Skinner Sights Bush Pilot Survival Kit

A top drawer survival kit designed for back country pilots and maybe the rest of us.

Skinner Sights Bush Pilot Survival Kit
Skinner Sights Bush Pilot Survival Kit
Skinner Sights
Skinner Sights

Saint Ignatius, MT. USA –  -( Skinner Sights makers of custom quality firearm sights for many years and the inventor of the unique HTF Firearms covert (hide firearms in your closet in their garment bag) is coming out with a specialized survival kit for Bush Pilots and back country enthusiasts.

“This unique Skinner Sights Bush Pilot Survival Kit is the result of spending a lifetime in the extreme outdoors. With the Skinner “BUSH PILOT” kit you will be prepared! To the best of my knowledge this is the first production kit of its type.” — Andy Larsson, owner of Skinner Sights.

Skinner Sights Bush Pilot Survival Kit shown with some of the below listed components.

  • Gun: This unique survival kit comes with a customized Chiappa .44 Magnum 6+1 capacity take down lever action 51/2 pound rifle with 16″ barrel. Finished in warm tone hard chrome stainless steel and with a walnut stock it features Skinner’s incredibly effective (and beautiful) precision rear sight with interchangeable apertures and Skinner’s fiber optic front sight.
  • Other kit components: The kit includes a RAT-7 OKC Survival knife with a 7.2-inch carbon steel black powder coated blade and Micarta handle. The BUSH PILOT logo and serial number on the blade matches that of the carbine. The kit also contains Titan storm and water proof matches (in a sturdy capsule), a U.S. Government issue Doan magnesium fire starter, Ration brand heat and cooking stove with Hexamine fuel tablets, tough “polyester film space blanket” tube tent large enough for two adults, Brunton TruArc 3 flat base scouting compass and 50 feet of Mil. Spec. 750 Parachute cord.*
  • The bag: All this comes packed in Skinner’s Montana made custom 1,000 denier Cordura padded carry bag with a 500 denier liner. The bag features Molle attachment points for the knife sheath, and easy open full width buckle down closure flap so there is no fumbling around in a survival situation with zippers, etc. The tough well engineered bag has room for other essential items the pilot /outdoor enthusiast may wish to add.

MSRP: $1,799

*Note: 750 (pound) Para Cord–has 11 triple wound strands of nylon. Those with some survival training can utilize genuine 550 and especially 750 cord further by removing some of the exterior sheath and unwinding the nylon strands as needed for many other uses such as fishing line, thread, ties, snares or even for making a fish trap net.

Skinner Sights, LLC
P.O. Box 1810
419 Flathead Street, Unit 1
Saint Ignatius
MT 59865

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David Bryant

I purchased this kit and added a few more items- wax fire starters, diamond hone, fish hooks and line, also some first aid items and iodine tablets. Oh and a box of shells. Andy was thourghly helpful and a pleasure to do business with. I did grind my teeth down waiting for delivery -not Andy’s fault but Mother Nature decided to drop tons of snow and ice bringing airports and commerce to a halt. I may go back and get the takedown 45-70 if I decide to go back to Alaska to visit my sister


All the nitpicking here is ridiculous. Each person will have a differing view of the contents of a “survival kit”, so you can’t please everyone, or even anyone. BUT… the items included here will be in everyone’s kit. It’s obviously designed to be a starter kit with a premium takedown rifle, and the small contents of the kit added to for personal preference. Anyone that buys a “survival kit” without giving some thought to the contents is a boob and shouldn’t leave his house. I think this is a very practical and well-thought out package. Add your choice of space… Read more »


Do you now offer a bolt peep for the 1886 rifle? If so, hopefully it includes instructions on the installation.


Could you make one of these out of a Marlin 357 that I already own?

Douglas Price

Already have the Taylor/Chiappa Alaskan 92 rifle in 44 mag but I love that carry bag.
How can I get one?


You can order one via the Skinner Sights Website. Skinner Sights . com on the GUN CASES page.


