Rudolph Optics “STEALTH” 8×42 5-1800meter Rangefinder/Binoculars

Rudolph Optics “STEALTH” 8x42 5-1800meter Rangefinder/Binoculars
Rudolph Optics “STEALTH” 8×42 5-1800meter Rangefinder/Binoculars
Rudolph Optics
Rudolph Optics

Texas, USA -( You may have not heard of Rudolph Optics but you will soon. With the new “Stealth” Binocular-Rangefinder Combo, you will find yourself wondering why you haven’t given them a chance!

Rudolph has developed a pair of ranging binoculars that isn’t going to kill your pocket book and it out performs competitors with optimal quality and durability, over 95% light transmission, 1,800 meter capabilities and by using one of the fastest lasers in the industry you get instant readings when it’s time to take that shot of a lifetime.

“Rudolph Optics gave me the ‘STEALTH’ to do some testing with. I took them out to a local area field that’s about 2500 meters long. I scanned the field and got instant reads after touching the button. The reads were consistent and always the same. I scanned the edge of the field on a tree line and worked my way out to max distances and I got a true reading at 1,725 meters. The optics are easy to use and for a rangefinder combo they are clear and I was able to use them well past sunset to range distances out over 1,500 meters.” – Pro-staffer – Paul Bowe

What Rudolph has tried to do is develop the best technology and implement it into a superior build and package it so that you can afford it. The new “Stealth” will retail for only $849.99. There is no competitor in this price range that can go out to 1800 meters. The next closest competitor is your Leica and Zeiss starting at $2,500.00. For over half the cost you can feel confident that you are getting the best piece of equipment for the cost. The “Stealth” weighs about 2.5 pounds and is packaged in a soft side hard case that can be thrown around with out the fear of it being damaged.

“I have been hunting for many years and about 5 years ago I purchased a pair of the Leica Binocular Rangefinder combos. I have used them for years on many different hunts from Safari hunts in Zimbabwe to Elk hunts in Colorado. I purchased the ‘Stealth’ recently for a hunt in the Kalahari. If you know anything about the Kalahari is that it is long distances and very hot with tons of heat waves so getting a good distance reading is sometimes difficult. I took both pairs so I had a back up, I found the glass in the Leica equipment was a little bit clearer than the ‘Stealth’ but the ranging capabilities were significantly better in the ‘Stealth’. The Leica took up to 3 seconds to get a reading and the ‘Stealth’ would display a reading as fast as my finger left the button. Rudolph has developed an awesome product for $849.99 in my opinion compared to the $2,400.00 I spent on the competitor.” – Satisfied Customer – Michael Smith:

Overall, if you haven’t seen or heard about Rudolph Optics you need to take a peek. They are making high end products affordable for the everyday guy that wants to experience the best quality optics, components and accessories.

About Rudolph Optics:

Rudolph Optics is a manufacturer of sporting optics, including scopes, binoculars & rangefinder models. As an “Intelligent Alternative” to the competitive sporting optics market, Rudolph Optics offers various riflescope, binoculars & rangefinder models, specially designed for the hunting market.

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Can you send me info about the stealth 8 x 24. I live in south africa and want to know how can I get one.and about your scopes long range 3 x 12 x 40 minimum to max


ben – contact Duan at [email protected]