Mobile App Displays Location of Individuals with Concealed Handguns

Halos Force Releases Mobile Application Displaying Location of Individuals with Concealed Handguns.

Halos Force
Halos Force
Halos Force
Halos Force

Jackson, WY –-( Halos, a mobile application that allows citizens with concealed handgun permits or are legally entitled to carry a concealed weapon in their state of residence to anonymously and approximately represent themselves on a mobile device, has launched.

Designed and produced by Halos Force LLC, users join the Halos community and elect to be represented in several different ways on a heat map, revealing areas of high and low concentrations of concealed carry permit holders in the immediate vicinity of its users, in real time.

Halos Founder Dan Cook said, “With Halos, one can now post a giant warning sign for those contemplating violence. Halos’ maps illustrate not only where the good guys are (or are not) but how many are present. We believe that this will create a ‘halo’ effect of safety for our users and deter criminals where there are high concentrations of gun-carrying citizens.”

While the number of concealed carry permits across the U.S. has more than tripled since 2007 to nearly 14 million in 2016, citizens who carry concealed handguns provide little discernable deterrence to violent crime. This fundamentally changes with Halos.

Carry permit holders are accustomed to carrying concealed, so Halos members have several options and tools to manage the degree of their visibility to others and protect their identity (see Halos map). The degree to which a member chooses to obscure their identity directly correlates with both the safety of an area as communicated to other users and Halos’ deterrent value.

Leveraging the premise that there is safety in armed numbers, a virtually connected group of handgun carrying citizens can collectively telegraph to the criminally inclined that they are entering an armed area and potentially prevent crime before it even begins. This changes the dynamic of concealed carry from that of self-defense to both self-defense and deterrence.

Halos membership is currently restricted to those who possess a state issued concealed carry permit or individuals who reside in a Constitutional carry state.

Halos is available on the iTunes store today, and an Android version will be released soon.

Membership is free for the first 100 people in each state, after that members will pay $1.99/year. In the near future, Halos will offer a view-only version to the general public for an annual fee as well.

About Halos Force LLC

Halos Force is a Jackson, Wyoming-based limited liability corporation founded in 2016 for the purpose of creating mobile applications that are designed to give US citizens the tools to deter crime and make informed decisions on what are perceived to be safe areas.

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Sheppard C Salter

The concept intrigues me. As stated, it is a way for CCW’s to see other CCW’s. If the hide feature works, have no problem with it. Gov. already knows who the CC holders are. Al be it, their use of their own data is at times hilarious. Frankly, I’d like to know who other CCW are in the area. Voluntarily of course. Initially I had a ‘red light’ go off when I read about this app. As time’s gone by, am warming to it. Same concept as ‘Waze’. Most police hate it, but they use it.


This would enable government officials to confiscate guns from people that they know are armed in broad daylight emboldened by the belief that law abiding citizens will not gun down the police in broad daylight for all to see.

Borg, Jr

Borg, are you retarded?


Will this company get sued by a victim if it is revealed that a criminal targeted the location because the app indicated that no armed people were present in the location?

Also will a criminal sue the company if the app tells them that no armed carriers are present only to be shot by an unregistered carrier?

Not the Star Trek Borg

Borg – You’re a Clinton stooge trying to make the CCP community look stopped, right?


Wow, Ammo land, is this ’email collection bait’?? Well, you sure got a reaction, and from me a fake email. And a mental note, not to bother clicking on anything from you in the future. Even if you think it’s a bad idea, you just gave them lots of free clicks. At least I hope you didn’t take $$$ to publish this crap. But maybe that’s your business model. [sigh]

Diane D

Millennials and other gadget people will love this. How stupid…


why would someone want to be tracked like that

Uncle Jimmy

Bad brain fart, really bad.

Mark C.

As a network engineer I live on the cutting edge, always looking for cool new gear, but stuff like this just makes me cringe and want to go “off the grid”. Why in the world would anyone consent to be tracked, anonymously or otherwise? Think of the legal aspects and security issues of adding ourself to yet another online database, and one that tracks concealed carry holders at that. This could be used against you in so many nefarious ways …


Why not just wear a flashing LED body light that screams “GUN!” Nothing catches the eye quite like flashing LEDs on a “GUN” shaped blinkie. I hear you can get a flashing revolver gun that not only flashes, but makes shooting and reloading sounds! Get yours today!!!


I can see criminals using this app before committing a crime. NOT. it is a clever way of fooling people to place themselves in a data base. Not that such data bases already exist in the form of CCW permits.

