US Navy SEAL Dom Raso: Gun-Free Malls Give Terrorists the Upper Hand


NRA News commentator and Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Raso is back with his new video commentary “Radical Islamic Terrorists Targeting Gun-Free Malls,” which warns that radical Islamic terrorists are in America and planning to attack our shopping malls. They’ve spent “generations of dreaming, planning and working,” says Raso, who recently released “The AR-15: Americans’ Best Defense Against Terror And Crime,” in which he called out Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy for wanting to restrict Second Amendment freedoms while she has spent the last three decades being protected by guards armed with AR-15s. The video has been viewed over 7 million times.

In his new commentary, Raso draws on his 12 years of experience hunting down our enemies to assert that gun-free malls in states where politicians have reduced Second Amendment freedoms give Islamic terrorists and the lone wolves they inspire the upper hand, as they render Americans defenseless against impending attacks. After his warning and a graphic description of what an attack on a U.S. shopping mall would look like, Raso goes on to call out elitists who want to restrict our Second Amendment freedoms: “The people who want to restrict your right to bear arms will call this fear-mongering. They’ll say it almost certainly will never to happen to you. Maybe it won’t. But it will happen to someone. And what if that someone is you? And what if it is your family?”

As Raso has effectively pointed out over the past few weeks, our politicians’ failures to keep America safe have made the threat of Islamic terror attacks our country’s new reality. We either accept it and take measures to prevent impending attacks, or we idly wait for the dire consequences.

Watch Raso’s warning about the threat of a radical Islamic terror attack on a U.S. shopping mall and share it with your friends, family and on social media.

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Wild Bill

Yep now is the time to join every organization that you can, and push money into the pro Second Amendment Civil Rights groups. I joined JPFO the other day, and told my wife that I can no longer mow the lawn on Saturday. I hope that it works.

BillyBob Texas

NRA? GOA? I say join them BOTH ! If The Witch gets in, and appoints just TWO Supremes, we will ALL lose our INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS to own a weapon. The Supremes WILL decide that they are for ‘militias’ only. We’ll be screwed!!

Vote early – and vote often !! And help your relatives and friends vote, again, too…….


It seems to me that any establishment that prohibits your ability to effectively defend yourself fully assumes total responsibility for your safety. If their protections are inadequate and you are hurt or killed, the civil repercussions should be substantial! If there is a trend to hit them in the pocketbook, policies will change quickly.


Makes November’s election vital for our security.


Stop with the nit picking “gun free malls”, “gun free schools” etc. let’s see the NRA come out against ALL gun free zones. Wayne’s “well nobody thinks guns in bars is okay” should give you an idea of just how far the NRA will go to appease the other side. We should say no, no gun free zones period.


And where would we be if it weren’t for the NRA? You talk pro 2nd Amendment, but bash the very organization that has protected it for many decades, along with over 5 million patriotic American members.


If the NRA continues to compromise and try to appease the gungrabbing trash there won’t be 5 million members for too much longer. The GOA is 100% no compromise,no concessions to that gungrabbing scum. The NRA has become the RINO’s of the Pro-2A community and organizations !

Wild Bill

The NRA due to its talented staff and large membership is responsible for 35 states prohibiting by statute the seizure of firearms during a state of emergency; 32 states protect your right to self defense through Castle Doctrine statutes; 42 states protect a citizen’s right to carry; 48 states have laws that protect rifle ranges; all 50 states have laws that protect the right to hunt; and 44 states now have their own statutes that recognize your Civil Right to Keep and Bear arms. Each one of these was a gun grabbing scheme that the NRA went to battle over.… Read more »

Don in Arkansas

There is no such thing as a ‘gun free’ zone, IMO. Unless there are security guards and/or metal detectors, I carry (concealed). I would rather get a ticket than a bullet.


I agree completely! I NEVER shop our mall for this very reason. I did go once since they banned guns inside, but I was conceal carrying at that particular time and willing to leave if anyone said anything. And willing to pay a fine, if it got to that, or more, to know my family and myself were protected. I will not let others jeopardize the safety of my loved ones with a paper sign!