Not All Women Are “With Hillary”

By Emily R

Hillary Clinton
Not All Women Are “With Hillary Clinton”
Emily R : see more @
Emily R : see more @

USA – -( We have been seeing around the internet for the past two days the reaction of women to Hillary Clinton’s (presumptive) presidential nomination.

We’ve reached a milestone,” they’ve said. “We did it,” they’ve said. “I’m with her” and “So proud,” they’ve said.

Honestly, it made me throw up a little to go through one article to get all those quotes.

I am not proud at all. Do you know what I would be proud of? I would be proud of any middle-aged white guy who had a deep love for America and a conscious. I would be proud of a nominee who had the balls, er, the courage, to ALWAYS do what is right, in a society that rarely acknowledges that.

I would be proud of any nominee who continually showed traits of compassion, dignity, honesty, gratitude, and perseverance – qualities that are characteristic of the most influential women in history.

Is it good to teach our daughters that they can be President of the United States of America?

Of course it is. But, is it okay to teach our daughters that they have to be rich politicians first? That they can put American soldiers in harm’s way because making decisions is too hard? That they can have no regard whatsoever for the influence and power of their position in government and that they don’t have to follow the rules? That they can take back anything they’ve ever said and no one will notice? That they can manipulate the public and the media to believe that no one “understand the situation”?

That they can literally just lie to anyone about anything?

These are not lessons I would teach daughters. Politicians are rarely good role models, for one. And the old “fake it ‘til you make it” adage doesn’t sit well with me. I would much rather my daughters be honest, kind, and be the change they wish to see in the world.

To teach our daughters they can do anything, including hold the highest governmental office of this great country, why does another woman have to have already done it at all? I was always taught I could do anything, be anything, and that was back in the eighties, before this stupid feminist movement got out of hand.

Some women believe that women stand together. “I’m with her,” they say. “WE did it,” they say. But I believe in a different kind of unity. Not a unity that is simply from identifying as one gender or another. (Should people really rally together simply because they have vaginas?) Here’s my idea of unity: let’s see people rally together because they all know what is right, and fair, and just. Or because they love their country. Or because they have a real cause.

There is no milestone here except that one of our (presumptive) presidential nominees is a female. A milestone would be electing someone who will have a lasting, positive impact on our government and our country. And mark my words, she will not.

Emily R. is the enthusiastic primary contributor at Double Feed, a gun & gear review site. She is an avid shooter, firearm collector and all around tacticool chick on a mission to tell it like it is. No filter here. You can find Emily’s review, photos, and other cool stuff over at

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As a female, I detest Hillary Clinton. She needs to be held accountable for her actions and lack of actions. Put the woman behind bars like the rest of us would be if we did half the things her and her husband have done throughout the years. As a woman, I am embarrassed and disgusted by the woman this country has placed as a nominee for the highest position in our country. I am disgusted that so many women are following her to ensure she gets elected after all of the awful crimes she has committed. Women need to stand… Read more »


Our first mistake was to give them the vote!

2War Abn Vet

Perhaps, the reason the Hilldog is considering “Fauxcahontas” for the VP slot is the need for a woman to balance the ticket.

Jesse Scott

Only the lazy, selfish, and ignorant are gullible enough to want to vote for her.

Wild Bill

To the men out there, you better grab the members of your families that are old enough to vote by their stacking swivels, and take them down to the polling place to vote as a family block. You are the leaders of your families, so … lead!


Who is Hillary? What are her major accomplishments? Does she have a good American background? Does she understand what it means to be truly patriotic? Why does anyone feel that she is qualified to be in charge of our country and our well-being? Why does she look like Dr. Evil all of time? Well, maybe it’s because she is is Dr. Evil!


It is true that not all women are with Hillary … but there are too many who are.


It is dangerous to cross her or Bill. Look at all of the people who knew about their Illegal activities that have died under Suspicious Circumstances. I think the number was up to 6 at last count.