Nevada Department of Wildlife To Vote on Ban of Certain 50 Caliber+ Hunting Rounds

Fifty Caliber Institute Alert
By Graham Hill

No 50Cal BMG
No 50Cal BMG
Fifty Caliber Institute
Fifty Caliber Institute

Washington DC -( The Nevada Department of Wildlife’s Board of Commissioners (NDOW) will vote this Saturday, June 25th 2016, to ban hunting in Nevada with a rifle caliber larger than .50, or, with a case length or more than three inches.

This change will ban several rifle cartridges including the .50BMG, .50Beowulf, .577NE, .505 Gibbs.

Express your opposition to this arbitrary and capricious attack on Second Amendment Freedoms to the NDOW by: Calling NDOW at their Elko Office (775)-777-2300, Fax letters to (775) 738-2485; Post a comment on their Face Book page at “Nevada Department of Wildlife”; or Send a Tweet to #NevadaWild or

The proposed prohibition establishes an arbitrary and capricious distinction between cartridges that are allowed, and those prohibited. The proposed prohibition is not supportable by any ballistics distinctions between allowed and prohibited calibers concerning safety, success in hunting, or any other rationale in the jurisdiction of the Commission to consider.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife is in receipt of multiple letters from hunting and firearms associations and experts pointing out the same substantive defect in the proposal, and also urging rejection of the proposal. The Fifty Caliber Institute has been joined by NRA-ILA, the Fifty Caliber Shooters Association, the Nevada Firearms Coalition among others in this effort.

When this proposal was first raised at Nevada Department of Wildlife, FCI suspected the Commission either didn’t understand modern ballistics, or, that an agenda unrelated to the duties of the Commission to adopt regulations “to establish the manner and means of taking wildlife” was the motivation for the proposed change.

FCI noted in a March letter to the NDOW that “under current law, hunting in Nevada occurs today with these cartridges and that no problem with current practice has been proffered.”

FCI and others have noted to the NDOW that Fifty Caliber owners engage in two primary activities, competition shooting and hunting. Fifty Caliber hunters harvest bison, big horn sheep, elk, deer, and other species using the .50BMG cartridge, just like hunters with other high-velocity cartridges do.

Notwithstanding the lack of facts to support this effort, and in the face of expert opinion in opposition, the NDOW is proceeding to vote on it this Saturday.

It is clear the only rationale for this proposal is anti-Second Amendment fervor.

The current political assault on the Second Amendment in Nevada is well known nationally for its obedience to Michael Bloomberg and its deliberate distortion of facts and the subversion of the civil rights of Americans. It is a sad day when this political agenda is promoted by the very state agency charged with stewarding Nevada’s hunting resources.

We hope enough Commissioners will reject this distortion of the NDOW’s obligations under the law and prevent this, and further attempts to, attack the Second Amendment through “hunting policy”. Your voices must be raised to the NDOW to ensure they understand the will of the people they are supposed to serve and they vote to reject this Gun Ban.

Graham Hill – President, Fifty Caliber Institute

About Fifty Caliber Institute:

The Fifty Caliber Institute is an national organization dedicated to the advancement of the .50 caliber shooting sports. FCI has a tradition of proud service to America’s law enforcement and military services, helping to make our streets and nation safer. Drawing on top experts ranging from firearm manufacturers to aerospace engineers, FCI rebuts wild anti-gun claims with clear, documented facts. If you want the honest truth, look to FCI. Visit:

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Nevada Department of Wildlife,
Just like to add and say that we stand behind the Fifty Caliber enjoyment of hunting. One thing with the .50 caliber there is less chance of a wounded animal. And the people that use this caliber are most likely upstanding people in your hunting community and your public community in the Great State of Nevada.
Thank You for your time and Please consider a positive vote for this very important issue.
Hope You Have a Great Day, Gary


game and fish departments can make truly ridiculous rules arkansas rules for deer hunting calibers in pistol must be centerfire greater than .22 caliber must use pistol with at least four inch barrel SO .44 magnum with 3.5 inch barrel not allowed .25 acp with four inch barrel just fine how much thought you think went into that one


Does that include my 50 Cal black powder Hawken? Libs! They never look at any facts that show that they are wrong! Like Man Made Climate change, Man Made Global Warming and Man Made Global Cooling other stupid claims that are not supported by scientific fact! That is why we call it weather Forecast! You can not actually predict the weather. Again, this is just another attack against the Second Amendment and the citizen being able to protect themselves. Remember how they claimed red meet was bad for your health? They sure like beef stakes at all their parties. How… Read more »


So no.50 Beowulf? what about 12 or 20 ga. slugs?

Chris Rakes

Why the hell would they want to ban them? I could see if the round was not strong enough for a good kill but the .50 is one of the best calibers for that. Think about it most rifles in the past were made with that caliber

This is some of the PC banana fans rock and roll BULLSHIT. That goes with the stupid progressives now a days


Since when does the NDOW have the authority dictate which ammunition calibers are legal for hunting and which calibers are not? What a joke!


OMG! CalTards have infiltrated Nevada! Hey O.J., you might have a chance for early parole after all. Even though I’ve never heard of someone going after an animal with a 42 pound rifle, I see this more as a “well we have to do something to justify our jobs” type of legislation.


No .50 BMGs for hunting? Who uses a .50 BMG for hunting? This is a non-existent problem. Which means that they are giving state Fish and Game the ability to go harass a guy out in the desert using his fifty on the pretense that he is “hunting” with a banned cartridge.


Did you bother to read the article? They are used for hunting large game.


We do not want to be like California, regulated in everything, including this.


As an inmate of Kommieforinastan…I’d give a rats patootie less if you used a friggin howitzer on a rabbit.


Nevada isn’t submissive it is only Vegas and Reno where all the Cali a*sholes moved to


No compromises no more laws