Democrat Protesters Take Over U.S Congress, Capital Police Standby & Do Nothing

Idaho III% Calls for Equal Criminal Prosecution in U.S House Occupation
Editors Note: The question must be asked. Why were these radical Democrats not dragged out and arrested like the protesters at The Malheur Refuge Occupation, some of whom were later shot and killed.

Democrat Protestors Take Over U.S Congress, Capital Police Standby & Do Nothing
Democrat Protesters Take Over U.S Congress, Capital Police Standby & Do Nothing
Idaho III%
Idaho III%

Washington, DC –-( The Idaho III% has been closely monitoring the tense situation unfolding on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Dozens of registered Democrat Representatives had overtaken the chambers by means of occupation, halting the business of the U.S. House, and impeding the natural course of administration of the legislative affairs of the United States of America.

The group had apparently undertaken this occupation because they are dissatisfied with the inability of their own organized party to affect sweeping unconstitutional gun-control measures in the wake of a lone-wolf style night club massacre carried out by a deranged individual of Afghani ethnic origin who pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Undoubtedly, these dangerous criminals should likely be indicted in Federal Court for:

  • 18 USC 372: Conspiracy to Impede Officer of the United States
    The normal day-to-day operation of the U.S. House of Representatives is being impeded.
  • 18 USC 1503: Obstruction of the Due Administration of Justice
    Congress is unable to adequately legislate during this occupation.
  • 18 USC 1951: Interference with Interstate Commerce by Extortion
    This occupation intends to deprive law abiding citizens the right to purchase firearms, an industry that relies on interstate commerce.
  • 18 USC 1952: Interstate Travel in Aid of Extortion – It is reasonable to conclude that these individuals crossed state lines to participate in this occupation.

In the proceeding hours the public normally would expect elements of the Federal Bureau of Investigations to seal off access to the U.S. House of Representatives, establish a several-hundred person large command center at a local airport, and block public access to the facility as these events unfold.

While the Idaho III% does publicly stand in opposition to this initiative, the Organization does not condone the lawless use of deadly force should one of the occupiers attempt to leave the chambers. Arming any FBI HRT unit(s) on the scene with guns should sufficiently mitigate any imminent danger and we hope the will be no unlawful use of lethal force by Federal Agents. These criminals can expect an avalanche of litigation, denial of pretrial release, and suppression of the right to a public and speedy trial. The Idaho III% expects that the Representatives involved in this Federal Facility occupation will be taken into custody and experience similar outcomes as those citizens currently incarcerated for their role in The Malheur Refuge Occupation in January of 2016.

The inability of the Senate to introduce and pass gun-control legislation cannot be construed as substantive causation for the criminal act undertaken by this group of conspirators.

This initiative constitutes a massive conspiracy to deprive lawful firearms owners of their right to keep and bear arms under the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

While tragic, outcomes like those in Orlando, FL are not indicative of an epidemic of gun violence. Uniform Crime Reports compiled by the FBI shows that from 2009 to 2013, homicides committed with a rifle are on the decline and constitute less than 4% of all homicides by firearms. The CDC puts the number of gun related deaths at around 30K per year, of which 2/3 are suicide. According to the CDC, someone is 3 times more likely to die by any of the following than by homicide with a firearm:

  • motor vehicle accident
  • accidental poisoning
  • tripping / falling down
  • visiting your doctor

Despite statistics not supporting the mainstream media’s sensationalized coverage of mass shootings, there is no statistic or combination of occurrences that would warrant the disarming of law-abiding citizens or the take over of one of our branches of Govenment.

Anthony Dephue
Public Information Officer
[email protected]

Idaho III%:
The Idaho III% is a grassroots organization committed to Constitutional activism within the parameters of the rule of law and public service at the local, regional, and state level. It is not anti-government, is not and does not function as a militia, and is not a subsidiary or affiliate chapter of any of the several national-level Three Percent Movement groups.

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Dave from San Antonio

From the picture…I’d say they were playing…”spin the bottle”.

Ricardo Delta

Those traitors should have been beaten, tazed and pepper sprayed by the police before being hauled off to prison. How dare they spit on the will of the people and waste our precious tax dollars.


I’m disgusted with the democratic mantra, “the ends justify the means”. How quickly the MSM forgets that Democrat Senator Harry Ried paralyzed the senate. And Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi, ” we have to pass it to see what’s in it” giggling as her trademark beaded ball necklace pulls her head down in shame, “well Obamacare was passed and now America knows what’s in it”. Yes, taxpayer healthcare costs rose 30-60 percent in Obama’s income redistribution plan. Wake up America, the “we are the world” chorus is out in the UK as brexits and the free ride is about to be… Read more »


The author does have a point,except there is a rarely used law that states that when congress is in session or when they are traveling to and from the capital they are exempt from misdemeanor and minor felony charges. One congress man once beat another half to death on the house floor with his cane and they could not charge him.


