Charlottesville City Council Members to Push to Ban Guns on MONDAY?

Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington, VA -( A couple of VCDL members reported to me that at a Charlottesville rally for the victims of the terror attack in Orlando, two City Council members said they were going to bring up some kind of gun ban during the City Council meeting on Monday, June 20.

Of course, thanks to VCDL’s efforts back in 2004, localities can do no such thing!

Needless to say, it still wouldn’t be a bad idea for some members in Charlottesville to sit in on the meeting to see if the issue comes up (it’s not on the agenda) and what is said. If they are considering any such gun ban, we will move to stop the proposed ban quickly.

Thanks to members Chris McLean and Jim Wilmoth for reporting the situation to me. (Members like Chris and Jim are why darned little slips by VCDL when it comes to gun issues!)

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  • 2 thoughts on “Charlottesville City Council Members to Push to Ban Guns on MONDAY?

    1. There is no conceivable way that disarming me, or millions of other gun owning, and often gun carrying, citizens like me, can possibly enhance either my safety, or our mutual public safety. It only serves to degrade our national security. Those, including the cowardly business owners/operators who hide behind spurious “private property rights” to ban guns at their businesses, are part of the problem, not part of the solution, and we should start biblically calling them out as the cowardly, anti-civil rights bigots they are. Don’t fall for the phoney private property rights argument either. Banning the carry of guns on your business property is immoral, cowardly, and just as wrong as banning black or Jewish customers, and for the same reasons. Any business that offers services to the public, must offer them to ALL of the public, including not only vocal minority members, but armed Americans as well. Gun bans are only proposed or implemented by bigots or cowards, or both. Let’s stop tolerating their discrimination in silence. The gun banners and anti-gun rights advocates are occupying the low ground of a moral and rational swamp. We armed Americans already have the high ground. Let’s stop letting the cowards and bigots dictate what is proper behavior for the rest of the American people, who are typically neither cowards nor bigots. It is absolutely intolerable that we should allow our government to make us all MORE vulnerable to future terrorist attacks by trying to disarm us. A far better response would be for the government to make free shooting instruction available to everyone who wants it, and maybe even subsidize the cost of guns, for those willing to carry in public (which is where the current terrorist threat is). THAT would be the more traditional American approach to addressing this problem, and it has a two century long history of success.

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