LaPierre Mourns Loss of Former NRA Board Member Joaquin Jackson

Legendary Texas Ranger “American hero in the truest sense,” says Wayne LaPierre

National Rifle Association
National Rifle Association

Fairfax, VA -( The five million members of the National Rifle Association of America today mourn the loss of former NRA board member Joaquin Jackson, as NRA executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre paid tribute to the legendary Texas Ranger and Second Amendment advocate.

“Joaquin Jackson was an American hero in the truest sense,” LaPierre said. “His twenty-seven years as a Texas Ranger was the stuff of legends, the heroic tales of books and movies and campfires. He loved the people he served, loved Texas and America, loved and adored his wife and family.”

LaPierre said Jackson served the NRA board with great distinction.

“Joaquin believed in the Second Amendment with all his heart and was a great friend to gun owners in his service to the NRA. I knew I could always count on his personal support and friendship.”

“The NRA has lost a valued director, a trusted member of the NRA family,” LaPierre continued. “America has lost a legendary lawman. I have lost one of my heroes.”

LaPierre was reminded of a conversation he once had with Jackson.

“I once asked Joaquin how he would like to be remembered,” LaPierre recalled. “I’ll never forget what he told me. He said, ‘Wayne, I’d like to be remembered as a good hand, a Texas Ranger, a lawman that made Texas safe for decent people.’ That’s how I’ll always remember my friend, Joaquin Jackson.”

About the National Rifle Association:

Established in 1871, the National Rifle Association is America’s oldest civil rights and sportsmen’s group. Five million members strong, NRA continues its mission to uphold Second Amendment rights and is the leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners, law enforcement and the military.

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  • 38 thoughts on “LaPierre Mourns Loss of Former NRA Board Member Joaquin Jackson

    1. You know,I been thinking about getting a 90 RD. drum mag. for a long time. They even got em for my Ruger mini14 too ! This might be a great time to bust a move on that !

      1. Melanie,OK I heard him JJ say ‘he thought’ there should be a five round max.magizine capacity. That was his opinion and I disagree ! His opinion on that matter carries no more/no less weight than mine does. If you support the 2A you can’t be selective and agree with that,but not with this. That video proved nothing about the claims you have made,nothing ! I wish I wouldn’t had called you a B’ch,but you are being less than truthful and you know it !

        1. All I know is what he told me. It was for the safety of peace officer’s and first responders.

          It was all different weapons and technology when he was working in Uvalde. Riding horseback or walking to track down the culprit.

          We talked every day for months and months after Miss Shirley died. About a lot of things. There wasn’t anything we couldn’t say to each other. We had been pals for just shy of 45 years. And I was friends with Ms. Shirley.

          And as I’ve said somewhere else, if he changed his mind he didn’t tell me. If you have proof he did, I’d certainly be willing to accept that proof.

          1. We are an eclectic and forgiving group. Just for the sake of the debate, we will presume that you have reflected his beliefs accurately and truthfully, subject to the limits of this conversation. I put it to you that times have changed. Government has changed, and firefights have changed. The federal Government no longer has an interest in protecting the public, especially if you are white. Law Enforcement is all about opportunities for the various (Federal through city) governments to control people and gather revenue. The federal government agency that I am most familiar with requires its special agents to carry seven magazines of 12 rounds each and one round in the chamber. That is eighty-five rounds. If the federal government thinks that eighty-five rounds is the basic load, then we should be thinking along the same lines.

            1. Wild Bill,

              I’m going to assume that you do not include Joaquin Jackson in the corruption you mention.

              He was a fine man.

              You guys said some pretty horrible things to me before you did any research. And Tex has regrets for calling me a bitch, but not one person has apologized for calling me a liar. Even after you all saw the footage.

              In case anyone is interested in the life story of Joaquin Jackson, then you should pick up a copy of his books. ONE RANGER is the first one and that’s where I’d start. ONE RANGER RETURNS is his last book.

      1. Only anti-Second Amendment Civil Rights advocates use the fake terminology “assault weapon” because there is no such thing. It is just a perjury used in propaganda. I don’t need to research you. I can tell just from your writing that you know nothing of Civil Rights or you are an intentional deceiver. And I can tell from your writing that you know nothing about firearms or you are an intentional deceiver. The question that remains is “Do you truthfully convey Mr. Jackson,s beliefs about Second Amendment Civil Rights or are you an intentional deceiver?”

        1. No, I’m for 2A and am fully armed with my family guns for hunting and a few pistols. Hunted all my life and am a pretty decent shot. Went hunting with Ranger Jackson many times in Uvalde at Sheriff Beaumont Watkins ranch.

          As a peace officer all his life, Joaquin told me that he thought the weapons used by the military for rapid fire of killing massive people, should be used for by military and uniformed officer’s hired and trained to use them. I don’t know what they’re called by either the right or the left.

          If he changed his opinion on this, subject I was not aware. I spent some time with Joaquin and Miss Shirley about the time he recorded that piece for TX Monthly.

    2. AR15’s have never been assault rifles. Ballistically my Ruger Mini14 does everything my AR15’s do ! Actually the Ruger is a lot more accurate too ! The liberals biggest problem is that people don’t believe their lies anymore and they know it !

    3. You may view Joaquin discussing this with TEXAS MONTHLY magazine on YouTube.

      NRA Board Member Joaquin Jackson

    4. I knew Joaquin for over 30 years. We used to shoot tin cans with AR15’s before the price of ammo went through the roof. I never heard him say what Melanie quoted him as saying, and in fact, I never heard him mention her. This sounds more like Hillary mouth piece talk to me…..

