BREAKING: Politicians About to Raid Firearms Fees Again

BREAKING: Legislature To Vote On Raiding Gun-Buyer Paid Firearms Safety Fund; Will Give To Kamala Harris
BREAKING: Legislature To Vote On Raiding Gun-Buyer Paid Firearms Safety Fund; Will Give To Kamala Harris
Firearms Policy Coalition
Firearms Policy Coalition

Sacramento, CA -( Just as they have in year’s past, the Legislative Conference Committee on Budget is about to vote on raiding another fund that is fully funded by gun buyers.

This time, they plan on raiding the Firearms Safety Fund, which you pay in to every time you purchase a gun!

The Governor’s budget proposes to take $4.7 million of your money and give it to a failed government program that has proven to be totally ineffective.

The Armed Prohibited Persons Program (APPs) recently raided the Dealer Record of Sale (DROs) fees (yes, you pay those too), with the intent to take away guns from people who, according to the Legislature, shouldn’t have them.

FPC stood in firm opposition to that policy as DROs fees were only intended to run the DROs program, making it “easier” for you to purchase a firearm. We also opposed it as we knew the APPs program would continue to be a total failure.

The problem: street-hardened criminals are shockingly not on the list.

But now, the Budget Committee will be voting on diverting even more gun buyer fees to pump more money into the failed APPs program. They also may vote on giving the raving, anti-gun AG Kamala Harris the authority to raise the fees to pay even more into the failed APPs program!

This is OUR surplus, not the Legislature’s and Kamala’s piggy bank.

Take Action Now!



1. Sign the petition to oppose this RAID.

2. Call these Senators right now and tell them to oppose raiding the Firearms Safety Account in the Budget. General law enforcement is a General Fund issue.

  • Sen. Leno – 916-651-4011
  • Sen. Lara- 916-651-4011
  • Sen. Hancock – 916-651-4009
  • Sen. Bates – 916-651-4036
  • Sen. Nielsen – 916-651-4004
  • Asm. Ting – 916-319-2019
  • Asm. Olbernolte – 916-319-2033
  • Asm. Gonzalez – 916-319-2080
  • Asm. Olsen – 916-319-2012
  • Asm. Bloom – 916-319-2050

About Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC):

Firearms Policy Coalition is a grassroots 501(c)4 nonprofit public benefit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

More information about FPC can be found at

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Thank GOD when the greedy politicians in Florida tried to raid the CCW fund, the courts told them to stick it in their ear BECAUSE they had set up the fund SEPARATE from ANY control of the legislature and WROTE INTO the law that it was to be used ONLY for funding of CCW permit applications and costs . The Legislature thought it would go broke, INSTEAD thanks to the numbers of people applying, it not only covered all costs but has run a SURPLUS of 8 Million dollars.


I now refer to the democrat party as the COMMIECRATS!


This is what DemocRATs do with money that is not their own when they are SUPPOSED to be SERVING their Constituents in their areas. ‘m.0-malley’ “borrowed/stole” from other departments’ funding. He did this when he was the “governor” of the “FREE STATE(Md)”. He left Maryland MILLIONS in debt when he was FINALLY voted OUT.


California needs to drop into the Pacific.


Actually just the major population centersneed to fall into the ocean, I would like too see the San Andreas open up and split the state in two, that those of us who bbelievewe should be able to have guns will be able to get them. It is idiots in cities like those that are in Los Angeles and san fransicko that are pushing the anti gun agenda in the state. There are a great many that live out in the rural areas that enjoy the shooting sports as well as target practice now and then. NOT ALL THOSE THAT LIVE… Read more »

Wild Bill

If there were only a San Andreas fault line on the east coast, as well!


I think that as long as one resides in California, one owes it to oneself and others to fight for all aspects of Second Amendment rights and conservative policies.

I’m sure there will come a time (retirement) when one has to leave California, but until one leaves, we do what we can to fight the “Commiecrats.”


Yes, THANK YOU. Not everyone in CA. is behind this lunacy. Not much one can do if NO ONE in SAC is listening..