Suspected Home Invader Shot Dead by Armed Resident

Bob Irwin dissects the latest self defense and other shootings of the week. What went wrong, what went right and what we can learn from defense with a gun.

Javonte King, 21, of Troy
Javonte King, 21, of Troy
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-( reports this week (5/12/2016) in Pike County Alabama investigators say three young men broke into a home to rob it early Thursday. Instead, one of them is now dead and the other two are behind bars.

A lieutenant with the Pike County Sheriff’s Office said they were called to a home on County Road 3016 at about 2:30 a.m. He said the 36-year-old resident told them he answered a knock on his door and three men forced their way inside.

The victim said one of them pulled a gun on him and told him to “give it up.” The intended victim grabbed the gun and wrestled it away from the robber. He reported he then shot at the intruders as they advanced on him. The suspects fled on foot after the shot was fired.

Responding Deputies found one of the robbers lying in a pool of blood about 200 yards away. That 21 year old suspect, Javonte King, of Troy, had gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene. The other two suspects, both age 20, were captured soon after.

They are currently both charged with first-degree robbery. The surviving robbers may both be charged with murder as the deceased robber was killed during the commission of a felony that all three were involved in. The resident has not been charged, although the investigation is still ongoing.

One suspect is being held on $250,000 bail the other has no bail because he was already out on bond at the time of this arrest.


A Steven Seagal “Aikido” move in real life. Action beats reaction again.

The intended victim’s aggressive move probably saved his life. If your opponent is close enough, always deflect his gun first – even if you have your own. Otherwise it’s likely you both get shot.

Bringing your own gun is easier, deflect his as you fire!

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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A loving friend of javontes

Do you live in Troy ? I know the facts and probably can recite them backwards . He didn’t have the gun. And he was the last person to get out the car according to Troy police department & he didn’t even come in the home he saw them running and ran to and because he was the last one behind he got shot …. & I don’t believe that for not one second . The autopsy say he was dead before the crime occurred. YOU HAVE NOT ONE CLUE WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT

A loving friend of javonte's

& your completely right I ask myself that all the time why didn’t he stay at home? Far as staying home to study rocket science I think not. He was 21. At 21 were you studying rocket science I don’t think anybody who has commented on this post is smart or intelligent because you don’t mock the dead or wish death on someone. If you were smart. You guys rather pay your tax money for a white male in his late 40s that has raped a black young black teenager ; to be in prison. & you don’t understand how… Read more »


So riddle me this Batman, if he had been home studying rocket science or even something slightly less interesting, he probably would still be with us today. Judging character is not really so difficult, and based on his pic, he’s wasn’t destine for great success. The sooner society begins to accept responsibility for themselves and understand that actions and decisions have consequences and accept them,, the quicker we will become a descent people. I made stupid decisions as a young person and today, I’m paying my dues. No one should be sorry for anyone else that’s been dumber than a… Read more »


Did you even bother to read the facts? HE had the gun and it was taken away from him and he was shot with it.. Now if he was such a good ‘boy’ how come he entered a home and pointed a gun at someone? Good people do not FORCE their way into a home and pull guns, regardless of who may or may not live there…. even if it was another scum bag. You break into a home and try to rob someone at gun point, dead is what you deserve. PERIOD.

Texas Boy

Well, riddle me this Batman, if he had been at home, say maybe studying rocket science or even something slightly less interesting, instead of on the street, what are the chances he’d a been in trouble? We may not know much or really anything specific about him but most of us are usually spot on when it comes to character. I can look at him and tell that he doesn’t know how to make good lifestyle choices. He’ll get no sympathy from me.

a loving friend of javonte's

I had to comment because I personally knew javonte. You guys have no remorse. You don’t know him at all. & he wasn’t a gang banger or ect. He spent his last few months in jail over something he had done when he was a teenager and he couldn’t pay his fees that’s why he had a mug shot. You don’t understand how his family feels mended hall was locked up previously for murder this case is much deeper than what the news is telling you all. Javonte and I grew up together and I’ve known him personally for 6… Read more »


Last words were,,…what it is ?

BillyBob Texas

Does it matter? Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. No loss to civilized society, either way.


They know why they were at that door at that hour. Clearly it is more to the story then we know. These jerks didn’t pick his house because they had nothing better to do. That is what is wrong with the system we pick sides instead of getting to the real issues. The victim just didn’t get caught with his drugs. How did he know the thugs?

