Recall of NRA Board Member Grover Norquist Voted Down By Membership

Grover Norquist
Grover Norquist
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -( Reports are filtering in that the recall of Grover Norquist from the NRA board has been voted down by members of the NRA, despite far ranging media coverage urging he be recalled.

AmmoLand News had in-depth articles arguing both for and against the recall initiative. This was the first time in 16 plus years that there was a recall of any board member on the NRA ballot.

Those for the recall argued that Norquist was to pro immigration and overly friendly with Muslims, as well as having political endorsements incompatible with the pro gun agenda of the NRA.

Wrote David Codrea “NRA Director Norquist demonstrated his priorities on another occasion when competing loyalties between guns and taxes offered incompatible outcomes. Case in point, he endorsed Bob Dold for Congress, even though it was known that Dold “supports restricting gun purchase & possession.” That penchant for infringements would later win Dold an award from the[anti gun] Illinois Council Against Gun Violence.”

Those against the recall of Norquist included NRA Board members like Ted Nugent and President Reagan’s former Attorney General, Ed Meese.

In his article opposing the recall, current NRA Board Todd Rathner went on the record stating, “The accusations against Grover are nonsense and the recall is designed to do one thing, and one thing only…DESTROY the integrity of the NRA, damage the NRA board, and cause irreparable harm to our cause. Mark my words, if this recall is successful it will be plastered on the front page of the New York Times and the Huffington Post and used as a way to claim the NRA is weak in an election year that could be the most important in our lifetime.”

It seems the majority of voting eligible NRA members agreed as they voted not to recall him and Norquist will remain on the board for the remainder of his term.

This is a developing story, once we get official word from the NRA we will update this page.

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Just one more good reason to not enroll in the NRA. I support other pro-gun organizations but NEVER the NRA.


Just the fact that the socialists despise the NRA and its members shows what a great organization the NRA is ! If you don’t like the NRA fine,it won’t make any difference. I have been a NRA life member since 2008 and the TSRA since 2001 ! I don’t agree with their positions on every issue but we would be in a world of hurt without the NRA and TSRA ! When the socialists called the NRA a terrorist organization and its members terrorists that was the final straw. The membership of the NRA continues to skyrocket.Give memberships to family… Read more »

Joe Wilson

This is great for Grover but it is terrible for the NRA.

There will be many who have 2nd thoughts (I included) about donating money to an organization that has the likes of Grover for a board member.

If Grover really wanted to further gun rights he would resign from the NRA Board.

Joe Wilson
Patron Level member #4875884

Wild Bill

Well, Joe, we may not have been successful in the recall, but we don’t have to vote for him, if Grover runs again for the NRA board. But I don’t think that abandoning the most effective political lobby group in Washington, D.C. (that is the NRA) is the answer. The other pro-gun groups are not nearly as effective as the NRA, and the proof of that is how often the liberal Democrat politicians scream about getting rid of the NRA.

Frank Livingston

A note to those DUMBass NRA members that voted to allow him to stay and those eligible to vote but didn’t. You will pay dearly for your stupidly and I would love to debate it with anyone with the guts to do so! Do you read anything besides GUN books? Do you even know a thing about the Muslim Brotherhood and their goals? What is a Caliphate and how would it affect America if it was imposed? A Caliphate is an Islamic empire dating back to the 7th and 8th centuries. Who wrote this, when and why? The Ambassador answered… Read more »


Why is there a gay pride flag behind him? Where is this photo from?


My understanding is that the people allowed to cast votes for NRA Board Members are Lifetime Members, and anyone who had had at least five or more continuous years of membership. Basically, if you were a member for four years, went a year without renewing, then renewed after the break of a year, you would not be eligible at the end of that year due to the break in membership. You have to have five or more continuous years.


I voted to boot him

Matthew Peters

I gladly voted to remove the Muslim Brotherhood aficionado on the NRA BOD, but alas, low information voters continue to rule.


It is hard to vote when One has no idea what the issues are. When I finally got some information as to WHY Norquist was being “recalled”, the voting period was over. Thanks a lot NRA for NOT explaining WHAT the issue was. I now formally vote to have Norquist removed. islamophilias are NOT needed nor are they wanted in any decision making position.


There were multiple write ups about Norquist not only on this website, but also with the actual ballot that the NRA sent out. Not to mention MSM news outlets. If you were unfamiliar with the issue, it’s your own fault, not the NRA’s. Though chances are if you’re this uninformed, you’re probably not someone who could/would have voted anyway.


Why is it that everyone blames the NRA for every little thing? Obviously you, my friend, did not really look as it was plastered in multiple areas. Stop blaming an organization because you are ignorant, lazy and uneducated.


5 years or lifetime and you can vote. Thats BS. I have been looking for weeks for that info. What the rest of us are not informed enough to have a valid vote?


I do not know if the info is correct about 5 year members. My latest info , as a 37 year life member, is that only life members have voting privileges.


You were eligible to vote if you are an annual member with at least 5 years time or a life member. Ballot was included in my copy of American Rifleman. If you don’t meet this criteria, then quite frankly, you shouldn’t have a vote.

Frank Scavo

I called for a ballot as I am a life member concerned with Groovy Grover. NRA must have been getting a lot of calls as they knew the excuses to give like, if it wasn’t in your magazine, we cant re issue and there was no on line way to vote. I gave the guy an earful…no surprise, they support c and d candidates in incumbent elections. no donation from here on out. Alan Gotileb runs a good organization, CCRKBA, ck it out.


In most cases where there are ballots involved, ballots cannot be reprinted because they are specially numbered. Also, in most voting agencies or “clubs” there is a minimum status or length of time one has to be a member prior to being able to cast a vote. So before you go screaming at people that have absolutely nothing to do with your ballot, all they do is answer the phone and do what they can to help, maybe you should think about stuff like that. It is common place and standard across the board when it comes to voting organizations.




It is well-documented that Alan Gottlieb supports background checks for potential gun purchasers. He Do you?

Gene Ralno

Dold’s an Illinois Republican. Evanston’s a mere suburb of Chicago. Chicago’s a sanctuary city and overrun — overwhelmed — by illegal alien gangs as well as home grown gangs. Until THE border is closed, conservative representation in Illinois will be compromised or not at all. I’m thinking there’s much more to Norquist’s position than what’s revealed.


Make that BOTH borders, as Canada’s benevolent attitude towards towelheads makes the northern border porous to terrorist infiltration into the US.

Larry Davis

What’s the deal uncle Ted?????


My suspicion is that since their both members of the same club that the club members are supporting each other to keep what they got. Kind of like Congress.

Clint Hammerle

I never got to vote on the issue! What members were privileged enough?

It seems, to me, any board member who accepts or endorses any anti-firearm anything is in fit for the organization!


Voting members are 5 year members or life members.


I’m sure Norquist will be as welcome to gun events as dog poop on one’s boots.


Dear Ammoland, are the full results of the elections posted anywhere yet? I’ve done a little bit of looking but haven’t found them.