Internet Mob Injustice & the Killing of Gorilla Harambe

By: Kirstie Pike, CEO and Founder Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women.

Protesting the gorilla shot at the Cincinnati Zoo
Protesting the gorilla shot at the Cincinnati Zoo

Prois Hunting

USA –  -( It's not often I use this platform to voice my opinions about politics or current events. Yet, when the recent case of the gorilla shot at the Cincinnati Zoo to protect a toddler who fell into the animal's enclosure caught worldwide attention, I couldn't help it.

My first response to this incident was, “Of course the animal had to be destroyed. It's tragic, but the life of a small boy hung in the balance.”

I for one could not sit by and watch a child potentially die at the hands of an animal. If it was my child, I can only imagine the fear. I personally feel zookeepers had no other recourse. Tranquilizing would take too long and could potentially agitate the animal further.

My second response was that it would seem the Cincinnati Zoo would need to do some serious upgrades to any enclosure into which a visitor may fall or jump. This clearly goes without saying.

However, as the story continued to unfold I found myself horrified at the state of our society.

I was soon shocked (yet not totally surprised given the constant anti-hunting sentiment we receive) to see that people were protesting the killing of this gorilla. While I agree, this animal was a beautiful animal who was also caught in a situation he didn't cause…the life of a toddler was in the balance. A rational person could not watch the video footage of the child being drug by the gorilla through water and not think that the child was in eminent danger.

However, this is what animal activists and anti-hunters do…they believe the life of an animal is more important than that of a human being.

My question…could ANY of these protesters sit by and watch their own baby in the same situation and think, “This is all fine.”? Doubt it. This is, unfortunately, a sad twist on society. It is one I cannot understand and it is downright scary. It means this, the very core of our society is rotting away and the value of life is diminished.

My mind then wandered to the parents who apparently didn't notice the toddler missing or climbing into an area he most definitely should not have been. Accidents happen and I am certain the child's mother did not wake up that morning thinking, “I think I will let little Billy jump into a gorilla enclosure today.” I can imagine neither her fear nor her guilt. For those of us who have raised children, they are miniature Houdinis. They just are. Turn your back one minute and the wall is covered with crayon or one sibling has cut the others hair. (Both true in my house)

While blame of this incident ultimately lies on the shoulders of the parents, this turned out to be a tragic incident and I am certain they are reliving this constantly. This seems to be punishment enough in my opinion. Apparently I was wrong.

As they days ticked by I was shocked to find out just how extensive hate runs in this society. I started seeing comments directed to the mother of the child. Here you go…Internet Mob Justice.

“that animal is more important than your s–kid” “u should've been shot” “you're a really bad mother and a f-ing killer”

Want to see it turn racial? Well it did… the internet came alive with comments about how the gorilla was black, unarmed and 17. People began citing that the gorilla was killed to spare white privilege.

Internet mob justice. It took no time for internet users to blast their opinions, set up petitions, threaten the mother of this child and become experts on parenting. I watched this unfold for a while but couldn't help feeling a sense of frustration and sadness.

There is something deeper and more fundamental at work here. The internet, while being a great tool, is also reshaping our society. Anonymity makes people bold. It takes very little to spark the internet outrage machine and what follows is a mob vengeance mentality.

According to Max Fisher, “The internet mob determines the severity of a crime based on subjective factors, such as how unlikable they find the alleged criminal to be, how likable they find the victim and the degree to which the alleged crime fits into their preconceived beliefs. You'll notice that most of these trace back not to the crime's impact on society, but rather the degree to which punishing the crime will feel good for the punishers.”

Unfortunately, the punishers often are incapable of seeing varying opinions and facts that differ from their own. This is purely irresponsible and downright dangerous.


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    1. IF children are so important why do you americans like killing children in afganistan, iraq, syria, libiya, sudan, ect,ect.

      1. Most likely those kids will be raised to hate us, and therefore trained to kill us. I say turn ALL those sick bastards to glass! Heat em up!! Quick and hot!!

        As Steve McGarrett used to say, Fuck ’em Danno!

    2. If that little kid could find a way into the “lion’s den” who is actually at fault here. I proclaim thew Zoo has the ultimate responsibility for making sure NO ONE can get near these animals because they will always be wild, dangerous animals.
      If it was necessary to put the animal down in order to save the child’s life, then so be it. I still think the negligent verdict lies in the lap of the ZOO but going after the mother is a good way to get the heat off the zoo.

