No Limit Ringer And Veracity Release Aids Are Engineered Encourage Good Form

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No Limits Archery
No Limits Archery

(Tarpon Springs, FL) It has been said that practice makes perfect, but the folks at No Limit Archery know that only perfect practice actually makes perfect. That’s why they created the Ringer and Veracity release aids, the only releases on the market that encourage better form to aid in consistency and accuracy.

The Ringer incorporates the form and accuracy enhancing features of a target release with the control and toughness of a hunting model. It’s the first and only release aid that gives back-tension release accuracy to hunters.

Because most hunters don’t shoot year-round, it’s difficult for them to maintain proper shooting form. It only takes slight differences in form from one shooting session to the next to create inconsistency. No Limit’s Ringer hand-held release was modeled after the best target archery releases, but designed for the hunt. It can be used with or without the included wrist strap.

The Ringer’s first accuracy enhancing feature is its perfect fit. The ergonomic shape not only feels natural, it also encourages the exact same hold for every shot. That means you’ll have the same angle of pull and twist on your D-loop every time.

Next is the Ringer’s trigger, located in the ring-finger slot. This innovative design inspired the product’s name, but more important, it creates consistency and accuracy unavailable on other hunting releases. To shoot, the archer simply pulls through the shot, putting tension on the ring finger until the release fires. Your hand remains in a perfectly natural position, and at no time does the shooter reach for a trigger, which can cause subtle changes in the hold.

Similar to a back-tension target release, the Ringer allows hunters to concentrate entirely on holding the sight pin on the target until the shot happens. This eliminates target panic and discourages trigger punch for the most accurate shot possible. The Ringer actually trains your mind to hold steady on the target then calmly execute the shot.

The Veracity & Ringer by No Limit Archery
The Veracity & Ringer by No Limit Archery

The trigger has two adjustment points so it can be tuned for any archer’s preference. Three different gauge trigger springs (from light to extra heavy) are available, and there’s also an Allen key adjustment to fine tune trigger tension. Also critical for hunting, you can force the shot at any time simply by consciously applying pressure with your ring finger. Finally, No Limit’s revolutionary X3 trigger coating provides a smoother pull and higher corrosion resistance.

Alternatively, for hunters who shoot competitively and want to maintain the same feel as their Ringer, No Limit created the Veracity hinge-style release.

The Veracity and Ringer feel almost identical in the hand, but the extreme adjustability of the Veracity makes it ideal for perfectionist target shooters.

The Veracity’s micro-adjustable sear system can be set to operate with or without a click and allows the shooter to fine-tune sensitivity. In addition, the Veracity features No Limit’s exclusive hand adjustment feature that allows it to be configured perfectly for any taste and eliminates the need to purchase additional handles.

Either the Ringer or Veracity is a perfect stand-alone release aid for hunters and target shooters. Respectively, the ability to seamlessly switch between the two also allows archers who do both to maintain the exact same form yet shoot the most appropriate release for their activity.

Whether you’re a whitetail maniac who hunts every season to get as much time in the woods as possible, or you’re a die-hard archer who eats and sleeps with his bow, proper form and consistency are the keys to success. If you want to improve your accuracy and consistency, choose the releases that encourage great archery form by design, the No Limit Ringer and Veracity.

No Limit Ringer Features:
Adjustable wrist strap
Optional thumb peg included
Includes two trigger springs (light and heavy)
Extra heavy trigger spring available separately
Available in black, blue or red
Made in the USA

No Limit Veracity Features:

Sear system adjustment
Handle position adjustment
Click or no-click option
Thumb peg included
Hex keys included
Made in the USA

If you have to think about your release when you draw down on a trophy, it’s time to look into a better designed release. To find out more about No Limit Archery releases, go to

No Limit Archery is a leading innovator of archery equipment. Known for award winning broadheads and world-class releases, No Limit Archery strives to provide big game hunters with the latest and greatest in outdoor innovations. With a strong commitment to the future, the brand continues to be recognized for its quality and performance driven products by both consumers and industry professionals alike.
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