M Melloy

Amen brothers, this is definitely big government behind this sinister scheme. Obama or Hillary will know where we are and do night time raids to steal our guns if the crooks that see us in the map don’t get them first. And to top it all off be really careful that the GPS signal doesn’t get hold of our brains and turn us into the Obama/Clinton Manchurian candidates, we’ll be lined up like zombies before we know it. In fact I bet there are subliminal messages in the press release to manipulate our prepper minds!


Freedom of information act don’t cover this BS nohow,noway. Texans worked for years and finally got the law passed that this information remains non published and not available to the public. This app is a gungrabbers delight. Who in the hell would want this information to be public in a god*damn app ?


Who’s dumb fing idea was that.

Jesus this country is so going to sh*t.


REALLY? I guess ammoland has this post just show something someone is offering.
BUT to put it very nicely. Tell the person to stop playing video games and that the real world is NOT friendly. WHY in the world would anyone trust just a total stranger or the government???
this idea is so WRONG


The presumption of a CCW is to be unseen and unknown. This is beneficial and aids in deterrence.

With that said, maybe this app could be used as a crime fighting tool. Maybe LE can show CCWs in places of interest where they’re are actually no CCWs. Using misinformation to trick the criminals into believing they’re are CCWs when in actuality there are none.

Anyway, just a wacky thought. Sounded good until someone sues LE because they thought it was a safe area.

I guess this app is just useless.


Oh by the way if you are stupid enough to try this be prepared to be outed as a CCW holder by the rent a mob types. Expect to have your house, car and what ever you own to be vandalized, be followed and hassled and anything else they come up with.


Wow talk about stupid


I believe that Bloomberg is financial backer, the Brady group is the marketing power trying to sell this to stupid CCW holder’s. Oh by the way Justice department came up with the idea jut like Fast Furious, another really stupid idea by the king Obama minions.

Lee Moore

OH HELL NO! Just need one person that can get through the background checks to get a CCL, like the jackass in Orlando did, to be recruited to join a wacko group and gain access to a map of carriers? Not to mention hacking. Wasn’t there a need assessment done before moving forward with this little gem of brilliance?


Commerce is certainly moving this one… not common sense. People carry concealed because they don’t want anyone knowing…. I see the crux of the report but I want nothing to do with it.


Dumb, just flat out dumb.
Not now. Not ever.

I hope they are not relying on this for revenue and have a fall back for income.
On second thought, no – I hope they don’t as that may lead to more shenanigans like this.

John Dow

How about an app that shows where the Criminals are?

At conviction, they get a GPS/WiFi chip implanted.


great idea John.

Wild Bill

How about an app that tells us where all of the politicians and judges are! I think we have a right to know where our employees are, except on their own time, of course.


Now that I am calm and re read this app I understand its voluntary . Let the fools sign up. If you forget to shut it off it will tell folks where you live and come steal my guns !!!!!


Sometimes people do the stupidest things because either they never think past their own greedy “nose” OR they are using propaganda to cover up their real intentions. Think about it folks, just how much difference is there between this “app” and government run gun registration. Big Brother will know where you at and be able to come and get you and your guns at the drop of the “Hildebeast” hat! ANYTHING that allows the government to know where the people’s guns are at is a form of spying on the people, and in that light, treason against the people and… Read more »


This is so bad it sounds like a joke.

Wild Bill

@ John C, I think that you better reconsider, bro, because Hillary came up with the idea.


A solution in search of a problem.

Lawrence Houchin

According to their plan the bad guys would have a smartphone and when planning their robbery for the day would check the app and steer clear of the “red” areas where there is s large concentration of armed individuals. WOW !! Brilliant plan.Then folks that are carrying can do likewise and plan to go about our business only in heavily armed areas. Boy sounds like a plan to me !

Steve Wollard

lol…this is a joke, right? What kind of moron…

Kevin Williams

I wish that everyone could see through this for what it really is. . . a map for criminals and enemies of the 2nd Amendment.


I’m sure they had good intentions; however, some of the worst things in history were started with good intentions.


The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
But another thought, How is someone going to know it is you when you are standing in a crowd?
Do you really think you are the only one walking on that city block?


That depends on what city you are in… I know in my city during off peak hours it’s not wierd to have only a few people or so walking per block. In our suburbs you could probably drive around and point out the mislead person who is using this app…

I agree that the road to hell is paved with good intentions… By telling people where ccp holders are logically you are also telling scumbags where there are not for only 2$ a month.