Witold Pilecki

I never get tired of seeing the photos with the word “DEAD” across it for these stories.

Did you ever notice; that most of the photos is a mugshot from a prior? The po-po don’t release photos of dead bodies, so in each case these would seem to be repeat offenders.

So much for mama’s claim “He was a good boy!!”


He’s a good boy now.


Never answer the door at night, NEVER.

Agree with camera system.

You can even use an older android or i phone to run a camera app,
it sends picture to your home pc or tablet via your home wifi system.

BillyBob Texas

“SLUGS FOR THUGS” Oughta’ be a bumper sticker….or a smaller sticker for your front door/window….

BillyBob Texas

Ooops…having such a sticker on your front door would only be useful IF the Thugs could read and understand English. Probably not…….

Todd B

Why would you answer the door at 02:30 hours without 1) being very careful and checking things before opening the door and 2) not arming yourself first?


I’ll keep saying this until I’m blue in the face, camera systems have never been cheaper and easier to install. Know who is on your property before they get to your front door.

Society needs to also change their liberal attitude on career criminals, and be willing to make the call when someone is socially nonredeemable, and just get rid of them. Giving someone 18 chances is just insane.

BillyBob Texas

Cannot afford a camera system..?….on Amazon, buy a half-dozen for $7 each and put them up around your house. Replace batteries every 6 months for the flashing red light. Aim it so they can see it from your driveway and sidewak and street. Odds are the bad-guy will he’ll skip your house and go to the next one……..

I know it’s cheap – but better’n nuthin!!


It is a shame that respectful, law abiding citizens who are trying to protect their home , Families, and our own government is trying to take our 2nd Amendment away from us !!! There are so many jobs out there if people would just look, but some people would rather just break into our homes and try to take what you and me have worked so hard for ! If it means taking out ( Low Life Thugs ) like these PUNCK’S , So be it !!! You may Walk in , I promise you will Go out in a… Read more »


The news could only be better if all three had toe tags.


Back Lives Splatter!


Ain’t a suspect no mo. he be a corpse.




Have said this how many time I forget , but here it goes again. SLUGS FOR THUGS AND THE GAME GOES ON, that’s all it is to many of these thugs and kids, it is just a GAME, many of them are into these extremely violent video games and it rubs off on them, games like Grand Theft Auto and many others, I actually had one kid tell me if he were to get shot then he would just hit the reset button and start over, he does not know you get shot there is no reset button. As I… Read more »


Throw all of the worthless pos into a dark, dank corner in some God forsaken prison and then forget that they are there or where you put them.


Its too bad we cant go after the parents of these thugs since they raised them. Its funny how when one of these thugs gets killed the mother comes out of the woodwork looking for money for the poor death of their wonderful kid. I live outside of Cleveland and had to listen to the Rice kid killing by police cuz he was so smart pointing a air pistol at the police. The prosecutor wouldn’t let the mother get away with suing the city or sending the policeman to jail. Since then Cleveland got a new prosecutor and since the… Read more »


They were not raised by “parents”. Since lbj’s Great Society in the ’60’s, the government pays single black women with children a stipend. The more children they dump out of their loin, the larger the stipend so they have no integrity or morals and they will take any swinging phallic that comes along. Some of the have so many baby daddies that they cannot remember who sired who or even their names. “Names” that another subject for another time. Democraps, rino’s and lbj in particular own the black problem in America today because they destroyed the structure of the family… Read more »


Damn. Dump out of their loin. That made me shoot milk out of my nose. Awesome.


I like descriptions to be as accurate as possible.


Dang – that Norwegian crime wave is rolling along, b’golly! Yah-shure…


But hows he gonna gits his money to go to skool and buy clothes and crack and stuff?

I guess the dead scumbag and his two fellow thugs don’t have to worry about that now. Another POS bites the dust.


Saved the prison system another mouth to feed.


Tex and Wild Bill…… Doc Jim and Mary wanted me to let you know that you can email them directly by going to their website: Manzano Valley Outdoors on Earthlink. They like your styles. Regards, Ranger 1

Wild Bill

Thank you for the invite. You are all most kind. I will visit that site as soon as I get the pasture sprayed.


Another young black man goes down ! ..yawn….