Treestand Buddy
Treestand Buddy

It’s been said that success is where opportunity meets preparation, and nowhere is that more apparent than when hunting smart, mature bucks. If you hope to take a trophy this fall, now is the time to get your stands ready, and TREE STAND BUDDY® is the perfect tool to help you get started.

Maintaining your tree stand is a huge safety issue, but many hunters don’t realize just how important it is for a successful hunt later in the fall. The TREE STAND BUDDY® system makes spring stand maintenance easy. It saves valuable time that you can spend on that long list of spring honey-do projects … or fishing, if you’re lucky.

TREE STAND BUDDY® is an innovative and universal mounting accessory for lock-on stands that adds safety, security and confidence to your hunt. It consists of a bracket and receiver system that works with virtually any single- or double-post lock-on tree stand. The bracket attaches to the stand, while the receiver attaches to the tree with two TSB® Ultimate Ratchet straps that come with the Starter Kit. In addition to its many other benefits, TSB® allows you to use one lock-on stand with multiple receivers, saving both time and money, all while making stand installations noticeably easier.

So why is it so important to remove your stands in the spring? First and foremost is safety. The less time your stands and ratchet straps spend in the elements, the longer they’ll maintain their strength and reliability. In addition, squirrels and other small critters will often chew on them which can go unnoticed and contribute to or cause a tragic fall if not inspected regularly. Additionally, trees grow throughout the spring and summer, putting more pressure on straps and creating a potential failure.

These issues are just as important for stands that use chains as their attachment mechanism. Rust weakens the metal and attachment points, while tree growth puts pressure on chain systems if the stand is not removed in the spring.

In addition to safety, removing stands in the spring provides other benefits for later in the fall. Removing the stand early and starting fresh gives you the opportunity to capitalize on the information you collected from the previous hunting season, which allows you to make any adjustments you feel necessary. These changes will ultimately help you get a little closer to a trail or to a deer approaching from an unexpected area.

Making stand adjustment easy.
Making stand adjustment easy.

Hunters using the TREE STAND BUDDY® system have the ability to remove and carry out their stand after each hunt without difficulty. This allows the hunter to properly inspect his stand and other equipment for safety before each use. For hunters that decide not to take their stand home each time, at least they will only have to deal with maintaining one stand and not have to worry about multiple stands set up throughout the woods. If you hunt on private property, the use of lag bolts will allow you to keep your receivers in place for next season and the ability to remove your ratchet straps so they don’t get chewed up by squirrels or dried out by the sun. Otherwise, if you hunt on public land, taking down your receivers at the end of each season will be a much simpler process.

For ultimate safety, when inspecting your TREE STAND BUDDY® and other equipment after hunting season, be careful to check each ratchet strap and look for frayed or stressed material. Make sure to replace old or worn ratchet straps so your receivers will be safe and ready to install this fall.

When all your straps are cleared and ready for use, inspect your stand inch-by-inch and make sure all bolts are tight and secure. Examine weld joints for cracks and use a scent-free lubricant on any moving parts such as foldable seat joints or attachment points for platform support cables.

Whether you return to the same trees to hunt this fall or move to a different location, TREE STAND BUDDY® will save you time with all your setups. And if you pulled and maintained your receivers over the summer, you can be sure that all your setups will be safe, quiet and ready to help you take the biggest buck of your life.

Makes it easy to take stands with you and helps eliminate theft
Use one stand with an unlimited number of receivers
No more carrying stands up and down trees
Easier/safer way to install your stand
Sturdy and quiet
Ensures the same setup every time you hunt a particular location
Easy to plan or adapt to prevailing winds or wildlife movement
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The Tree Stand Buddy® slide-mount system is the fastest, easiest and safest way ever to hang your stand. With Tree Stand Buddy® you no longer have to climb a tree carrying your stand. And, it’s rock solid, sturdy and quiet!
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I used to buy “Treestand Buddy” from the now-defunct Brigade Quartermasters…but it was a single-use plastic, sealable and pliable urinal with a gelling substance inside which immediately semi-solidified the deposited urine. Is there a trademark problem here, or does slightly varied spelling cover this manufacturer?

Wild Bill

What Bde Quartermaster is out of business?! No wonder I don’t get their catalog anymore!


Too bad. I bought from them for several years. I still have my ASAT camo BDUs for early-season bowhunting, and one navy and one OD Brit “wooly-pully,” three decades later! Excellent quality. I miss them. Someone else bought the business in Kennesaw, but I haven’t bothered to research the new owners on-line. Maybe I will. If YOU, do, please give us feedback via this blog.