Wheelchair Bound Vet Stops Home Invasion with Bullet

Bob Irwin dissects the latest self defense and other shootings of the week. What went wrong, what went right and what we can learn from defense with a gun.

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Wheelchair Bound Vet Stops Home Invasion with Bullet
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-(Ammoland.com)- The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports this week (5/21/2016) in Monticello, Georgia that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into a fatal shooting by a local resident.

A wheelchair-bound Vietnam veteran, age 69, was at home on Thursday about 9 p.m. That’s when an intruder, age 22, apparently forced his way into the home through a rear door.

When the resident went to investigate the noise, the young intruder lunged at him. The vet fired a shot hitting the intruder once in the chest. The intruder then fled but collapsed about 100 yards away from the residence.

Both the vet and his neighbors called 911. The intruder later died at Jasper Memorial Hospital. An autopsy was performed on the deceased at the GBI crime lab in Decatur.

The results of the investigation will be turned over to the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office for review.


Perfect! Imagine the result if the wheelchair bound victim had not been armed. These cases come to mind when we see the Veterans Administration placing no guns allowed policies on Veterans homes and V.A. subsidized housing. As well as reporting Veterans as prohibited persons to NICS,

Our Veterans have earned certainly the right to be protected by the constitution. An attorney and a non-V.A. court hearing is appropriate!

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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This is the first I’m hearing about the VA forbidding guns in Veteran’s Homes. I can see if the want to regulate firearms (don’t agree tho) in their buildings but to tell me I can’t have a gun is a violation of my Constitutional rights. If they say no chemo for me till I get rid of my guns…goodbye folks NO CHEMO FOR ME. They are not trading medical care for weapons in my house. Nobody heard of this that I know at my local VA. I hope I’m reading the comment wrong. If I’mm not, way to go Obama… Read more »


This VET did the tight thing; he took another thug off the streets. As I have said so many times before, (SLUGS FOR THUGS, and the game goes on). Many of these thugs think what they are going is just a game, but when they get shot they change their mind real fast, of course by then it is way to late. Nope we need more SLUGS FOR THUGS, the more thugs that catch those hot slugs the better it will be for the country as a whole. The politicians keep blaming the law abiding for all the crime but… Read more »