Attacker’s Mistake : Brought Nunchucks to a Gun Fight

Bob Irwin dissects the latest self defense and other shootings of the week. What went wrong, what went right and what we can learn from defense with a gun.

Nunchuck Attack
Nunchuck Attack
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-( WISH TV 8 reports (5/28/2016) in Hendricks County, Indiana, a shooting ended a long domestic dispute between a woman and her ex-husband.

The suspect and victim were divorced almost 10 years ago. Since then she’s remarried and has had a restraining order against her ex-husband due to a history of violence.

This incident happened Tuesday night in the 2000 block of State Road 267. She says it all stemmed from a cell phone bill. She says her ex was upset over their daughter’s bill.

The couple had just gotten home from celebrating their anniversary. The couple was sitting on their patio and the dog began barking. The new husband sees the ex’s car pull up (in spite of a no trespassing sign).

The ex gets out of his car wielding a pair of nun chucks. Apparently in a rage, the ex charged toward the couple. The current husband warned the attacker off while pointing his pistol at him.

As the ex closed the distance swinging his nun chucks, the husband fired a number of shots, hitting the ex six times. As of this writing he was in critical condition in the ICU at a local hospital.

Since they have two children together, the wife calls the shooting bittersweet. “I think it’s finally over. Unfortunately it came to this but, he is in the situation he’s in because he put himself there.”

Police say the husband does not face criminal charges at this time, because he was acting in self-defense and defense of his wife.


The duration of this event is actually about two seconds. Just the time it takes the ex to jump from his car and run probably less than 20 feet. Had the current husband not already had his gun, he would have had no chance to get it.

The key element in this case, as many self-defense cases, is having your gun available NOW!

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Nunchakus are incredibly powerful with the ability of producing 1000 lbs/sq. in. Yeah, I would have used lethal force immediately. Using nunchucks to argue a cell phone bill, not an intelligent move; I would have had a sit down talk with the daughter. Is there a way we can ban “stupid people” ? Sad situation.

Gunny Grump

If one or more of those shots had been Head shots , he would not be in ICU . But rather the morgue getting fitted for a Box Overcoat…




Good shot!! Too bad bullets ain’t nearly as powerful as Hollywood makes them out to be in movies or six rounds would have had him rolling backwards over his car.


Yeah, he was probably still closing in when he hit the ground with six bullets in him. Threat pretty much ended but, I would still cover him while the wife called it in. I guess it would be impractical to bring nunchaku with a chain or rope long enough to stay out of handgun range. He should have thought a bit longer on that whole beat the ex over the daughters phone bill plan. I hope the girl doesn’t feel any guilt over this returds foolish act.


… into the next county.


Six shots in two seconds is impressive speed. Just needs to work on accuracy.

Charles S.

Not only is the speed impressive but also six hits in two seconds on a charging man and factoring in recoil, that is impressive accuracy!

Gene Ralno

Two ways this could have ended better. First, the aggressor could have been killed on the property. Secondly, she could have been the shooter, sending a message to single women or those who don’t have such well prepared husbands.


What kind of numchuck brings a pair of sticks to a gun fight?


Shot him six times and still didn’t kill him? Jesus, learn to shoot or get a real gun man.

Charles S.

Actually I would say six hits in two seconds as the guy was charging them is pretty good shooting. I doubt seriously that you or I could do any better. In fact I hope I could do as good in a similar situation.
There is nothing here about what kind of gun he was using. It might be that it is just another case indicating the fact that pistols are not really reliable man stoppers.


Could have been loaded with FMJ ammo. So many people don’t know the difference AND the legal implications of overpenatration.


As I have said so many times before (slugs for thugs) and the 3x in this case was a thug he deserved to get shot, maybe now he will leave the lady alone, he made more than a few mistakes that day, one was going to her home another was going after the couple with a deadly weapon, yeah he got what he was looking for (some hot slugs). SLUGS FOR THUGS, a game that will continue.


The proper term for this weapon is nunchaku. Heck, yes, it’s a WEAPON, meriting a response of deadly force.! BTW, are the prohibitionists going to prohibit ownership of lumber and rope or chain? That would be their misguided response, of course.


I believe the nunchaku is ALREADY illegal in New York. But that doesn’t surprise most of us, does it?


32oz sodas in a cup is illegal in new york.

Matt in Oklahoma

You will only have what you have and be what you are whenever IT happens. Train now carry everywhere