Navy SEAL Dom Raso: Gun-Free Zones Give Killers Clear Advantage

NRA News Commentators | Dom Raso: “The Threat of Lone Wolf Attacks”

NRA News Commentator and Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Raso spent 12 years hunting down terrorists. Now he has a message for every American: “We need leaders who will get rid of useless gun-free zone laws that give killers a clear advantage over the law-abiding.”

In his newly released video commentary “The Threat Of Lone Wolf Attacks,” Raso asserts that those who are more concerned with offending our enemy than stopping him are making themselves and other Americans “sheep” and easy targets for radical Islamic terrorists and the lone wolves they inspire. And he makes clear just who those people are by stating, “Rather than addressing this obvious threat with simple, clear solutions … the liberal media, PC politicians and Hollywood know-it-alls attack people like me.” To underscore his message that we cannot trust our politicians or the media to tell the truth or, Raso points to Benghazi: “Only in Washington is it possible for anyone to believe that hundreds of people decided to grab AK-47s and mortars, and started attacking the American Consulate in Benghazi because of a stupid video.”

Last Wednesday, Raso released “The AR-15: Americans' Best Defense Against Terror And Crime,” where he called out Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy for wanting to restrict Second Amendment freedoms, while she has spent the last three decades being protected by guards armed with AR-15s. The video has been viewed over 6 million times and has been covered in more than 75 national and international outlets including Fox News, CNN and The Daily Mail.

Watch Raso’s message about the threat of lone wolf attacks below and share it with your friends, family and on social media.

  • 8 thoughts on “Navy SEAL Dom Raso: Gun-Free Zones Give Killers Clear Advantage

    1. You hit the nail on the head. Following that line of thinking, I still don’t understand that WHY,WHY. WHY that up to this time a lot of people don’t understand that. They would rather vote for Hitlary which will clearly take away your 2nd amendment, your right to defend yourself and your family. They would rather break the republican vote than vote Trump which we know will assure Hitlary’s victory. AMERICA is in clear and present danger and yet what these elitist, patriots
      they say who by the way are secured by armed guards would rather gamble the lives of millions of Americans in face of this threat which Obama and Hitlary said, is non existent or has only existed because Trump has offended these people is incomprehensible. These people who will rather gamble with Hitlary than Trump will have blood on their hands after everything is said and done.

    2. Well done NRA and Dom Raso…Finally, information about what we are really up against with these terrorists and the importance to protect our 2nd amendment rights! Americans want and need reality not Obama censorship!

    3. Agenda over substance. Why would we expect anything else from any politician, “D” or “R”.?

    4. Obama should watch this and take notes since he can’t successfully recruit people in the Middle East to fight ISIS.

      Thank you Kimber for your support.

      1. BOGGS You wasted space. After he was seated in second term he started wearing a BIG GOLD RING. Somebody finally got pictures of its engraving, there is but one god Allah. One of the first things he did when he went to visit in his home land was to go to his old Mosque and kneel on his prayer rug to reaffirm his loyalty to Allah and Mohamed. he can’t successfully recruit people in the Middle East to fight ISIS. he can successfully recruit people From all of the Middle East to fight us
        WHAT DO YOU THINK. Redkiter1

        1. Redkiter1, Thanks. I never knew about Obama’s big gold ring with “THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH” on it.

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