Elite Ultrarest Hdx Now Available in New Colors and Finish

Elite Archery custom QAD Ultrarest
Elite Archery custom QAD Ultrarest
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West Henrietta, NY -(AmmoLand.com)- When it comes to fit, finish and function ELITE bows stand as a leader in the archery industry, and the company’s accessories are no exception.

The NEW-for-2016 ELITE Custom HDX UltraRest features an updated anodized black, brown or Realtree Xtra finish and the optimized custom features you would expect from ELITE.

When trying to achieving ultimate performance from your bow, your rest is one of the most-critical components to success on the range and in the field. Experienced archers know a solid rest must possess three key features that ensure perfect arrow flight and downrange accuracy: Precision, Reliability and Durability. The ELITE Custom HDX UltraRest delivers on all three with custom compatibility to ensure unsurpassed accuracy with your ELITE bow.

The sleek and stylish design of the ELITE Custom HDX UltraRest not only guarantees 100-percent arrow clearance but also offers 360-degree arrow containment in a fall away rest that’s perfectly timed to ELITE bows. Thanks to a custom mounting arm and ELITE specific configuration the rest fits perfectly on all ELITE models. Custom-inscribed preset elevation and centershot adjustments (to 3/4, 13/16 and 7/8-inch) detail ideal ELITE rest placement to make arrow tuning a snap, while the internal mechanism of the rest “knows” only to drop when the bow is fired-not upon a slow let-down.

“We want to offer ELITE customers a 100-percent ‘best-in-class’ experience with all of our equipment,” said Elite Archery President, Eric Griggs. “Our partnership with QAD to produce our own custom rest is no exception, and the new color offerings and enhanced features should definitely improve your product experience. The ELITE Custom HDX UltraRest sets up easily, eliminates ‘bounce-back’ and provides archers the confidence they need in their equipment to drive tacks, shot after shot.”

Now available in brown, black and Realtree Xtra anodized coating, the ELITE Custom HDX UltraRests are more durable than ever, and provide exceptional color match to all ELITE bows. Available in right- or left-handed models for an MSRP of $164.99.

For more information about the ELITE Custom HDX UltraRest, visit ELITE Archery’s website at www.elitearchery.com Facebook page at www.facebook.com/EliteArchery, or Instagram at www.instagram.com/elitearchery

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