How to Thrive When Unprepared Featured in Universal Hunter’s Summer Issue

(Ammoland.Com) – How can an experienced hunter – and TV producer – arrive at elk camp completely unprepared? Author Emaneul Kapp explains how through the graces of other, he thrived on a horseback elk hunt in the mountains of Colorado in Universal Hunter’s featured article, “Unprepared in Colorado.” In the summer issue of Universal Hunter, now available on newsstands and online at http://UniversalHunter.Com, Kapp explains how he didn’t realize the weather extremes, or that he would be on horseback for several days for this particular hunt, but he was successful despite those misses. And as an added bonus, read Jen O’Hara’s article, “Sacrifices,” about joining that very same elk hunt, only a tad bit late due to sacrifices made for her “Girls with Guns” clothing business.

Universal Hunter Summer 2016 Issue Is Now Available
Universal Hunter Summer 2016 Issue Is Now Available

Also featured in the summer issue is “Fall Bears: An Often Overlooked Opportunity,” by Tim Martins who explains while it is common to add ‘bonus’ animals to an African game hunt, most North American game hunters aren’t prepared for a bonus opportunity during fall hunting. “In North America, predators like coyotes and bobcats are often taken while hunting with a general license for other species. Larger animals like mountain lions and black bears however, will typically require special permits that must be purchased in advance. Although chance encounters with mountain lions are rare, encounters with black bears while hunting for other species are much more common – particularly in the fall,” explain Martins.

Don’t miss Julie McQueen’s article, “Feral Hogs: Unprecedented Epidemic,” covering the ins and outs of feral hog hunting. Plus, McQueen gives a delicious bonus recipe of Wild Hog Ribs. And in “Medical Hazards for the Outdoorsman,” by Dennis Johnson, MD, PhD, Capt USN (RET) and Carolyn Johnson, RN, detail the unseen dangers of bacterial infections from a simple cut or bite while enjoying the outdoors. “A hunter traversing the backwoods through brush and over barbwire fences commonly suffers nicks, cuts, and abrasions not to mention insect bites. That’s where the problem can start,” the duo wrote.

“This issue has a theme of being aware – not only of your surroundings when traversing through the woods to protect yourself, as foretold in the article ‘Medical Hazards for the Outdoorsman,’ but also even before your hunt begins with my husband’s piece on being unprepared for a Colorado elk hunt,” said Chantelle Kapp, editor. “And what about being aware of the beauty surrounding you? As you travel near and far, be sure you take the time to truly look around and take everything in. With eyes wide open, you’ll realize the world around you is absolutely breathtaking.”

Regular columnists Dr. Jim and Mary Clary continue to provide product reviews on items from Meo 3-9×50 Riflescope, Coast A8R Rechargable Penlight and Vero Vellini New Brown Classic Sling. On the penlight, the Clary’s wrote, “It is fair to say that ‘ounce-for-ounce,’ the A8R is the best on the market. We are keeping this one and plan on ordering another for the house.”

And finally, don’t miss a special Q&A with conservationist, Shane Mahoney. Mahoney is widely recognized as a wildlife scientist and thought leader in conservation and is considered one of today’s most credible international voices in support of hunting and angling.

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