Weatherby To Showcase New Products At NRA Annual Meetings

Weatherby To Showcase New Products At NRA Annual Meetings
Weatherby Inc.

Paso Robles, CA – Weatherby’s booth (#3423) at the 2016 NRA Annual Meetings will showcase 71 years of innovation and products that will define the precision rifle market for many years to come.

The New Mark V rifles will be on display, and visitors will be able to feel the new stock and actually try the LXX Trigger. “Our unrelenting pursuit of excellence led us to the development of the New Mark V,” said Adam Weatherby, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the company that bears his family name.

 “The rifle features our new LXX Trigger, a highly refined, ergonomically enhanced stock, a hand-lapped barrel, and a Sub-MOA accuracy guarantee.  2016 ushers in the next era in the legendary life of the rifle that changed shooting forever.”

Also on display will be the new 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum, the fastest production 6.5mm cartridge in the world. Not only is it the fastest, but the energy that each bullet carries downrange is disproportionate to its size. The 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum delivers bone-crushing penetration and hits with enough force to take down large game with intense hydrostatic shock, all while exhibiting match-grade accuracy and consistency with very manageable recoil.

Not one to leave any group of shooter or hunter out, Weatherby will also have samples of the new Vanguard Camilla rifle. Women will be able to test the fit and feel of a rifle designed by women, for women.

“This project was very special to us,” shared Brenda Weatherby, Director of People and Culture for Weatherby. “More women are coming in to the industry and we put a lot of thought and effort in to creating something that would be field ready for new female hunters.”

Not only is it designed for fit, but it also has the same sub-MOA guarantee that all Weatherby rifles carry, making it beautiful, comfortable, and reliably accurate.

The NRA Annual Meetings will be held May 20-22 in Louisville, Kentucky. More than 70,000 attendees and 800-plus exhibitors are expected at this year’s Annual Meetings and Exhibits, a safe and fun atmosphere the whole family can enjoy.

About Weatherby

Founded in 1945, Weatherby, Inc.’s line features the distinctive WBY-X™ products as well as the popular Vanguard® and legendary Mark V® rifles (production and custom); Threat Response® shotguns; over/under, semi-auto and pump shotguns; premium ammunition; and shooting accessories. For more information, go to The company is based in Paso Robles, Calif., and invites all hunters and shooters to visit its free online community at or Facebook page at Follow @weatherbyinc on Twitter.