Although it appears to be a very nice unit, I’m not one of those guys with the “Deep Pockets” who could afford this. $1800 is a little to much for me to afford.


How do I order? Please advise.


This seems likes fine weapon I like the 44 magnum. Personally this would be a backup system. Don’t laugh my primary weapon is a m1 rifle in great condition and plenty of spare part’s there are plenty of high powered rifle’s that are easy to take down. The m1 stock separates from the receiver with out tools also another lever gun and 2 good shotguns one with different barrel’s and plenty of ammo for all. The reviews criticizing the gun or case should have these item’s anyway. If its a SHTF scenario and you have to get out you’re heaviest… Read more »

Joseph Williams

Is this carbine available in 22 caliber?

Jim Martin

How do I order?

Randy Bays

Looks good, I’m a little concerned about the sights. At my age i struggle with open sights. any other thoughts on optics?


Who do I contact to order this Kit? Please post links.

Larry Bowling

how do i order one of the kits

Barbara Baldwin

I am interested in ordering this kit for my pilot husband. Please let me know how I can order this product. Is the introductory price available? Thank you.

Wayne Beardsley

Would you recommend this kit if, for example, you were leading a troop of Boy Scouts on a five day river trip in homemade kayaks, through the Missouri breaks in Montana?


Everyone has an idea what should or should not be included in a survival kit. This kit is built around a premium Carbine and includes a few “essentials” all encased in a handy, durable, easy to stow case. Customize your package with the items you need and are comfortable with. (proven to you) I’ve added a flat diamond sharpener, fish hooks and some line, a mirror, small flashlight, and a roll of electrical tape. This bag has a pouch that will hold a 50 round box of ammo on the outside. All this practicality with a “cool factor” of the… Read more »


Why is there no distress beacon? my kit has a breakdown 22 mag with 16″ barrel a distress beacon, wax fire starter along with stay dry match, mirror , same rope with 2 fishing hooks imbedded, quick clot and compass. A poncho is used as the case and my knife uses disposable scalpel blades, less size and weight. Whole kit weighs 9lb. Cost me just under700 to put together .


Everyone has an idea what should or shouldn’t be included. Its not difficult to add your own choice of items to this kit. Firearm value will also vary the value of your kit. If we add a Delorme InReach, << great item<< the price would go up again. Great that your knife uses disposable small blades but they will be worthless if you need to chop limbs to build a shelter. This kit has the base essentials in a premium package and can be built upon from there. See it for what it is. Premium Carbine that provides self defense… Read more »

Dan Koch

kit has many things left out. First a gun is great,but wheres the ammo.Second it is likely you will need to move to survive,the bag should be a pack not a bag. What do you keep the knife sharpe with. A tent is good to keep you dry,but what keeps you warm.. You will be money ahead to put your own kit together.

Andy Larsson

Simply put, there is a pouch on the outside of the bag that will hold a 50 round box of Ammo. Sure, a “Pack” is always best but too cumbersome for minimal stowage in a plane, boat or quad. To keep the knife sharp add your own favorite stone or diamond plate. To stay warm, dress appropriately and have other clothing available. Truth? by the time you purchase a premium take down carbine (what this kit is all about) by the time you add the premium materials we DO supply with this kit, you would be hard pressed to have… Read more »


Seems to me the rifle should be camo or dull not shiny.


Having a shiny rifle can if needed be used as the mirror most flight kits have for reflecting the sun towards aircraft above looking for you. Or for search parties that you see far away from your current position. Sometimes shiny is good especially when your trying to found and not hidden from view.
This kit as I see it is not to hide from the eyes of others, it is for survival and the ability to be seen as needed.


You are correct!

ricarrdo estavans

Some people like to stare at shiny objects.


This is not a covert type “hiding” survival package. The idea here is to “be found” . The only reason we didn’t make the case itself out of Flo. Orange Cordura is the possibility of a thief targeting it on board your boat, vehicle, etc.