    3. “However, this is what animal activists and anti-hunters do…they believe the life of an animal is more important than that of a human being.” Yet, thousand of lives are aborted on a daily basis and the Left liberals remain silent.

    4. A symptom of our times.
      The divisions foisted on us by those seeking power through division.
      Still, I’m not all that convinced that there would not have been the same heartfelt reactions
      if this had happened in the mid 1950s.
      Gorillas are not Human, after all. As to them being dumb animals, well, no,…. Adult Gorillas
      have near human intelligence. In a way, you could say that they’re actually smarter than us.
      It would never occur to a Gorilla that building a Hydrogen Bomb was a good idea.
      The real fault here is the fact that the Zoo provided just one option in the emergency
      situation which happened. The only option planned was the use of deadly force.
      When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail.
      Perhaps those of us who regularly conceal carry for self defense should take this
      opportunity to consider our options when confronted with a potentially dangerous
      I’ve had a lot of advanced training in self defense with firearms, and one of the
      most important things I learned was that having to shoot someone is the very
      last thing that I ever want to be forced into doing.
      “It’s a terrible thing to kill a man. To take away everything he was, or ever will be”, Movie/ The Unforgiven.

    5. So the stupid little kid holding the sign….if HE was in the gorilla’s cage, THAT mother would be going ballistic to kill the gorilla. WHAT A TWIT !!

      Such STUPID people in this world…..and they vote, and they procreate….what a shame for the rest of us….

    6. what is going on is the visible manifestation of a trend I’ve been noticing the past ten, maybe fifteen years. When this nation started out, the government was designed for an upright and moral people (moral, as in, living by the principles of right and wrong as found in the Jewish/Christian scriptures), which people would then take the responsibility upon themselves to tell government how to serve them. Remember, government of, by, and for, the PEOPLE? that old saw?

      Well, things have changed over the past couple of generations. No longer are the people upright and moral as a whole, and no longer do those people tell government how to manage. No, morality has been tossed out into the rubbish tip of history, and government have now become a monster dictator that tells US how WE must live. And so the people have become imitators of that out of control government, which micromanages every aspect of our lives… to the point government tell us what kinds of lightbulbs, toilets, sprinklers, washing machines, clothing, foods, tools, we can buy and use, they mandate the unneeded features (most with no benefit) our cars MUST have, the kinds of seats our kids MUST ride in, how big bicycles can be, and government have deployed myriad means of observing, watching, recording, cataloguing, tracking, monitoring, recording, everything we do….. such a nannified state will, of course, result in far too many individuals criticising, demanding someone ELSE’s head on a platter, making life decisions for all but themselves, armchair quarterbacking every situation that comes up… I’d like to see these same protestors stand in the shoes of that Ferguson cop who had just been assaulted, and victim of a murder attempt, by that angelic choirboy Michael Brown, the same who moments before had applied vigourous violence to the cop in hopes of stealing the cop’s duty weapon in order to kill him with it…. and at the point the officer began firing was in a hard fast charge to apparently knock down the cop….. yeah, you gorilla advocates try standing in the shoes of that cop at that moment, now listen to a million others who don’t stand in those shoes tell you to drop the gun, reach out your right hand, and offer a handshake of peace to Michael Brown…. of COURSE he’ll stop in an instant.. he’s got Nikes on, for gosh sakes, and can stop instantly….. he’d NEVER harm you…..

      reality has a way of refusing to cooperate with our colour glossy dream photographs of “how it sposed ta be”. Pity, that….

      1. Herbert Spencer said: Allow government the power to foolproof society and you’ll raise a society of fools…

    7. Bad parenting is bad parenting, regardless if the author wants to excuse it or not. Maybe it’s fine if you are home and your turn you back on little Johnny and he’s armed himself with a crayon and is attacking the wall. It’s a known and controlled environment, so potential threats have been minimized. But at a zoo teeming with strangers, you have no excuse for not watching your child like a hawk. Everything and everybody is a potential threat to your child’s safety. The zoo had to do the right thing, as humans come ahead of animal slaves, PERIOD! Blame the parents for the death of the gorilla. I’m waiting to hear that classic “I only looked away for a second” waiver of responsibility from her too.

