South Dakota GFP Receives $50,000 Grant from Black Hills Fly Fishers

South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks
South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks

Pierre, SD -( A non-profit group of over 200 members recently donated $50,000 to improving water quality and fish habitat in the Black Hills.

The Black Hills Fly Fishers donated the money to the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department (GFP) to assist with the completion of a project immediately below Pactola Reservoir. With the installation of 10 engineered structures of trees, root wads and boulder placement, the project will restore and improve habitat conditions in Rapid Creek.

The structures are designed to withstand flows up to 500 cfs and to remain functional during low flow periods to provide protection and holding areas for trout.

“The partnership between GFP and the Black Hills Fly Fishers has been instrumental in improving habitat for trout and other fish species,” said GFP regional fish manager, Jake Davis. “The Pactola Basin is an important and popular stretch of water for Black Hills anglers and should improve fishing opportunities.”

In addition to this recent $50,000 donation, the Black Hills Fly Fishers also committed $35,000 to assist with Phase 2 of the Pactola Basin project and another $35,000 to assist with a project in Spearfish Creek to improve stream and habitat from Homestake Hydro 2 to Maurice Intake.

“This group has a long history in helping improve stream and water qualities in the Black Hills. They are committed to natural resource conservation, water quality and improvement of the Black Hills fisheries and we look forward to working with them in the future,” concluded Davis.

Over the past 25 years, the Black Hills Fly Fishers have financially assisted other cooperative projects with total funds paid and committed in excess of $300,000.

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