Paul Ryan is the Speaker of the House. He should had let these fools play on the floor a couple hours and then had them thrown out.


He should have brought them some blocks to play with while they were on the floor.

Old Sarge

Democrats Just Sitting On Their Ass’s Doing Nothing- Looks like an everyday thing with them, Not doing anything to earn their pay checks.


So proud to be a Demoncrat! I sure hope the cleaning crew picked up all the doo-doo, pacifiers, and sucker toys, after this silly lot left the Senate Floor Daycare Center. It’s been a long time since Washington has seen a real “one-ringer” circus; minus the Ringmeister, of course.


If you or I, John Q. Public would pull a stunt like this would we not be thrown in jail? Why is this tolerated by a group of Democrat politicians that were elected to serve the people? Why do these clowns have the audacity to have catered food sent to the congressional floor served to them during their lawless act? It seems that the clowns are now in charge to the circus. This is going to change real soon! I cannot wait for Donald Trump to get elected president and clean house and right this sinking ship that Baracko Boma… Read more »


Voters take charge, fire thier ass in elections. They have no accountability. Responsible citizens vote wisley!


I have to agree with the article: The American citizens that were harassed, demonized, and ultimately arrested or shot, for occupying an empty building in the forest that “We The People” actually own, had their rights and freedom stripped from them for what, taking over an empty building in a remote part of Oregon. Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street destroy public and private property, loot and commit arson in urban areas all over the country, and the liberals give them a pass. The Democrats in congress illegally occupy a federal building in Washington DC, preventing the law makers… Read more »



2War Abn Vet

The “sit-ins” of the ’60s were performed in an attempt to obtain civil rights. The Democrat “sit-in” this week was done in an attempt to have rights – natural rights in this instance – taken away from our Citizens. It is precisely the sort of disgracefully childish behavior we’ve come to associate with the American left.


This is hilarious and straight from the bird sanctuary invader crowd, priceless.

2nd Amender

These are the same sh*t-birds that protested everything during 60’s 70’s……got a college degree, though not necessarily an education, and have been making noise ever since.

Remarkably, many, if not most of these individuals, is the reason there exists a call for “term limits”!


This is the type of thing a 5 year olds would do, these SO called politicians need to be thrown in jail for say 5 years and then forever banned from working in politics again, they also need to have that nice benefits packsge taken away from them. The only thing they are doing is throwing a temper tantrum because they are noy getting their way, the only thing they ever want to do is take our rights away from the people. Well it is wqell past time that the people stood up and let our voices ring out very… Read more »


I think that it is time for these CHILRDREN to go and take a nap…..


This is the most childish and moronic act to date staged by Democrats.
Our Representatives owe their constituents better than this ridiculous behavior.


When I heard on the news that people had blankets and pillows and were conducting a work stoppage, I immediately knew it had to be students or Democratic politicians (like any of those “clowns” had ever worked anyway!). So the clowns took over the center ring of the circus. Watch out Dumbo, you saw Brexit yesterday – it might not be too long before you see Texit (“Texas Exit”) followed by numerous other states here and countries in the EU decide they want their sovereignty back too. Enough of “foreign” leaders determining our local needs and direction. Let’s get out… Read more »


We do need to exit the UN and close their building in the US, as well as de-fund them NOW. We spend over $8 Billion per year, much of which goes to oppressive governments and to line the pockets of UN officials. Out of over $8 Billion dollars, only about 3 Billion go to their “regular” budget and peacekeeping. So where does the other $5 Billion go? England is waking up and demanding their independence, while America continues to slip into the grasps of the UN and their New World Order goals.


Call the Feds and have them all arrested for disrupting Congress or Trespassing or whatever charges fit.

Jesse Scott

Romper Room for 2 year old politicians


Well, I agree in principle that they should have just been summarily dragged off the floor, but I think not doing so had real value: 1) We knew it would end fairly quickly. They are too soft, in general, after living the “Congressional Lifestyle”. 2) Dragging them off would have made is a media circus for days and given the Liberals all sorts of talking points, etc. Undeservedly, of course, but when you have a complicit media that is more attack dog than watch dog… 3) It demonstrates that it was for show and fundraising, not anything else. Heck, they… Read more »


Does Rep. John Lewis think a ‘sit-in’ at the House of Representatives is just like a ‘sit-in’ at the Woolworths Lunch Counter? There’s a big difference between ‘screwing up’ somebody’s lunch hour and screwing with the Will of the people who are represented by the opposing political Party. The Country is tired of Democrats and their ‘Mob Rule’ tactics.