Chevalier Advertising Hires New Public Relations/Brand Strategy Associate

Griffin Bartman
Griffin Bartman
Chevalier Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations
Chevalier Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations

Lake Oswego, OR -( Chevalier Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations has officially announced the hiring of Griffin Bartman as a public relations specialist.

As a public relations associate, Bartman will support Chevalier’s efforts as a full service ad agency in the outdoors industry. Bartman will assist Chevalier with public relations, event planning, social media and new initiatives for brands and products.

Bartman brings to Chevalier a diverse background of field knowledge, marketing, social media management, and experience in application of both products from clients of Chevalier Advertising and their rivals. Primary knowledge comes from nearly fifteen years of Active Duty service in the Army, including combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq as a Crypto Linguist and civilian time as a firearms instructor, multi-gun competitor, and journalist. His educational background includes degrees in Russian from the Defense Language Institute, Intelligence Operations from Cochise College, and soon Management/Human Resources from Post University.

Bartman has been active in industry-specific work as a writer, tester, and evaluator of products from various manufacturers as well as handling end-user concerns and issues as an NRA-Certified handgun instructor.

“We’re excited to add Griffin’s skills to our already diverse pool of knowledge and talent at Chevalier Advertising ,” said Greg Chevalier, president of Chevalier Advertising.

“I’m excited to be joining such an established and professional team like Chevalier Advertising and hope to continue to grow while applying my knowledge and experience to furthering the interests of Chevalier and their clients,” said Bartman.

About Chevalier Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations:

Chevalier Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations is an integrated marketing communications agency headquartered in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Founded in 1953, our agency provides brand development, advertising, public relations, digital marketing and other services to national brands within the sporting goods category.

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I hope when the bad guys come, they will allow me the time to put on my eyes and ears.
(Durabo is right about both eyes open.)


Karll, you may also want to have a photographer handy downrange to record your serious mien as you repel the invader.

ALL of us occasionally have to fire without eye and hearing protection, such as hunting or firing upon an attacking force. My point is that the anti-gunners don’t need more sloppy advertising on OUR side to further militate against us.

Be safe,



Concur with Durabo’s comment… Educate the camera person, quickly!!! Oleg Volk is a good example of ‘correct’ photo content with shooters-


First thing for Chevalier to do is to fire or properly educate its photo editor. The photo above shows: 1) No eye protection; 2) No hearing protection; and 3) Support side eye is closed, so adversaries from the left are invisible (we should practice as we fight).

We take enough incoming fire, if you will, from the left, including Sheikh Hussein al-Obamastan, that we don’t need more adverse publicity from clueless paper shufflers. That is called a “self-inflicted wound.”