Anti-Gun Left Is Milking The Orlando Tragedy for All It’s Worth

By Don McDougall

Democrats Ban Guns
Anti-Gun Left Is Milking The Orlando Tragedy for All It’s Worth
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Fairfax, VA -( If you look at all the new gun ban laws, the anti-gun Democrats are proposing and applied them universally back, say ten years ago.

Not ONE mass shooting would have been prevented. Not ONE. Not one life would have been saved. Not ONE of these new laws would have stopped the shooting in Orlando, FL by a radical Islamist.

So for all the yelling and screaming, sit-in and filibusters it all comes down to one thing for Democrats. “Never let a good tragedy go to waste.”

As a gun owner, when I see people proposing laws because of a tragedy that would not have had any effect on that event, don’t you have to ask yourself why?

It’s like this. Let’s say a guy killed his mother so he could steal her car; then he drove the car into a school killing a bunch of little kids. The Democrat’s solution here would be to pass a law that cars would have stronger breaks. You know to prevent further tragedies… you know, “for the children.”

The NRA would favor having someone shoot the driver of the car before he crashed the car into the school, thus saving all the children’s lives.

With 1,800,000 people on the terror watch list, and the fact the Orlando Shooter was TAKEN OFF THE LIST! I have to ask what do you have to do to get on the list and stay on the list?

How about something like:

  • Telling your co-workers, you want to become a suicide bomber.
  • Having a friend from your house of worship tell the FBI that you said you wanted to join ISIS.
  • Travel to Saudi Arabia for unknown reasons, and someone else paid for the trip!
  • THEN having a gun dealer report you to the FBI for suspicious activity.

All this was known to the FBI, and this guy was still not on the current list? 

If you’re so dangerous that your more of a danger than the Orlando Shooter, and the Democrats argue you should be stripped you of your constitutional rights, why are you not in Jail?

It seems that the people in charge are not taking any of this seriously. Laws that strip citizens of their constitutional rights are useless when they do nothing to prevent shootings. When terrorist who confess their plans is then let loose to carry them out, who is to blame. Oh yeah, the NRA.

So look lefties. We are NOT going to let you strip us of our rights for laws that do NOTHING to prevent violence or shootings. We are not going to let you blame us for the failures of the FBI. Because let’s face facts, they screwed up on this one.

You know how the Orlando Shooter got off the terrorist list? He told the FBI his coworkers hated him because he was Muslim and that HE was the victim here. The FBI said “Wow… then we had better let you go, you poor harassed and wrongly accused individual” That is how he got off the list. Media and Democrats of-course now blame the NRA somehow for this.

So why do all this? Why push meaningless laws? Because Hillary is the 1st Democrat candidate for President, who has banning guns as part of her agenda. All of this is about helping her get elected. It is all Kabuki Theater. I’d say the Comedy Club, if the damage these anti-gun lefties are looking to do to our society were not so serious.

Renew or join the NRA, get involved. 120,000,000 gun owners must stand together, or we will lose our right to own a firearm.

About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA”committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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Well Don, Is it just the Anti-Gun Left? Well, they’re a big part of the effort, but it’s not just them. The simple goal of the Gun Ban Leadership is to make America as gun free as possible, what ever it take, and however long it takes. They say that if it takes a hundred years and more, that it’s OK. This recent tragedy is to them just another excellent opportunity move the cause forward. How effective are they? A guy I help give shooting matches at our Sportsmen’s Club, looked at me and said, “Something Needs To Be Done”.… Read more »

Big Bill

“The only surveillance footage they had was grainy, according to ABC News. ”

“Abell says store staff realised the customer was nightclub shooter Omar Mateen only after seeing reports about the carnage in Orlando.”

“Abell said no one came to investigate the situation and that they didn’t have high-quality video footage of the interaction between Mateen and the worker because it happened in a corner of the store that has an older camera.”

Big Bill

To be fair, “THEN having a gun dealer report you to the FBI for suspicious activity” is wrong.
What the gun shop did was call someone (I really can’t tell who) and say that a man did something they considered suspicious. There was no identification or picture passed on. It wasn’t until after the actor’s picture was posted on media that they made the connection.
All I’m doing is trying to correct a mistake, not make any apologies for anyone or anything.

don in la

Bill, he called the FBI, and he was n the gun store video.


I wholeheartedly agree that we need to join the NRA (or renew membership) and get involved. Yes, one hundred million gun owners must stand together, or we will indeed lose our legal right to own firearms. Our natural, inherent right and responsibility for self defense will remain, however, which – because legal “permission” to own guns would no longer exist – will result in a second Revolution. No one, least of all the gun owners, actually wants that to happen… but there is a “line in the sand” that gun owners will not be pushed past. Almost two and a… Read more »


“second Civil War”? You guys tried that, remember Operation American Spring? Or the Bundy fiascos?

Keep touting background checks as “tyranny” and you’ll be following the NRA off the cliff.


@Slechner, not sure where you got the “background check” reference from — I cannot find ANY mention of it in ’s posting.

Every single gun owner I know supports background checks; it’s a small inconvenience to we law-abiding citizens in order to help keep guns out of the *BAD* guys’ hands, who have forfeited their right to possess firearms due to commissions of crime, etc. I would guess that probably supports them, too.


If you keep lyingly touting background checks as anything close to reasonable, rational, “common sense.” or in any conceivable way effective (which, in the real world, they absolutely are not) … you will find yourself in a seriously naive minority position.

Interesting question… what would anti-gunners decide to bring to the gunfight? [For the Leftists who cannot recognize it, THAT was satire.]


While I agree with the thoughts and comments in this article, shame on the author, his editor, and Ammoland in general for all the bad spelling and misuse of words throughout the article. I take it no one has heard of ‘grammar check’ software? It is for that reason alone that I will not share this article, and that is a shame.

Rod Zeugir

I’ve never heard of one time a driver was shot to save a school but there have been many children shot at school with a GUN.


ONLY because insane, two-watt-bulb-for-brains politicians have made schools into so-called “gun-free zones,” which are – here in the real world – just defenseless victim-rich hunting preserves for psychopaths… that provide a government-guarantee(!) that the shooter will face no opposition until the police arrive. Yeah, real smart…