Dana Loesch: Media Hates NRA More Than It Cares About The Truth

Dana Loesch: Media Hates NRA More Than It Cares About The Truth

NRA News Commentator Dana Loesch has no problem telling the mainstream media that their failure to provide Americans with a complete understanding of the terror watch list conversation is the most disgraceful excuse for journalism in recent memory. In her new video commentary “The Media Hates The NRA More Than It Cares About The Truth,” Loesch overviews a few Democratic politicians’ and anti-gun activists’ “absolutely absurd opinions” and contends that their friends in the media are crafting a false narrative on firearm freedom. It’s a much needed dose of common sense in a period where Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would rather restrict the constitutional rights of the American people than confront the radical Islamic terrorists—or even say the words—who threaten our safety.

Loesch sets the record straight on the NRA’s position on terror watch lists, which has been misrepresented by media, politicians and activists with an anti-Second Amendment agenda. The NRA has never opposed putting people the FBI believes are terrorists, or could be terrorists, on a watch list. The NRA also believes that we cannot deny citizens their constitutional rights without due process. This is how justice works in America. But Democrats and their media puppets don’t like American-style justice. In Loesch’s words: “Not a single reporter has asked Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or Chuck Schumer why they hate the constitutional system of due process.”

Watch Loesch’s fearless challenge to the deceitful media below and share with your friends, family and on social media.

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@RH,I never heard her rant about Trump like you said she did but I believe you 100% ! Trump was not my first choice (Cruz was) and I don’t particularly care for him. But I care less for Hillary ! I will vote for Donald Trump and I hope he wins to keep Hillary out of the White House. I’m just speculating but I would bet even money that Dana Loesch will vote for him too. Take care.

Jesse Johnson



I lost all respect for this woman when she started her anti-Trump BS despite his record-setting 14 million voters support.


If you want to know what is wrong with using the KST database (the so-called Terrorist Watch List) for denying people the right to buy or carry a gun, Just ask this question: “How many people are ON the list, and how many of them have been found guilty of any kind of illegal activity?” The answer to the first part of the question is certainly in the 5 digit range, while the answer to the second part is certainly not even in the upper half of the 2 digit range. All those in the difference are innocent people about… Read more »


You want What? Truthful politicians, unlike proven liars obama, clinton and schumer? A news media that presents the honest facts in a truthful manner? Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha. The BS media supporting democrats one lie at a time. No lie is too large nor too small for democrats and the “main stream” media. Or are they just miss-remembering?