Action Needed: Congress Moving to Violate Your 2A Rights

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Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance (GOCRA)
Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance (GOCRA)

Saint Paul, MN -( Do you make good decisions when you are upset? I know don’t. When emotions are high, we make mistakes, we overreact, and we can be…irrational.

That’s where the United States Senate is right now.

After the mass murder in a nightclub in Orlando. Florida, by an ISIS-supporting, homophobic domestic terrorist, long-time anti-rights politicians are calling for rights-stripping legislation…and Republican leaders are “negotiating” a “compromise” with Diane Feinstein and gun control groups (CNN).

This is serious, Fredy: they’re not talking about infringing or not infringing. They’re just figuring out how much they’ll infringe.

Your mission:


  • Send a message to your congressman or congresswoman (we don’t know where you live in Minnesota, so we can’t help you find him or her. Please update your info!)
  • Send a message to Sen. Al Franken at his web site.
  • Send a message to Sen. Amy Klobuchar at her web site.


  • Call your congressman or congresswoman
  • Call Sen. Al Franken’s office at (651) 221-1016.
  • Call Sen. Amy Klobuchar office at  1-888-224-9043.

The message (use your own words):

  • As a law-abiding gun owner and American, I oppose universal registration (disguised as “universal background checks”).
  • Background checks don’t stop criminals, who will skip them, and they don’t stop mass shooters, who regularly pass them.
  • All they do is infringe and suppress a constitutional right.
  • Denying civil rights to citizens on secret government lists is immoral, unconstitutional, and un-American.
  • Americans must be considered innocent until proven guilty.
  • If someone is that dangerous, arrest them.

“Universal Background Checks”

The Orlando, Florida murderer passed at least eight background checks!

  1. Security guard company
  2. Security guard company (again)
  3. Florida state security guard license
  4. Gun purchase background check
  5. Gun purchase background check (again)
  6. FBI investigation
  7. FBI investigation (again)
  8. Florida concealed carry permit

In fact, every mass murderer in recent memory passed a background check — or murdered someone to steal their guns.

“No-Fly, No-Buy”

The most frightening proposal is to unilaterally, secretly, revoke the Second Amendment rights of people on the mere suspicion of ties to terrorism.

The Orlando, Florida murderer was not on any watch list!

Yes, suspected terrorists should be investigated. If the investigation yields probable cause, arrest them. If the evidence is sufficient, charge them. And if they aer found guilty, imprison them.

That’s due process. Putting someone on a secret list, and stripping their civil rights, is tyranny. And, no, allowing them to appeal a secret list-based infringement doesn’t make it all right.

This is America. People are considered innocent until proven guilty.

About GOCRA:

Founded in 1989, Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance (GOCRA) is a nonprofit advocacy organization focused on supporting and defending the civil rights of Minnesota’s more than two million law-abiding gun owners. GOCRA successfully lobbied for the passage of the Minnesota Citizen’s Personal Protection Act, one of the most effective carry laws in the country. GOCRA was also instrumental in passing the Minnesota Range Protection Act, ensuring that current and future generations will be able to enjoy the shooting sports. In 2015, GOCRA helped pass five separate Second Amendment rights bills through the Minnesota Legislature.

For more information, visit:

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You won’t get any help from Franken. He is just as left or more so than the demoncrapts he tags behind.


You block all my repies and you ask for donations to keep the site going. You must be demoncrats. I am going to think twice before I pay my NRA dues that are due now. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!


Contact Franken? That would get you as far as an ice cube in hell. He is just as left or more so than the idiots trying to pass these bills. A has been commedien that never was.


I call Bull shit. The Florida murderer was interviewed 3 times by the FBI. It was unresponsible gun laws which enabled the homegrown terrorist to obtain a weapon.
No one is repealing the 2nd amendment dumb asses and unless you’re made up of the same delusion that the Florida murderer was then you should have nothing to worry about.


These so-called “representatives” already know better, but, are”h***bent” on defying our “inseparable from the essence of of human existence” (unalienable) natural Rights out of a blatant misguided “”I’m more intelligent than you, thus, more capable of knowing what is best for you” (nanny-state)” even to the point of defying the ultimate laws of protection against such acts laid out in our Constitution. These so-called “representatives” NEED to be remind over and over again that they ARE NOT our “nannies”, that “We the People” elected them, hired them, to work for us, to represent OUR desires, NOT vice-versa! They seem to… Read more »