NJ2AS President Roubian Assaulted by Congresswoman’s Chief of Staff. Charges Pending

NJ2AS President Alexander Roubian Assaulted by Congresswoman's Chief of Staff. Charges to be Filed
NJ2AS President Alexander Roubian Assaulted by Congresswoman's Chief of Staff. Charges to be Filed

New Jersey Second Amendment Society

West Orange, New Jersey –  -(Ammoland.com)- While attending Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman's Gun Violence Prevention Roundtable on June 29, 2016, New Jersey Second Amendment Society President, Alexander Roubian, peacefully attempted to ask why she would be advocating for stricter sentencing and laws for firearms while at the same time her sons served a fraction of their sentence for armed robbery.

In March of 2000, possessing automatic firearms and “high capacity” magazines (during the peak of the federal assault weapon ban), Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman's sons stormed a local Kids “R” Us and stole $1,800 while terrorizing the employees.

Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman
Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman

The Congresswoman at the time was a state legislator and responded to this incident by trying to abuse her power and have the laws changed to release her sons early.

To make matters worse she also spearheaded and sponsored laws that would prohibit employers from asking if an applicant was ever arrested.

While attempting to ask the question the Congresswoman interjected and became belligerent towards Alexander Roubian and demanded that he was kicked out. Alexander Roubian was immediately surrounded by several men and in an aggressive and intimidating manner demanded he leave.

Alexander Roubian was leaving the facility and while approaching the stairway by the exit the Congresswoman's Chief of Staff, James Gee, approached him from behind, grabbed his arm, and forcefully pushed him up the stairs.

Another staffer can be heard screaming to “let him go.”

An article about the incident can be read here: http://www.trentonian.com/article/TT/20160629/NEWS/160629724

Alexander Roubian stated: “I was scared for my life. I was suppose to be attending an event which advocated peace, in a church, while surrounded by signs to “Disarm Hate”  until I asked a question that they disagreed with.”

Alexander Roubian suffered bruising on his arm and was also very shaken up after the incident. Accompanied with his attorney, Jef Henninger,  He will be going to the Trenton Police Department at 2:30PM, June 30, 2016, to file charges.


New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit: www.nj2as.com

  • 27 thoughts on “NJ2AS President Roubian Assaulted by Congresswoman’s Chief of Staff. Charges Pending

    1. I wonder if this idiot ran for political office just so she could try and pass laws to protect the felons she raised as sons. Guess mama taught them how to be criminals. Does she have any daughters and are they hookers? Sounds like a good (felon) DEMOCRAT FAMILY. Now all they need is their own parole officer.

    2. Amazing!!! She can’t see the hypocrisy in what she did for her sons after their heinous crime while saying we need tougher gun laws. She can’t see the hypocrisy of violating the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens, their second amendment, their freedom of speech; and, if you disagree and ask an honest question, here comes the muscle. She is illogical in thought, hypocritical in behavior, and elitist in practice. Can you imagine if it was an NRA meeting, and a member would have intimidated and grabbed a decenter by the arm and escorted them out on camera. Alexander, I hope you use the law to it’s fullest extent and legal intention.

    3. Another reason not to have Christie in National Office.We need to bring to light all anti-2A actions and NJ is an anti-2A State.

    4. Boy, dat is da Thug Mama if I ever seen one … sad dis is da best y’all cun do in Middlesex County

      1. These barbarians eat their young, don’t they? Maybe we could donate New Jersey to Kenya…

    5. Why would the electorate in the district keep a corrupt hypocrite like that in Trenton?

    6. This type of crap is why I am happy I left NJ, the politicians in the state are strictly concerned with removing the rights of the people and enriching themselves financially at our expense. I just don’t understand why people keep electing these libtards as they have over time proven over and over again that they just ruin all they touch.

    7. Be prepared for what is coming. Take back your country or have people like this tell you what you should do and think or you will be in jail and the criminals will be free. Stand up for yourself and your family. Stop tolerating their lies and deceit. The time is now! VOTE!!!!!!

    8. Stalin would be proud. / DENOUNCE that person who questions the ‘ New Jerzeyy … Collective ” — NJSP will always follow … ZEE OrderZ …… Mein Fuheer ‘ — NJSP .. actually dress like NAZI’s …. ever notice THAT ? Uniforms created by Mr. Old man Shwartzkopff , Stormin gulf war Normans Father. The links to Lindberg are …. unique .

      New Jersey is a Hive of Scum and Villany !!

      1. This Congresswoman has no place representing the citizens of her district and should step down for that behavior, or Christie should bitch slap her ass ..Oh wait!! she’s black and a congresswoman forget it.
        I always called NJ the Nazi State. I was born and lived there for many years, jump thru many hoops to own a firearm that I could only keep in my house for personal protection. However when I walked outside of my house to my car I had no self protection from the scum. Conceal carry is not available to a law bidding resident of NJ. Retired cops no problem. Me S-O-L. Say if I shot a perpetrator breaking into my home through a window or door and I wounded or killed him or her and the POS fell outside of my house I better drag them into my house before the law arrived. The criminal has more rights than a peaceful home owner would.
        Today I been living in FL I have a conceal carry permit. I DON”T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT.

        1. While the actions of this elected official are deplorable, it really falls on the shoulders of the constituents who allow her to remain in office and in fact to advance to higher office since 2000.

          You don’t blame the lion for biting the guy who sticks his hand in the cage, and you can’t blame a leftist commie for abusing power and lying. It’s in their nature. What you can do is stop electing them. And if you are outnumbered by drooling morons and can’t vote them out, vote with your feet and MOVE.

          Conservatives who stay in these liberal run hellholes like NJ, MA, CA, NY and continue to whine and complain are just pathetic. You pay taxes in that state, so you are supporting these leeches. You want things to change? Stop supporting them. If all the conservatives abandoned these leftists cesspools and reinforced good states the leftists are trying to assimilate we could all laugh as they sink in their own mess.

        2. There is no difference in California. You disagree with the liberals and they wil do whatever to have you silenced. My Dad died for this Country and I served as well. I thought this was a free country? I guess I am showing my ignorance. It’s only free for those with money, power and politicians. They do whatever they wish day after day. If you or I did anything remotely close, our family and friends would never hear from us again. It is time for WE THE PEOPLE TO TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK. This is exactly what the Founding Fathers talked about when preparing and executing the Constitution and it’s Amendments. We need to get together as one people and end the tyranny now.

      2. Why get upset? We should expect nothing less from “These People”. There are good decent ladies and gentlemen of color…….and,then, we have the jitterbugs….hey bonnie baby?

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