      1. Ernest, I’ve known Joaquin and Miss Shirley and the boys since 1972. I spent lots of nights and Christmas with them many times in Uvalde. We were friends til the end. Were supposed to go to Rockport the weekend he got the bad news at MD Anderson. He had his pal, Bobby, that was with him call me as they were leaving Houston.

        He would kick all of your asses for being mean to me, no gun needed. I’ve seen him whip ass with his bare hands. And I can hear his Jack Daniels Black and cig laugh right now….as I’m sure you can too!

    5. Joaquin Jackson did NOT support civilians owning assault weapons, even though it is not the belief of the NRA. Joaquin knew that ASSAULT WEAPONS put all peace officers and civilians at risk of mass killing of people.

      That is what Joaquin told me.

          1. Any time someone decides that they can determine what the people should have and shouldn’t have, even though the people have a Constitutional right to the thing, it is a giant step towards a police state.
            There is no such thing as an assault weapon, Melanie. You may be thinking of the modern sporting rifle, which is just another kind of rifle. If Joaquin did not support civilians owning some kind of rifle, then Joaquin did not support the peoples’ Second Amendment Civil Rights. Only an elitist would presume to know what we civilians should have and what we civilians should not have.
            A hammer, baseball bat, or swimming pool are statistically more dangerous to law enforcement officers than firearms. I suppose that Joaquin did not support civilian ownership of modern sporting automobiles, either.

          2. Police state a political division where in sovereignty resides in the government, and that government has all the rights, powers, and authorities, (e.g. “The state, the state, nothing but the state.” Benito Mussolini)

      1. There is no such thing as an assault weapon. You might be talking about the modern sporting rife design, but that is still just a rifle. A rifle is still just a tool. It can be used for good or evil. I can be just as much a threat to a law enforcement officer with my claw hammer as with my rifle. I can create as big a body count at a dance club and bar with a single gallon of gasoline as with a modern sporting rifle.
        If Joaquin did not support civilian ownership of modern sporting rifles, then he did not support our Second Amendment Civil Rights. Maybe Joaquin did not support of civilian ownership of modern sporting automobiles either. I have little time for elitists that do not support our civil Rights as enumerated in the Constitution of the United States.

      2. There is no such thing as an assault weapon, Melanie. You may be thinking of the modern sporting rifle, which is just another kind of rifle. If Joaquin did not support civilians owning some kind of rifle, then Joaquin did not support the peoples’ Second Amendment Civil Rights. Only an elitist would presume to know what we civilians should have and what we civilians should not have.
        A hammer, baseball bat, or swimming pool are statistically more dangerous to law enforcement officers than firearms. I suppose that Joaquin did not support civilian ownership of modern sporting automobiles, either.

      3. I don’t believe you Melanie. How could Texas Ranger and NRA board member not believe in our Second Amendment Civil Rights? Who are you that Joaquin would have told you what you claim? How did you know him?

        1. I’m with you Wild Bill. I’d have a hard time believing that if Joaquin believed what Melanie stated, Wayne would have such a high opinion of him. Anyone can say that they know someone, or that they were told something by someone. Some facts would be nice.

          1. She is out there watching the replies because she responded to one already. If she does not provide further supporting info then our suspicions will be confirmed.

            1. Wild Bill,

              I didn’t say Joaquin didn’t believe in Second Amendment Civil Rights. I said he didn’t believe in ASSAULT WEAPONS in the hands of civilians.

              And I provided YouTube footage of Joaquin in another post.

      4. According to Jim Wilson in a recent article, Joaquin was misquoted and mislead by a reporter once. Sort of like Couric’s recent hack job on guns. Jim is a retired lawman and former Sheriff that work several cases with Joaquin during their careers, then both retired in the same west Texas town.

      5. What is your point in all of this, that you think weapons should be banned? That magazines should be banned? You bring up something he said 25 years ago to a reporter? Why would someone who says she was so close to Joaquin even try to cause controversy on his name on the day he died? What is your point , “girl”. I believe you are a fake and you are nothing more than a liberal trying to get mileage on Joaquin’s good name. Why else would you do that? You are trying to get political mileage out of a dead man’s words, now that he’s gone. You should be ashamed of yourself if you truly were his confidant, because you truly weren’t his friend!

      6. Joaquin was exactly one man, quite possibly a very good man, but he was not the Supreme Court of the United States.

        “Assault weapons” are the standard military issue to the infantry of virtually every nation on earth … most pertinently, this one. While the NFA of 1934 bars their civilian ownership, the Supreme Court made that (common military use) the standard by which a firearm was to be considered lawful or not in the 1934 Miller decision.

        The matter was actually settled law in the Miller decision and SCOTUS has already ruled in favor of civilians owning fully automatic assault weapons. All law opposing such (the tax stamp is illegal because the BATFE refuses to actually collect the tax and thus blocks the legal ownership of a fully automatic / select fire firearm) is unconstitutional.

      7. I agree, but a AR rifle is not a assault rifle anymore than a assault golf club.

      8. I was with Joaquin when he died. My bother-in -law Lance Jackson, Wayne La Pierre, and many law enforcement officicials buried him today. Melanie, you state that Joaquin told you he was against civillians owning assault rifles. When and where? Melanie I also know Bobby Haasselocher. I will see Bobby tonight. If your story does not pan out, you will get your chance in court to further explain yourself. If you are trying to push your political agenda on the death of Joaquin, I will personally see to it that you suffer through litigation. Attorney up.
        Jack Mayfield

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