Mac Arms Announces Exclusive Gun Display Cabinet Product Line

Mac Arms Custom Display Case
Mac Arms Custom Display Case
Mac Arms
Mac Arms

Surprise, AZ – -( Guns? Who doesn’t like guns? Most of us are exposed to some form of guns in our lives.

They are everywhere in our entertainment, sometimes we catch a glimpse of them out in society, and they’re in our news. Like it or not, it is also a large part of our American history.

Surprise? Yes, there actually is a place out there in the old western town of Arizona named Surprise. In this town of 100,000 people, a firearms business named ‘Mac Arms LLC’ announces a new line of exclusive gun display cabinets.

Targeted at the historical aspect that firearms can have, from international inventors to many different types of features, some cases also include a famous side with a hanging signed photo re-print of an entertainment venue, such as the popular series ‘The Walking Dead.’

“We hope this product line will encourage people to have a better understanding and appreciation for some of the history of where, how, and why firearms developed,” said Tom Macarle, the C.E.O. of Mac Arms LLC.

Of the pre-designed cabinets offered currently with accentuating coins and other collectible memorabilia, there is a myriad of customization that Mac Arms LLC provides to their customers, from re-arranging the signs and direction of the firearm, to writing your own passages to include in the cabinets to display.

Mac Arms Custom Walking Dead Display Case
Mac Arms Custom Walking Dead Display Case

Mac Arms LLC expects these products will intrigue an appreciation for the history of firearms by not only gun owners and collectors, but even non-gun owners by presenting a unique piece of historical decor for the home, business, or corporate building. Cabinets are offered with or without firearms, and many different options are available such as wood color, positions, remote lighting, and backing color. The cabinets feature a 98% UV protected front acrylic plexiglas front and is lockable with two keys provided. It also includes all hardware to hang on the wall, and firearm(s) when available.

For those worried about safety, most firearms can be easily rendered useless by removing a firing pin, or spring device, which Mac Arms LLC will provide free of charge if firearms are puchased.

About Mac Arms LLC

Mac Arms LLC first formed in 2011 as a refinisher of old world war II rifles and has since then built a small shop for local pickup of products. Currently stocking over 400 products and offering over 50,000, Mac Arms LLC continues to grow. Running a stylish online e-commerce web-store that boasts ‘real’ photos of products instead of just an all computer graphic site, Mac Arms LLC also competes aggressively with pricing. Mac Arms LLC strives to continue to grow and with this new product line aims to put more products in the visibility of its customers instead of locked away somewhere out of sight. “How can you appreciate it, if you it locked away somewhere that no one can see it?”


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