Summertime Scouting for Deer: Pinpoint Old Home Places and Hunt the Smokehouses

By John E. Phillips

Bowhunting Deer - Mossy Oak Pros Know Bucks and Bows
Bowhunting Deer – Mossy Oak Pros Know Bucks and Bows
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AmmoLand Gun News

USA -( Two things early settlers did will relate directly to where you can expect to locate deer during the early season in your state.

The settlers had outhouses where they salted meat and smoked it and others they used as bathrooms. Both outbuildings can play important roles in your pre-season scouting and can result in pinpointing deer hot spots.

Hunt the Smokehouses:

To preserve meat, early settlers salted their meat and smoked it in smokehouses. As the meat cured, the drippings from the meat, which also carried salt, went into the ground. If you’ll pinpoint the location of an old homestead and search for the spot where the smokehouse once stood, you’ll often find a salt lick – a deep hole the deer have used for many years. Remember that before the days of the refrigerator, people preserved meat by salting and smoking it.

Bowhunting Deer
Bowhunting Deer

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About the Author:

For the past 40+ years, John E. Phillips of Vestavia, Alabama, has been a fulltime outdoor writer, traveling the world interviewing hunters, guides, outfitters and other outdoorsmen about how they hunt and fish. An award-winning author, John has been hunting and fishing since his kindergarten days.