the world who apparently creates a suicide by clerk.

Never be without a firearm nearby, NEVER!

It’s likely only one shot caused two wounds. People tend to use their arms to block bullets as a schoolyard reaction and we see an arm and torso wound as the result.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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That’s Oriental, North Carolina, not South Carolina. I used to visit some folks down there.


Courts have ruled that it isn’t the responsibility of police to protect us, just to report and investigate crime. We must learn to ignore those “to protect and serve” stickers on police cars. I am thankful for the many police that do protect and serve, but according to courts, it isn’t their job.


The protect and serve are correct, just incomplete. They should read To Protect Ourselves and Serve the Powers that Be.


You can thank satan and his followers for turning lose the criminals to continue harming the innocent people! his farts and furious program guns are linked to over 200 murders in one report and real close to that in another , all part of his evil plan , anyway the one murder that sticks out is the killing of the U.S. border patrol agent by a cartel member in the southwest . A LEO. just trying to do his duty one that is unforgivable.Eliminated as pawn in satans evil plan. At least one US. Citizen and countless others dying as… Read more »


soft judges harm us all…… the lawbreakers who are left encouraged to continue their destruction at will, and we the people whom the laws and legal system are, in theory, to protect. And they wonder WHY it is we are so adamant about keeping our GUNS? Government can’t/won’t keep us safe…. its not their job anyway. That’s OUR job. READ that pesky Second Article of Ammendment. It plainly states “the security of a free state” is the work of WE THE PEOPLE. And that is why we MUST be able to arm ourselves. Its not the responsibility of government, military,… Read more »


This thug have been listed as DOA, as I have said on countless occasions “SLUGS FOR THUGS; and the game goes on”. If you look at the types of things that bamba boy has been letting out of prison as non-violent you will get an idea, this one was probably listed as non violent and therefore let out, this is the typical behavior that you get from these thugs and things. For the most part they do not belong on the street but in a cage where they can do no harm, but we are going to see a lot… Read more »


True story. We just had a cop shot in the back and killed by that kind of thug. Despite having a history of assaulting police and others, and a rap sheet about eleven pages long, some limp wristed liberal judges let this puke free to roam the streets at will.


are you referring to that POS in Massachusetts?


Soft judges make hardened criminals. What was the thug doing out on the street with a vicious rap sheet like that?