The New Trident .308 Round from G2 Research

Trident .308 Win by G2 Research
Trident .308 Win by G2 Research
G2 Research
G2 Research

USA-( Take the inherently accurate .308, charge it with a great all-weather load, quality brass, then it top off with a G2 Research precision CNC 150-grain solid copper rapid expansion Trident bullet that opens up to an inch in diameter, and at realistic hunting distances* you’ll get fast, humane killing results without the meat-destroying hydrostatic (gelatinous) shock you get from an over-done magnum through and through bullet.

With tested penetration of 17 to 20+ inches, the .308 Trident will easily get to the vitals of any big game in North America, and the killing power is enhanced by the incredible expansion it delivers with its three cutting copper petals.

At 2,690 FPS, the G2 Research 150-grain CNC precision-made Trident bullet will get there soon enough and it is also suppressor-safe.

MSRP $56.99 for a box of 20.

For what it is worth stuff*:

  • Our PR firm is made up of experienced shooters. We consider a realistic distance for a hunter (average human being without specialized advanced competition or sniper training) relying on a single humane killing hit to be well under 500 yards.
  • Did you know? The .308 Winchester round in today’s magnum world is seen as underpowered by many. Is it really? A .308 Winchester at 500 yards develops a bit more energy and velocity than a hot 180-grain.44 Magnum pistol round does at one inch!
  • Nowadays, ammunition costs a lot, regardless of brand and type, but even the highest-priced ammunition (and maybe the beer) is still the cheapest part of any hunting trip… just sayin’.

G2 Research, Inc.
P.O. Box 526
Winder, Ga

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JR Bailey

I’m interested in the round particularly because of the results! However they are comparison between the results of their 308 round and a 44 magnum at 1 inch is comparing apples to oranges. Further, being the former owner of a splendid 700 Remington BDL, I can tell you that comparing Apples to Apples, that is to say kinetic energy, my 700 Remington chambered in 338 RUM produced 2025 foot pounds of energy at 500 yards!! What this means in real terms, is that the 338 RUM pushing a 250 grain Swift A-Frame bullet ( Remington’s version of a Nosler partition),… Read more »