NRA News | “The AR-15: Americans’ Best Defense Against Terror and Crime”

NRA News | “The AR-15: Americans’ Best Defense Against Terror and Crime”

FAIRFAX, Va. – ( – Veteran Navy SEAL Dom Raso explains why the AR-15 that anti-gun politicians want to ban is the best defensive tool for protecting your family. Watch this new video from NRA News below.

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Well stated and truthful.

Recently, I read that Russia was liberalizing their gun control laws. More Russians are allowed to own guns. but not any guns. Only handguns. I can’t recall what the article said about shotguns. Rifles are still banned. Why? Because rifles are effective and could be used to overthrow the Russian government.

So think about that the next time you hear a liberal that wants to ban AR-15s.

Bruce Monro

What an Awesome message. I am a retired Police Officer,and I wholy concur!! Get training,practice with proficiency,and protect your self and your family!! Being armed and EDUCATED is the best was to go!!!
And thank you Dom for your years of service to protect our people and our nation!! Bravo!!!!


AR styled weapons will be banned, including all the ten-round fixed magazine weapons like the ones permitted for sale in Kalipornia. The media controls the narrative, as does academia. Then when a semiautomatic shotgun is used in the next murder spree, those will be banned. Then when a lever action with 7+ rounds is used in the next event, those will be banned. Etc.


These bans you speak of might happen somewhere,someplace,someday ! But these bans you speak of will never happen in Texas ! That I know for a pure fact !


Well said, don’t forget the riots in LA , and Baltimore. Total Laos! Citizens with ARs can make a difference!

Mike Moser

Great video Dom,correct in every way.

Gene Ralno

I take comfort in the fact that Murphy’s filibuster will result in more support for the 2nd Amendment. People who never gave much thought to owning firearms will head to the nearest outlet and arm themselves. These politicians continue to (ahem) shoot themselves in the foot with moronic solutions and despotic threats. And the result is personal armories are growing as never before. Our enemies are watching. Criminals are moving to places where guns are outlawed. And most of us are safer, regardless of what the politicians do.


Gene your comment is right on. I personally do not think guns will be outlawed, because of what you said. The more the lefties bark the more guns become popular.


Cea – they will just declare marshal law (when they create a big enough act) and that suspends the constitution and then people wont have that to claim their right…. what then? That’s why Jesus said – sell your extra set of clothes if you dont have a weapon…. nothing can change that… Then with no constitution to stand in the way they then enforce the UN’s small arms treaty and bring in foreign troops to help with the transition to nwo….. I believe it will be at this point many americans will say, I guess I really didn’t need… Read more »


It seems to be so simple, so obvious, that guns are not the problem. The people that commit the crimes, the “operator” of the “machine”, are the problem. It makes me sick that people that can’t figure that out, or refuse to listen to or learn the truth, are in a position to influence so many others. And enact laws or other types or restrictions. It really is time to get rid of these people, those that would destroy the Constitution and our Country. They need to go!


It is so simple, I just don’t get it. Hopefully Trump wins this November (assuming he stays strong on guns) officially pushing Hillary off the scene and Obama retires and just never is heard from again (which I doubt because he loves attention, but one can hope). If those two loudmouths are off the scene that would really help.