Aguila Ammunition Sponsors American Marksman Tour

Aguila Ammunition
Aguila Ammunition

CONROE, TEXAS-( Texas Armament & Technology (TxAT) and Aguila Ammunition are proud to be the official centerfire ammunition sponsor of the American Marksman, a new and groundbreaking concept in the world of target shooting, created by the Outdoor Sportsman Group and designed for amateur shooters.

This new “amateur” shooting circuit known as American Marksman is comprised of three levels: local qualifying, regional championships and a national championship. At the local level, shooters competed with .22 rimfire ammunition. At the regional and national level, competitors will be challenged with new and different courses of fire and ammunition types. Competitors will attempt to advance to the next level of competition at each stop. American Marksman and the Outdoor Sportsman Group (OSG) Networks (Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel) will showcase the journey of these shooters to a national championship in a special television program.

The American Marksman program will feature more than two hours of coverage of the regional and national championship events, which will air on Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel,” explains Derek Mosher, Operations Manager. “The television show is a unique feature that adds another level of excitement for our new shooters.”

“By partnering with American Marksman, Aguila has the opportunity to showcase its products to thousands of potential customers. We believe in the concept of the American Marksman and are honored to have been presented such a great opportunity,” states Kristi Drawe, Director of Marketing for TxAT/Aguila Ammunition. “These new shooters will have a chance to shoot a large variety of ammunition including our 9MM and .45 for handguns and .223 Rem and .30 Carbine for rifle. There’s not another shooting circuit that would allow so many new shooters a chance to shoot this variety of firearms and different rounds of ammo.”

American Marksman regional championships began June 24-26 with the Rocky Mountain Regional held at the Colorado Rifle Club in Byers, CO. The competition will end with the National championship January 2-6, 2017 held at the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Talladega Marksmanship Park. For more information on American Marksman please visit:

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Aguila Ammunition, founded in 1961, is manufactured in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico by Industrias Tecnos, S.A. de C.V. As one of the largest rimfire manufacturers in the world, Aquila utilizes cutting-edge technology to manufacture quality rimfire, centerfire and shotshell ammunition. Aguila offers a complete range of products for the self-defense, sport shooting, hunting, law enforcement and military markets. Texas Armament & Technology is the exclusive North American distributor for Aguila Ammunition.

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Texas Armament & Technology (TxAT) is a veteran-owned business, and is the exclusive distributor of Aguila Ammunition in the U.S. and Canadian markets. TxAT’s mission is to provide technical support and assist in selecting the best ammunition, equipment, and training for customer requirements – ranging from weapons to counterterrorism and national security. TxAT also provides training, consulting services and technical support for clients in the aerospace and defense industries.