Democrats Soft on Terrorists, Hard on Gun Owners – Some Republicans May Cave

Take Action Now!
Take Action Now!
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

USA-( I need you to call your Senators right away and urge them to OPPOSE all the gun control legislation that may be voted on as early as today.

You can reach your two Senators at 202-224-3121.

Please call the Capitol Switchboard at that above number and then ask to speak to your two Senators.

They are Sen. Robert Menendez (D) and Sen. Cory Booker (D).

Anti-gun groups are having people call their Senators to push them to vote for gun control legislation that will threaten YOUR RIGHTS.

And people are calling by the thousands to support gun control.

Of course, your Second Amendment rights will be sacrificed — all in the name of stopping people from buying guns if they’re on a government watch list.

Here’s What We Know

  • The Orlando killer wasn’t on a “no-fly” list.
  • He wasn’t being currently investigated by the FBI.
  • He passed numerous background checks, and was a licensed security guard in a courthouse.
  • Thus, no amount of proposed federal gun control could have prevented the Orlando terrorist from purchasing a gun.
  • This killer WAS an ISIS-loving terrorist who openly expressed his desire to engage in mass murder prior to his 911 declaration from the Pulse nightclub.
  • He WAS the subject of an FBI investigation two years ago, and the FBI gave him a pass.
  • And he committed his atrocity in a Gun-Free Zone, where all the victims were disarmed by law.

Not surprisingly, the anti-gun Democrats in Washington are ignoring all this — and are pressing for gun control legislation to pass today or later this week.

Several Senate votes are expected on different pieces of legislation. Some are horrid. Others are bad, but just not as awful as the horrid bills.

Gun Control Proposals Being Voted on Soon

Anti-gun Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) will force a vote on legislation that allows the Justice Department to block gun sales to those on terror watch list.

But while absolutely anyone can be placed on this list, there is no way for you to know if you’re on the list or not.

In order to get off the watch list, you have to first challenge to Justice Department administratively, and then sue them.

There is also text by Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) to impose Universal Background Checks — which would essentially result in universal registration of gun buyers.

Finally, there may be some Constructive Republican Alternative Proposals (CRAP) that may be offered. These CRAP proposals are changing, almost minute by minute, so we will examine them and alert you as soon as possible.

But bottom line, you simply need to tell your Senators to vote AGAINST all gun control this week.

And while you’re at it, tell them to vote FOR dismantling Gun-Free Zones and establishing concealed carry reciprocity — two things that actually could have made a HUGE difference in Orlando.

So again, I need you to call Sen. Robert Menendez (D) and Sen. Cory Booker (D) right away at 202-224-3121.

Tell them to VOTE NO on any gun control legislation that comes up this week — including the Feinstein and Murphyamendments.

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At the national level there doesn’t appear to be much difference between Republicans and Democrats. The only one who’s broken away from the pack is Donald Trump. This November are you going to vote for 4 more years of the same or take a chance on Trump?

Clint Hammerle

Vote Red, or red ,white and blue ( meaning….crap my age is showing again. Sarah Palin party!)

Raymond Miller

I’m in N.J., both of my Senators are corrupt party first, party last, party always, and take their orders from the Doggie-Doo in the White House. They don’t give a rats rear end what is good for N.J., the Country or the citizens. They are worthless POS.


If you are in Jerzystan , you ALREADY have the ” No Due Process ” No Fly List.

Raymond Miller

You got that right.


Maybe it is time for somebody to take Harry Reid out back and kick his ass again. He didn’t really look that bad with a black eye and cuts on his face from the last beating he got. Oops, I forgot – Harry has bodyguards that carry those nasty guns. Ever wonder how many crimes Harry has committed and gotten away with?


The illogical thoughts of Democrats never ceases to stun me. If the guy had rammed into the club at high speed, he would have been blamed and not the vehicle. If he had ran in and started stabbing people, he would have been blamed and not the knife. Yet because he used a gun, the gun is blamed first.

I’ll be they’d scream bloody murder if they had to pass a background check to buy a car, and then wait 10 days to get it.

Wild Bill

Who was it that said, “Never let a good tragedy go to waste.”?