Spyderco Knives Custom Knife Collaborations

By Mike Searson
A short n sweet look at Spyderco Knives most popular custom knife collaborations.

Spyderco Knives's Custom Knife Collaborations
Spyderco Knives’s Custom Knife Collaborations
Mike Searson
Mike Searson

USA –  -(Ammoland.com)- One of the most influential cutlery companies in the world is Spyderco of Golden, Colorado ( www.spyderco.com ).

Not only did CEO Sal Glesser develop the three key components of a tactical knife (belt clip, one hand opening and serrations) back when folders were most often carried loose in the pocket or in a sheath; but Sal has mastered the art of collaborating with custom knife makers and has done so from the start.

We took a look at three of Spyderco ‘s higher end designs based on knives made by top tier knife makers and found them all to be excellent performers.

Spyderco Burch Chubby Knife

Spyderco Burch Chubby Knife
Spyderco Burch Chubby Knife

From the fertile mind of custom Knifemaker, Michael Burch, comes a short and stout folding knife called Spyderco Burch Chubby knife. True to a custom Burch design, the knife almost looks as if it leapt off Michael’s table. The blade is made from CPM S30V, the handles are Titanium and the non locking side features carbon fiber inserts.

The appeal of this knife is in the looks department and if you have been after a custom Burch for a while, you can walk into this one by far less than his table price if you find him at a knife show.

We carried this model for a month or so and it accomplished everything we threw at it from cardboard boxes to filleting strips of extra rare beef. It has a short blade, but it can handle the tasks of a much longer one.

  • 5.96″ overall length
  • 3.66″ closed length
  • 2.3″ blade length

Spyderco Rubicon Knife

Spyderco Rubicon Knife
Spyderco Rubicon Knife

Spyderco took a similar route with a design from Peter Carey. This model known as the Spyderco Rubicon Knife. Like Burch, Carey’s handmade knives are nothing short of perfection and this Spyderco model makes use of the same quality materials like S30V in the blade, Titanium liners and carbon fiber scales.

The Rubicon features Carey’s smooth as silk flipper action and is made with a distinctive G10 back spacer in orange.

A little pricey for a factory knife, we have to hand it to Spyderco for really pulling out all the stops with this one. It feels like a handmade knife and like Michael Burch, Carey’s custom knife prices are up there.

  • 7.4″ overall length
  • 4.36″ closed length
  • 3.04″ blade length

Spyderco Slysz Bowie

Spyderco Slysz Bowie Knife
Spyderco Slysz Bowie Knife

Last, but not least is a design by Polish knife maker Marcin Slysz, called the Spyderco Slysz Bowie Knife. Handles are a titanium frame lock and the blade is CTS-XHP.

Perhaps the coolest innovation is the wire style pocket clip. Some knife makers and their custom collaborators like to throw a lot of art and bling into their pocket clips as it’s usually the most visible part of a knife and often sparks conversations when two knife nuts spot each other.

Paulie Slicing Garlic
Everything is Better with Garlic on it…

The wire clip blends in and disguises the fact that you are carrying a knife. This little bit of discretion is actually a good thing.

This is a true work horse of a knife and we were pleasantly surprised by the cutting ability of the flat ground blade. We actually put it to use slicing garlic the way Paulie did in Goodfella’s and the results were phenomenal.

  • 7.79″ overall length
  • 4.37” closed length
  • 3.42″ blade length

All three of these models use Spyderco’s distinctive hole in the blade for one-handed opening. This patented and trademarked design symbolizes Spyderco and the important contributions they made to the cutlery industry.

We like higher end factory knives like these for every day carry, because there is nothing worse than losing a $1000 custom piece and the lower end knives don’t really do it for us.

If you find yourself in the same boat, look into one of these custom collaborations from Spyderco.

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