M Melloy

I kind of like this, I didn’t get my CHL with the objective of being an undercover Rambo potentially with my kids with me, in fact, if I never have to unholster the gun outside of the ranch or range, that’s good. I hope the criminals sign up for this, and think twice about entering a red area.



Old Sarge

Looks to Me to be a “Big Brother” type of registration so that when Hillary gets into office she can send out her Gun-Grabbers to take your guns! I would not use it or want to be on it!!!!


I think the idea as a concept is not terrible… but.. there is sooooo much to go wrong… like, if you pass through or close to one of our gun-free “safe” zones…. but your little dot shows you there….. i imagine that would be an issue….

Al Feldore

You can take a pig and put clothes and make up on it and guess what. It’s still a PIG! Sounds like our government is now acting like a small business.

David Nelson

Hmm. Another way for the criminal to know a soft spot. Sort of like Gun free zones.

Randy K

I conceal carry to not be noticed. Why in the hell would I want anyone to know I am in the area with a weapon.


Doesn’t give exact location it’s 100 yards out. Ineed to read entire article


I carry in places like the mall and now rent a cops can kick me out . This is bull sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!


You can turn off your location any time you choose!


You said perimeter it’s 100 yard false location. Need to read the whole thing


Soooo…’re telling wrong doers where there aren’t any CCW’s which equates to let’s do our mayhem over here since there’s no CCW’s. And also letting any govt agency know where you are, and anyone else who can access the data. Ready made registration that you want people to sign up for and pay for the privilege. Wow.

No thanks….so wrong on many levels.

JJ Binks

J – Yes that’s exactly right. Have you heard of posted Gun Free zones? Liberals love them. They exist all over the place – and guess what? Criminals know where they are. Look into it. Halos just shines a light on this insanity which hopefully will get Gun Free laws changed. Of course you can carry concealed in these areas personally if you want to right that situation Batman.


I agree. Here I am shoot me first should be the name of the app. My guess would be those of us who like to open carry would love the app. Theres a reason it’s called conceal carry. So the bad guy is surprised not tipped off. If I were a bad guy I’d get this app. But I’m not so I say put chips in bad guys and distribute their location and make them pay to support it. Kinda like the trump wall.


Only an idiot would use this app….I thought the idea of CONCEALED was to keep your gun out of sight so no one would know that you are carrying.


You sure the Obama clan isn’t behind this.

Original Ozzy

Are you sure you’re not an Obama/Hillary plant? Undermining something that coordinates CCP holders is something they would love to do.


A really bad idea ! A really stupid idea !


Let no good deed go unpunished.
This is a TERRIBLE idea.

I didn’t read the article completely, but what’s to keep criminals from knowing the same information and avoiding the guns?
This app will be hacked and its information will be stolen and published.

Anonymous Patriot

You should read articles before commenting on them. The POINT of this app to ‘war’ criminals away from areas with an armed CCW holder. That’s the biggest fail of this ridiculous thing is that it requires a criminal to buy the app and use it to plan their crimes. It’s the height of ridiculousness and the creator just did not think anything through here. Not to mention basically assuring the NSA and the government A) Know you own a gun, B) Know you carry a gun, and C) know exactly where to send the SWAT team to pick you up… Read more »


How about ‘Hell No’?

Anonymous Patriot

I mean right?

I can see where the thought popped into their heads, of course the very next thought should have been about how STUPID this is.

First, it requires the criminals to use this app and plan their crimes around avoiding CCW holders.

Second, it requires criminals to decide to AVOID a CCW instead of seeking them out to assault and steal a gun.

Third…….well, it’s just amazingly stupid.

Anyone who uses this app is so ignorant that I actually worry that they are carrying a firearm at all.

Robert Cody

If criminals were smart, they wouldn’t need this app. All they have to do is go to Cali-stinkin-suckbutt-cespool-fornia were criminals are protected; not the law abiding citizen. They can rob stores without the worry of CCPs. They can rob homes with no worries because the homeowner has to unlock the weapon and go find ammo first before being able to defend life and home. And, if the criminal is a mass murderer, he /she can kill as many people as they want, and never get the Golden Needle. Why would a criminal commit a crime in any other state than… Read more »


Dear Anonymous (should be Courageous Patriot) – Halos does not require criminals to use the app, that’s insane. Criminals WILL use the app however. And that is good as they will commit their crimes in Gun Free areas. This broadcasts why Gun Free areas are bad – and in the process protects the areas where CCP are. You’re use of the word stupid repeatedly is not as impressive as you think (or cogent arguments).


Government already knows who we are without the app…. gezzzzz


…..and FU*CK NO TOO ! These som bitches are out of their minds !