No Fly List Does Not Equal No Rights List

FPC Releases Statement on Proposed “No-Fly” and “Terror Watch-List” Laws

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Firearms Policy Coalition
Firearms Policy Coalition

Sacramento, CA -( In response to renewed calls for a ban on firearms by persons on the federal government’s secret “no-fly” and “terror watch-lists,” Firearms Policy Coalition President Brandon Combs released the following statement:

No person that participates in terrorism should be allowed to acquire or possess firearms. And no one that is provably planning to commit a crime or heinous act like the tragedy in Orlando, Florida should be free to walk our streets. Terrorists and violent criminals should be arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned — or immediately deported, if they are in the United States by permission.

However, if a person is free enough to walk our streets, they should not be denied fundamental human rights due to their potentially erroneous presence on secret government lists.

Someone who is dangerous enough to be denied access to firearms because of alleged ties to terrorism should be arrested and prosecuted, not simply turned away at the gun store counter. As we’ve seen throughout history, people committed to doing evil will find an alternative means to carrying out a deadly attack.

Our Founders rightly enshrined a system of justice where the people of the United States are presumed to be innocent until they are proven guilty of a crime. We must ensure that adequate due process exists in any regulatory system so that people have the opportunity to defend their rights in a court of law.

We will oppose any measure to restrict access to or possession of firearms on the sole basis of secret government lists unless and until Congress provides meaningful due process protections and a transparent means for challenging inaccurate government data.

Firearms Policy Coalition urges its members and the public to immediately contact their representatives and demand that appropriate due process protections be included in any proposed legislation.

About Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC):

Firearms Policy Coalition is a grassroots 501(c)4 nonprofit public benefit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

More information about FPC can be found at

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The very crux of the problem is,,,’We the people’ DO NOT TRUST OUR GOVERNMENT!!! Nuff said.

Steve Bishop

The thing to remember here is that the IRS abused it’s power and targeted conservative groups. What’s to keep the government from doing the same thing and targeting members of gun rights organizations by adding them to the “no-fly” lists in an effort to financially ruin us?


ALL bad laws start in Kalifornia or New Jersey. Same for the No Fly No Due Process , Terrorist Consolidated Watch List(s) – Screening Center Database run by F.B.I. and already in use by New Jersey State Police. Read The Law , if put on any ‘ List ‘ you lose RIGHTS … period. At great cost you Might get your name removed AFTER being DENIED your Freedom…… thats China …. thats communist. See CT Daily Mirror / 12-11-2015 / under gun/politics.


” Due Process is what’s killing us right now . ” That is grounds for INSTANT removal from office , Violation of Manchins Oath Of Office …. Censure and REMOVE him.

Mike Murray

We can all agree, all except those who could actually do something about it. Someone keeps making excuses and voting a P.O.S. like this into office.
Look at AZ and McCain, NV and Reid, NY and Schumer, KY and McConnell, SC and Graham, IL and Durbin… and the list goes on and on.
QUIT VOTING FOR INCUMBENTS or nothing will change.


How would the public respond to an announcement that those on that list would no longer be licensed to teach, to possess a private pilots license, drive a big rig truck or a locomotive, work in a power plant, behind the pharmacy counter or in any job where they could wreak mass mayhem by virtue of their occupation? Much of the public has no interest in the firearms angle but let them see such laws as depriving people on a secret list of other activities and they may view the former in a different light.


Excellent response!

Mike Murray

You say “no one that is provably planning to commit a crime or heinous act… should be free to walk our streets”. Thanks for that, and thanks for nothing, now let’s argue about what “provably planning” means. If Congress acts, does provable include membership in certain groups, types of speech, and words less than supporting of the government? If it’s provable, then indictments and convictions should follow. THEN take them “off the streets”. Of course there is Joe Manchin’s (Senator west VA) idea of what is acceptable when Congress acts, and screw the constitution: “The problem that we have, and… Read more »

Wild Bill

Apparently we can not have McCain and Constitutionally required due process. So… dump McCain. Yup, I good with that.


I wish Brewer would have run against him.

Frank Klafs

liberals will always come up with some sort of touchy feely clap trap to try and violate our constitutional rights


Compromise , the N.R.A . way ….. Lets give up more Freedom , now send us money ! NOT This Time NRA , Enough of your BAD Deals