    8. I wonder if the Protestors would change their mind if we put them in the Gorilla enclosure…..

    9. Harambe is the new “Cecil the Lion”; something to distract from the many actual problems our leftist leadership has caused/is causing to the nation.

    10. The parents are responsible for the behavior of their children. Obviously, the child was use to not obeying directions form its parent.
      To many parents are raising little spoiled animals that only care aboput their wants and desires.
      The parents should be charged with child endangerment and accessories to killing of the gorilla.
      Because of parents not parenting a beautiful animal was destroyed

    11. Shoot the gorrila yes press charges on the child’s parents for failing to properly supervise their child also.

    12. WHOA!!! All of your comments are wrong. Each and everyone of these protestors are loved by Silverback gorillas. They are so loved that i am sure each of them will happily get into an enclosure with an agitated male gorilla. I know their love will stand them when he grabs them by a leg or arm and drags them behind him. Of course they will be shouting out to not harm the gorilla.

    13. Bet if the mom in the pictures had her kid fall in she would be saying shoot shoot!!!! I’m sorry the gorilla had to be shot, but humans come first!

    14. The outcome of this situation was clearly a hysterical reaction by the zoo to avoid a possible lawsuit. The video does not show any aggressive tendencies by the animal so there were other options that could have been tried at first with a rifleman as backup. BTW, I am not a bleeding heart as I have put down a fair number of animals

      1. You know Saddletramp, I kind of agree with you gorillas are so scarce and valuable. People we have lots of, and they are therefore … well I won’t go there. The kid is going to die someday, like the rest of us, maybe it just should have been his turn. Maybe the kid’s mother needs some child care classes. Maybe the kid’s mother is one of those “nature is gentle and kind” liberal idiots that will program the kid to think the same. I am not a bleeding heart either, I have put down a couple of humans (pursuant to my job description at that time), but when you weigh the monetary value balance…

    15. This is sad. Just think these people cast a vote as well and we wonder what is wrongit todays society

    16. Gorilla would have died one day like the rest of us. He was just helped along early by a string of events. Some of those protesters are crazy.
      If these people only would complain about property taxes and a lifetime of school tax for 13 years of education. And the abolishment of the the Bill of Rights.

        1. What????
          Nowadays, criminals have more rights than their victims! They spend years and millions of tax dollars fighting a fight that they cannot (should not!) win. They have a better quality of life in prison than they do on the street. That is why there are so many repeat offenders.
          One day, if we ever decide to make prison the LEAST appealing option, we may see some crime start to fall off. The old bread and water days are what we need. They (prisoners) need to be up at 4 am and work to sunset 6 days a week. No B ball, weight room, pool rooms…no recreation at all. They will have Sunday to rest. And they’ll want it too! Back to work Monday at 4 am. If we did that, across the nation, these scumbags might just consider getting an honest job and leaving good people alone.
          Okay, I just woke up….
          What was all that…

          1. And don’t forget the medical care, Cea! Prisoners/convicts/inmates/clients get better and free medical care than we do. Cardiac care, heart replacement ahead of the general civil population, and even sex change operations! Paid for by the taxpayer.

          2. like Sheriff Joe in Arizona did, with the inmates eating plain food, living in tents, wearing pink jumpsuits, and doing hard physical labour all day? And no TV, comix, video games, free university correspondence courses….

            In less than a year of that as standard protocol, guess what happened. His volume of “customers” fell to a small fraction of what it was when he began that programme. Prison became the least acceptible response of society to their misdeeds. Oh, and he saved his cunty millions, both in per prisoner costs for incarceration, and in raw numbers of prisoners to house.

            And Sheirff Joe is hated even today by the libbies who want criminals coddled and waited upon and favoured as “special”. Joe treated them real “special” allright, but not the kind of “special” they wanted.

        2. @Tom, brother I don’t think that Eric was advocating abolishon of our Bill of Rights. It is just that Eric’s last sentence is not a sentence, thus the confusion. I think what Eric meant to write is something like: If these people only would complain about property taxes; complain about a lifetime of school tax for 13 years of education; and complain about the continuing erosion of our Bill of Rights, then they might be justified in their protests.

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