Sevigny Wins Top Honors at 2016 “Speed on Steel” Northeast Regional Championship

Dave Sevigny
Dave Sevigny
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USA -( Dave Sevigny, representing Team FN, garnered top honors at the World Class Steel 2016 “Speed on Steel” Northeast Regional Championship that was held on the weekend of June 10, 11 and 12, 2016.

This year the Championship Match was the first time that it was shot at its new, bigger and more comprehensive venue on the expansive ranges of the home facility of the Long Island Practical Shooting Association (LIPSA), located in West Hampton, New York.

At the end of the three-day event, Sevigny, member of FN’s shooting team, who traveled up from Georgia, bested some of the top shooters on the East Coast to take the top honors at the event.

Shooting an FN 9mm long-slide pistol, Sevigny won High Overall with a score of 87.81 over the eight Steel Challenge stages. This was the first time in the sixteen-year history of the “Speed on Steel” Championships that High Overall was captured with a score of 87.81 using an iron-sighted handgun.

Along with High Overall, Sevigny also won High Iron Sighted Pistol with a score of 87.81 and First Place in Production Division with a score of 89.99. Vying against Sevigny for top slots in this Regional Championship were world-class shooters that included Brooke Sevigny of FN, Mark Redl of the Colt Shooting Team and Dave Olhasso representing Smith and Wesson.

FN’s Brooke Sevigny won High Lady, Colt’s Mark Redl won High Single Stack and Smith & Wesson’s Dave Olhasso won High Revolver. Stan Doroski won High Rimfire and newcomer and LIPSA’s home range favorite, Joe Toleno, captured the Open Pistol Division.

This year’s “Speed on Steel” match marks the 16th year that World Class Steel has organized and held these steel challenge championship matches. Through these years, many top-ranked, world-class sponsored shooters from across the United States and Canada have competed in these Championships. Included for each competitor at every event is a promotional item, lunch and beverages.

Among the many sponsors of the 2016 match, and for whom we are all very much grateful, were Springfield Armory, FN, Colt, Glock, BarSto, Caspian, Ibegiheads, Sierra Bullets, Montana Gold, Safariland, Starline, Harris Engineering, Burris, GT Targets and Stag Arms. All donated sponsorship merchandise is distributed to the match competitors via random drawings in a shooters raffle.

Cash prizes are awarded based upon order-of-finish within each Division or award category.