Delaware Governor Jack Markell Proclaims June 20 as ‘American Eagle Day’

American Bald Eagle
Governor Markell Proclaims June 20 ‘American Eagle Day’ as Delaware Celebrates Symbol of Freedom and Wildlife Restoration Success Story
Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC)
Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC)

Dover, DE -( Governor Jack Markell has proclaimed Monday, June 20, as “American Eagle Day” in Delaware, concurrent with a national day of celebrating the bald eagle as an emblem of American freedom and independence, and for its dramatic recovery starting in the late 20th century from the brink of extinction.

The eagle’s comeback, Gov. Markell noted in his proclamation of American Eagle Day in Delaware, “was largely accomplished due to the vigilant efforts of numerous caring agencies, corporations, organizations and citizens.”

The Governor asked Delawareans to celebrate American Eagle Day by reflecting on the bald eagle’s symbolism and survival, especially as they resonate in the First State, where the bald eagle’s recovery is one of the East Coast’s most remarkable wildlife conservation success stories.

“The bald eagle’s recovery is a conservation success story resulting from government, conservation organization and public commitment and stewardship – and adds a welcome sense of wildness to the Delaware outdoor experience,” said DNREC Division of Fish & Wildlife Director David Saveikis.

As recently as 25 years ago, spotting a bald eagle in Delaware was a rare event. In 1987, the Division of Fish & Wildlife monitored just four nests in the state. Though two of those four nests failed, the remaining two produced four chicks – the start of the eagle’s flight back to what appears to be enduring prosperity in Delaware. During the 2016 nesting season, Fish & Wildlife biologists documented 71 bald eagle pairs with approximately 72 chicks.

The nonprofit American Eagle Foundation, which sponsors the American Eagle Day celebration, notes that, “For over 230 years, the bald eagle has served as the living symbol of all that America stands for: freedom, courage, strength, spirit, independence and excellence,” and that, “on June 20th, 1782, this nation’s founding fathers placed this majestic creature, which is unique to North America, at the center of the Great Seal of the United States.”

According to the American Eagle Foundation, “the United States once almost lost this precious national treasure due to its own mistakes and neglect. Habitat destruction, illegal shootings, and the use of DDT caused the bald eagle population to drop to less than 500 nesting pairs in the lower 48 states in the early 1960s.”

Today there are an estimated 14,000-15,000 bald eagle pairs in the contiguous United States, and the bald eagle was removed from federal Endangered Species Act protection in 2007. In 2013, the bald eagle was removed from Delaware’s Endangered Species List.

American Eagle Day was first recognized nationally in 1995 by President Bill Clinton. Since then, governors from over 45 states, including Delaware, have recognized American Eagle Day with proclamations and special documents, giving the USA’s national symbol its own “official day” in their states. The United States Senate and House of Representatives have unanimously passed several resolutions for “American Eagle Day” since 2007. For more information, visit

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About the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC):

DNREC is committed to preserving the quality of Delaware’s environment, maintaining the health and safety of its residents, and protecting the natural systems upon which life depends. DNREC’s Division of Fish and Wildlife’s mission is to ensure that the freshwater, marine and wildlife resources of the State of Delaware will be conserved and managed for equitable and sustainable use.

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GEE; Maybe they should start shutting down all those bird slaughter machines laughingly called “windmills” that are suppose to be producing power from the wind but have failed to make enough power to pay the costs of installation and the continuing maintenance. They kill thousands of birds including endangered migratory birds, EAGLES and bats, yet the enviro-wienies don’t protest them and work against them. Same thing with the so-called “Solar Power plants” where acres of Mirrors focus sunlight on a tower to produce heat and steam. OF COURSE at the same time ANY bird so unfortunate to fly into the… Read more »


GEE, Maybe they should start getting rid of all those BIRD and BAT slaughtering windmills that FAIL to generate enough power to justify their costs and expensive maintenance. While they are at it, HOW about shutting down all those bird roasting ovens laughingly called “Solar Power” where mirrors focus sunlight like a magnifying glass and instantly COOK any bird flying into the area.
Where are all the Enviro-wienies that stopped lumber companies from harvesting trees to “protect” an owl that has found homes in billboards and other structures. OH WAIT, they are ALL LIBERALS . Nuff Said !!