Shoot Like A Girl Mobile Range Onsite at NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville, KY

Shoot Like A Girl continues to empower and educate new women shooters.

Shoot Like A Girl Mobile Range
Shoot Like A Girl Mobile Range
Shoot Like A Girl
Shoot Like A Girl

Athens, AL –  -( Now more than ever, empowering women to participate in shooting sports is vital to the shooting traditions of our nation and the preservation of our 2nd amendment right.

Shoot Like A Girl’s state-of-the-art, 52-foot mobile range will be on location at the NRA Annual Meeting, in front of the Kentucky Exposition Center from May 19th-22nd in Louisville, KY.

This will be a wonderful opportunity for them to introduce women to shooting sports and unite women to make an impact in this year’s elections.

Last year, over 300 women shot with Shoot Like A Girl during their first appearance at the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. This year, in Louisville, KY, they expect to surpass this number.

President and Founder of Shoot Like A Girl, Karen Butler, recognizes that women can be the deciding factor in this year’s elections. She had the honor of representing gun owners at President Obama’s (so called) Town Hall on Guns in America on CNN in January. She had the chance to meet some anti-gun activists, one example being the man who runs the Brady Campaign. From this encounter Ms. Butler realized the level of disgust and intolerance, those who pride themselves on being so open and tolerant of others, truly feel towards those who think differently than themselves.

She describes her meeting with this person with the following narrative, “Our way of life disgusts them….to the point that when I introduced myself as the owner of Shoot Like A Girl to him, he appeared physically ill, his jaw clenched, his eyes narrowed and he turned red. All because I believe shooting sports is viable option for women to participate in by themselves and with their families…and he believes guns, not criminals, are responsible for violence.”

In these introductions she has experienced first hand the anti-gun hatred of not only guns, but moreover their hatred of the people who own and defend them. Shoot Like A Girl passionately understands the importance of not allowing those who are against this way of life to be louder than law-abiding citizens.

This year’s NRA Annual Meeting, set for May 19th-22nd in Louisville, KY, is even more critical to responsible gun owners, as the upcoming election is more important that any other year in our history. The very fabric that holds the Nation together has been stretched to its limits over the last 8 years, and it is time for the like-minded law abiding gun owners to come together! Please visit for details on the events of this years meeting.

Shoot Like A Girl empowers women to participate in shooting sports with confidence. Inside their mobile range, women can participate in a revolutionary introduction process, called the Test Shots ™ and Test Flights ™ programs, as they shoot a 9mm pistol, .223 rifle and/or compound bows in a safe, controlled environment in a short amount of time. The site features a military grade firearms simulation system and a live archery range, and is wheelchair accessible. To learn more about SLG2, visit Shoot Like A Girl online, or visit at Facebook and Twitter.