Live: Online Hub for Western Pushback Against State Takeover of America’s Public Land

One-stop shop for statements of opposition from local leaders in nine Western states and the seminal petition against public land transfer, with more than 28,000 signatures

Public Lands
Public Lands
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

Washington, DC -(, the online hub where hunters and anglers can take action against the transfer or sale of federal public lands to individual states, has been updated with new resources on the would-be impacts of transfer and highlights meaningful opposition to this idea that has sprung up across nine Western states.

The homepage now leads off with the Sportsmen’s Access petition and a new video, narrated by hunting TV host and public lands evangelist Randy Newberg, which scrubs out the myths about proposed state management of public lands.

“It doesn’t matter how many promises are made, the financial realities would force states to sell off our public lands,” says Newberg. “There goes access to hunting, fishing, camping, and our way of life.”

Sportsmen, Westerners, and the media will also find the real facts on what state takeover of public lands would look like in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming. Each state page contains a link to download a fact sheet, plus an exhaustive list of public statements of opposition from elected officials, local leaders, and the 115 organizations that stand with sportsmen. An infographic about the threats to multiple use of our public lands, a mandate that keeps fish and wildlife on the landscape, is also available for download.

This week, the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership will deliver the Sportsmen’s Access petition, which recently broke 28,000 signatures, to surrogates representing presidential candidates Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton at a media event in Fort Collins, Colo. As part of a forum with journalists covering hunting, fishing, and the environment, Donald Trump, Jr., will talk about his father’s conservation priorities, and Congressman Mike Thompson (D-Calif.) will address Clinton’s policy goals for issues important to sportsmen.

“America’s hunters and anglers need more champions in Washington and statehouses across the country—lawmakers who understand that access to public lands where fish and wildlife can thrive is fundamental to our sports, our heritage, and the outdoor recreation businesses that create jobs and prosperity in local communities,” says Whit Fosburgh, president and CEO of the TRCP. “But, beyond that, we need our elected officials to recognize that sportsmen see state takeover of our national public lands, and our inevitable loss of access, as a cold-dead-hands issue. This stack of pages containing the names of 28,000 Americans opposed to this bad idea should serve as a visual reminder.”

A diverse coalition of sportsmen’s groups and outdoor brands have rallied against the transfer or sale of public lands since January 2015, and public outcry has grown since the takeover of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon earlier this year. State legislatures in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming rejected land grab proposals in 2016, yet the House Natural Resources Committee, in a move that was out of touch with Westerners and sportsmen, voted last week to advance two bills on land transfer to the House floor.

To learn more about the latest movement on these and other bills that threaten access for hunting and fishing, visit

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Inspired by the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt, the TRCP is a coalition of organizations and grassroots partners working together to preserve the traditions of hunting and fishing. Ensuring sportsmen’s access to quality fish and wildlife habitat safeguards the $646-billion contribution that sportsmen make to the American economy.

About Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership:

Inspired by the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt, the TRCP is a coalition of organizations and grassroots partners working together to preserve the traditions of hunting and fishing. Ensuring sportsmen’s access to quality fish and wildlife habitat safeguards the $646-billion contribution that sportsmen make to the American economy.

For more information on the TRCP, please visit our website at

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Wild Bill

I hope that I am wrong, but I think that it is just a matter of time before all the land falls into the hands of the wealthiest, whom ever that may be. Probably Corporations. Will that acquisition take longer if the Federal government controls the land or will it take longer if the usual corrupt politicians from the various State governments control the land? As it is now, the BLM, the US Forest Service, the US Park Service and the other bureaucracies are really good at keeping the people out, so that vast fields of marijuana can be fertilized… Read more »


federal government cannot constitutionally own large tracts of land anyhow.

JR Bailey

News flash people: public lands are owned by the states not the federal government! The Constitution does not, I repeat not, allow the federal government to own any land except DC. Public lands are owned by the public in each state. New Yorkers on the public land in New York state, they do not own a single inch of public land in Wyoming! When New Yorkers come to Wyoming, they can have access to public lands, but they don’t have any say in how those public lands are administered! I am utterly amazed at the abject hypocrisy of the people… Read more »

Jim hammett

The only problem with your post is that many courts, including the US Supreme Court have rejected this argument time and time again. I suggest you educate yourself about this, because you are showing your total ignorance of the Constitution and the court decisions that have

JR Bailey

Jim Hammett, No Cupie doll for you concerning your reply: the ignorance is yours on this issue not mine. The history of US court rulings, including SCOTUS, have Illustrated both the lack of humanity in those rulings and a serious departure from the writings, speeches, and public deliberations of the founders and the doctrines which have made America great. Lower court rulings and Supreme Court rulings once established that slavery was legal, that black Americans were not actually human beings and were not entitled to constitutional protections: rather they could be bought and sold like horses, cows, chickens, etc. Since… Read more »

Larry R

It is my understanding that the reason there is so much federal government controlled “public” land in the mountain states is that, upon a achieving statehood, the states were offered the land to administer and grant as homesteads to attract settlers from the east. Because most of the land is desert and unsuitable for agriculture, few people were interested in moving there. The states deemed that they did not have the financial nor administrative means to administer lands on which they could not attract enough people to make it worthwhile. Therefore they told the Feds to keep it. Now the… Read more »

Grey Beard

There are far too many thieves in office in the several States to trust them with Ownership of OUR public lands. We really need a new way to administer these public lands with input from local politicians, federal administrators, and Local Sportsmen – NO enviros need apply!!

Old Marine

Remember that Public Land, means what it says. The land is OWNED by the public and any organization controlling the land is ONLY a Custodian of the land. Any sale or changes to policy must be approved by the owners. Any action contrary is a criminal act. Any court will uphold the owners rights. All it takes to stop any illegal action is to File charges against the agency assigned to manage the Public Land, especially the person in charge of said organization. Public Land is the same as any other land and is controlled by man made laws and… Read more »