FL Terror : Will Obama Confront Radical Islam Or Call for Gun Control

By Tred Law

Obama Pissed
FL Terror : Will Obama Confront Islamic Terror Or Call for Gun Control

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USA -(Ammoland.com)- The Florida Pulse night club shooting is now the worst mass shooting on U.S. soil with 50 dead and climbing, another 50+ wounded, 911 being the worst mass murder.

The Muslim, a U.S. citizen from Port Saint Lucie, Fla, who we wont name to block him any fame, was an aspiring Jihadi and according to the FBI bragged about “Ties To ‘Terrorist Organizations” . He actions now, clearly demonstrate he was an enemy of the USA.

Now the question is when our President makes his first public comments on the attack will he take the fight to radical Islam or will Hussein Barack Obama call for more domestic gun control in the name of fighting “hate crimes”, racism and so called “guns everywhere extremest”.

Calling this a tragedy and a surprise is an insult to the fellow Americans killed. “Tragedies” are train wrecks or car accidents, This should be no “surprise” as radical terrorist have been saying they would do exactly this kind of attack and ISIS has been calling for attacks during Ramadan.

If he goes the route I think he will, and calls for more gun control, it will show that he has not learned a thing in his seven years in office and that he has more sympathy for the religion of Islam than the safety and well being of the American people, who are so tolerant of all religions, including the “Peaceful” religion of Islam.

We are losing this war with radical Islam due to political correctness by the Obama Administration, let us hope our President proves me wrong.

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    1. I live overseas and we watch from afar as this stuff comes out of the States. We know you guys love your guns. Truly we understand this. But it doesn’t matter if it’s “Radical Islam” or “mental illness” – you guys are so quick to blame anything but the incredibly powerful killing tools (i.e. assault rifles & hand-guns) that you think should be freely available to everyone – except, of course, to those with ties to Radical Islam, mental illness or any other gripe with society.

      If it does prove that he had genuine links to Islam extremists (instead of just shooting his mouth off) and you had tight gun control, he would have had to do this with a bomb or with a knife he would have found it exponentially more difficult to pull off. You shove these tools in everyone’s hands and then blame everything else. You are wilfully blind to this and it’s weird that you must see what’s going on and yet publicly can’t accept it.

      1. Obviously you did not get the info that the “gun guys” have. This person was a security guard certified under state laws – he would have obtained this gun under any law you could think about.
        And I am so very sorry for you ignorance – I hope you are aware of the fact that we do have – both here and overseas – people dying from heroin overdoses in jail. So laws works very well in regards to criminals. Don’t they?
        Laws regulate what law obeying citizens do,. They do not prevent crimes, if they did we would not have any more problems with drugs – would we?

      2. Well, overseas Dave, we do love our guns, if you don’t then don’t come here. We blame anything but the incredibly powerful killing tools because they are inanimate objects. Inanimate objects are incapable of killing anyone. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. The most common murder weapon in the U.S. is the hammer, next is the baseball bat.
        It is the American character to want freedom, including the freedom to own and carry guns on our persons where ever we go. You being from some slave country will never understand that, so it is probably best that you don’t come here. We watch what comes out of Europe, and we can not understand why you don’t protect yourselves. You must really hate each other to let your people be slaughtered and do nothing about it. I think overseas Dave that it is best that you stay overseas

    2. He damn sure won’t go after the radical Islamic terrorists and ISIS ! He will blame lawabiding firearms owner for the actions of this raghead terrorist.

      1. Hussein can push the ‘watch list’ nonsense all he wants it will never get congressional approval. (Just like when he he tried to sneak it through congress the day after the San Bernardino terrorist shooting) Hussein might want to read the 5th and 14th amendments about ‘due process’ and what it means. You can’t be deprived of liberty or property without ‘due process’ Hussein could arbitrarily have anyone added to the list because of their political affiliation,or being a member of the NRA,(he has already said NRA members are terrorists) etc,..etc. !

    3. Obama will call it Domestic terror needing clintons gun control
      democrat to boot

      The agenda is met……

      Gays attack christians for saying they are sinners
      yet ignore muslims call for stoning to death
      How do you feel now?
      Agenda’s always have this down fall in common

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